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best blenders with glass jars
Best Blenders with Glass Jars 2018

Let’s come to the point you have landed here because you are looking for best blenders with glass jars. Not only this but you do care about the health of yourself and your loved ones. We have done your search easy and collected the glass jars based blenders list and review them, after the 10 days of intensive research so you get the best quality blender with the glass jar.

People have a fear that glass is a fragile flimsy thing and it will break easily. That’s the old days thinking, nowadays glasses are breakless or sturdy enough which is hard to break. With the technology, glass jars have become almost breakless. Wondering how? We all carry a smartphone and it is the most fragile thing we carry at all times, how many times it falls and broken completely? The answer is Never unless it is thrown rudely and harshly.

The Good glass is not easy to break, mark my words. Also, don’t play with your health, I mean so many health benefits of a glass jar that one can’t ignore. Though you might find glass tumbler/jugs are bit pricer if compared with the plastic thing.

But seriously answer me this thing is there anything which is expensive than your body health and fitness? If your answer is NO. then keeping digging with our guide and reviews on best blenders with glass jars.

BPA is the most dangerous thing you will find on this earth. You might see that’s why your plastic based benders are less expensive as compared to the glass jar. All big and higher performing brands prefer glass only for this reason/ blending jar which is not made of glass.

Best blenders with glass jars:

Product Name
(All Glass Jar)
ImageMotor Power
(in Watts)
Jar Capacity
(in oz)
Oster 4093-008 5-Cup Glass Jar600404.0/5 Check Price
Hamilton Beach 56206 Smart700403.6/5 Check Price
Kenwood Silver Blend-X Pro1400523.8/5 Check Price
Tribest PBG-5050-A Personal Blender500244.1/5 Check Price
BLACK+DECKER BL1820SG-P with 6 Cup700483.4/5 Check Price
Hamilton Beach (58148A)700403.6/5 Check Price
AmazonBasics 12-Speed Blender450513.2/5 Check Price
Tribest DB-950 Dynablend Clean Blender850603.8/5 Check Price

Things to note while buying the best blenders with glass jars:

1. Power of Motor:

Higher is stronger and better, Motor is considered to be the heart of blenders. All are responsible to chop and blend even the hard things like ice, frozen fruits, and vegetables, even various nuts/seeds which are not easy to crack.

We prefer you choose over the 500 – 600 Watt Power motor for the smooth functioning of glass based pitchers.

2. Durability is the Key:

Blender should not be limited to do the single work, it should be capable to do multiple things. People often things cheaper is not good, but that’s totally untrue, There are many blenders which are high performers within the 200$. Please check the construction or material the blender is made of. For the immersive/handheld type blender, your grip and upper-quality material should be shake proof.

The countertop blenders with glass jars can be divided into two parts easily – Top and Bottom.

The top part is said to be glass jar having the gasket of a ring and the blade inside it. A jar can be closed with the lid. There are tons of shapes and size available for the glass jar.

The bottom part is made of plastic, steel or carbon, it should be sturdy enough to tolerate the shakiness caused by the movement of high power motor easily. Also, carry good features to operate the various things and your special demand. Some blenders are perfect for the specific blending work such as blending for the smoothies with frozen fruits.

3. High-Quality Blade:

This is the final thing which should meet your food for blending. It should be strong and produce an effect for the movement of your fruits and vegetable even if there is less liquid in it. Blades come often as high-quality stainless steel with no rust or plastic material. The blade real test begins while blending for crushing ice.

3. The Base of the Glass Jar:

As you are looking for the best blenders with glass jars, that’s the reason you should totally avoid even the plastic touch from anywhere. Most commonly the gasket ring (Ring which is attached to the bottom) comes in the contact of your blending food. Surprisingly this ring is made of plastic, rubber or some silicone things. For the Benefits totally ignore this plastic ring and we prefer a silicone ring.

Another thing should keep in mind is the stable base, which should not be shaky.

4. Scratch and Thermal resistance:

Look for the blender which you can clean with the hot dishwashing water or you can use it to prepare hot things like soup. Glass Jar can be placed near the hot source such as microwave or stove than it should not melt.

No matter how many different things you mad and do different grinding, the better glass should not get the scratch. Even while doing handwash it should be scratch free.

5. Bigger the Capacity, Better it is:

Depends on your need, you can choose the blender which prepares less blending thing. Let say you are alone and want some smoothie after an intense workout, it will not be a good idea to use the blender with a bigger jar. The small and portable will do your job in this case.

The jar size should depend on daily needs only. Bigger if you planning to serve more people, smaller if you want to serve to limited people only.

Quick Tip:- There are lots of unwanted features in blenders, make sure to look on them because more features add on the extra cost only. Try to ignore those fancy features. Grab only if it required.

Here are best blenders with glass jars along with reviews:

1. Oster 4093-008 5-Cup Glass Jar 2-Speed Beehive Blender, Brushed Stainless:

glass cover oster blender cheap

The brand who makes the best blenders for plastic and glass. Oster 4093-008 has the motor power with 600 Watts, and this is a simple blender with no fancy options. You can see only 2-speed options, You can just do turn on and then you can select the Low or high speed depending on what you are blending inside your glass pitcher. The Capacity of a jar is 40 oz which is quite enough to serve 4-6 people easily.

While using the blender we have found that the blades are very good. It can pulverize almost anything and its construction is of high quality. Though many buyers complain that blades get the rust after a few months only. We think proper can avoid that easily. The thing which we don’t like is that the gasket ring is made of the plastic, which comes in contact with the food/ingredients and thus we gets the false odor.

You can easily separate the glass jar from the base, which makes the cleaning process a smooth one. On Weighing we notice the base is not that heavy as it is in other blenders, though it is made of the metal itself. While using there are unnoticeable shakes we observe.

Overall it is average looking glass blender with a powerfull motor. And that too for the affordable price.

  • Die Cast Iron Blade Perfect for Ice Blending
  • Reasonable Price
  • Fast Powerful Blending
  • Very Loud
  • Poor customer support
  • Plastic Gasket ring

2. Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart Blender with 5 Speeds & 40 oz Glass Jar, Black (56206):

hamilton beach blender with cheap price

This is the most simple blender with a glass jar, which is surely the pocket-friendly. It has all the basic functions and controls which we can expect from the affordable price blender. It is very difficult to find the 700 Power watt motor at this range of price tag. Though Hamilton Beach blender claims that this motor is very strong, we find it to be every motor which can do all the basic soft blending things easily.

It has basic preloaded settings such as blending the mix milkshake, smoothie, puree and pulse ice crush. All of these have the motor setting with the movement timing which is must for kitchen activities. The single touch buttons are easy to operate even for the first timer also. You just press the preloaded button and move your hand away and enjoy your drink in a few seconds.

The glass jar has the capacity of 40 oz which is good enough to serve many friends. The overall size of glass with base is very compact, you can place it anywhere easily in your kitchen because it consumes less space only.

Overall thsi is basic blender with single touch control. Price is very cheap.

  • Easy Single Touchpad
  • Pocket friendly price tag
  • Bit noisy
  • It take much more time than other blenders
  • Hard to crush ice and other hard ingredients
  • Only 3 Year Warranty

3. Kenwood Silver Blend-X Pro Variable Speed 1.75 Quart Blender:

This is the extraordinary multipurpose countertop blender, which is the combination of style and speed. It can grind, chop, crush, puree all this is possible due to 2 zone blade technology. You will require 30% less effort than other blenders in the market, which in return saves power and electricity.

This multilayer blade will make sure that your food gets constant chops and it pulverizes the food. Nothing will be hidden from top to bottom. The power of the motor is 1400 which is for sure making this blender a high power machine.

It comes with the 6 pre loaded settings along with the speed control through the round rotating button. It has 56 oz thermostat glass that will not break at any cost and lets you make the hot soups and even crushing ice.

This is the modern day blender with glass jar, who has very powerfull motor and good big jar which can serve more than 8 people at one time easiy.

  • Stylish Silver Color Base
  • Powerfull 1400 watt motor
  • High quality blades
  • Takes 30% Less time
  • Expensive
  • Very Heavy

4. Tribest PBG-5050-A Glass Personal Blender, Chrome:

If you are looking for personal portable blender who has 0% plastic or BPA contact with easy to use features. Then don’t anywhere else, this glass blender is just perfect for you only. It has 500 Watt Motor with the stainless steel blades with 6 pronges.

The jar is made of tempered glass and also once your prepare you meal, up can cover it with the silicone lid, who has the features of open and close. You can easily do both wet or dry blending things.

You can easily control the speeds with single rotation and it also has 1 touch pulse button control for easy functioning. Once you have done with your use, you can easily disassemble and then wash each part very easily.

Overall portable blender which can be taken anywhere with you. You have 3 jars from small to larger one according to your need. Just plug and blend.

  • Portable Blender
  • Easy to Clean
  • Comes with 4 different glass jars
  • Not impressive look
  • Price

5. BLACK+DECKER FusionBlade Digital Blender with 6-Cup Glass Jar, Black/Stainless, BL1820SG-P:

Another user-friendly blender who has 700-watt powerful motor. It comes with the two different jars – 20 oz jar will act as your personal blender. This small jar has twist travel lid, in which you can take your small serving smoothie or any other drink while in a go. It just lists some bottle which consumes very less space in your bag or you can take in your hand if you planning to go on a walk.

Another Glass jar is 48 oz which makes it a full fledge blender, this glass is made of strong material hence it will not break easily. This glass is enough to serve more than 5 people easily.

It has a digital control which we think is a real mess if you are not a pro user of the glass-based blender. It has 4-speed controls and only a single pulse button. There are other predefined controls for smoothies, ice blending, pureeing and much more, which saves your time.

Yes, this is dishwasher safe, you don’t have to worry about those chemical things.

Overall a good blender with 2-in one features which makes it a persoanal and countertop blender with a glass jar.

  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Comes with Two glass jars – 20 oz and 48 oz
  • Digitals control
  • Difficult controls
  • Week Blending

Why Glass is Better than Plastic:

BPA is the thing which can be found almost everywhere around you. It is in your plastic bottle, Medicine Box, Dentist Equipment, DVDs, Kids Toys and you name it. You see whats common in all these products. Yes, it is plastic. Bisphenol A (BPA) is a carbon compound which specifically added to Plastic to make it hard and increase the life of it.

Darkside of BPA is that it does so much harm to you, your family and kids that you can’t even think of it.

Research has revealed that BPA can create the imbalance in hormones and are responsible for problems related to fertility, male impotence (by increasing the )

BPA has linked with the reproductive system, that is why should be avoided for the pregnant mother and newborn baby. Let’s quickly describe the problems caused due to the intake for BPA through any plastic source, these problems are- heart disease, Type-2 Diabetes, Brain-related, Asthma, Breast Cancer and much more health concerns which released by various researches.

Not Let’s see a head to head: Glass Vs. Plastic (Jar in Blenders)

1. Health Benefits: Pitcher made of glass and it’s base too if not of plastic tends to provide your the original fruit or vegetable or whatever you prepare using the blenders. Glass just don’t let the toxins to enter in your body.

2. No Harmful Content – Glass preserves all the nutrients, BPA which is present in plastic will intentionally and unintentionally spoil your body and degrade the health of your kids and family.

3. Environment-Friendly – If you love your environment and want to make the earth eco-friendly place, there is nothing better than the use of glass not even in blender pitcher but for all purposes like in glass, bottles and at those place where it is possible.

You might have heard around you to ban plastic in one or other way because it is the most non-degradable thing which harms every living being, it spoils your fertile land, water livings has extinct. Just stop the harmful effect of plastic pollution by adopting the glass.

4. You hate Odor – Plastic is attracted to the odor and color of the ingredients and sometimes it sticky permanently to the plastic pitcher. This pungent odor is really hated by every household. The problem of false odor will not available if you get used to the best glass-based blenders.

5. Taste Real Thing – Taste will remain the same in glass pitcher of the blender. No one loves the aftertaste, let say you blend chili, you washed your plastic jar, now you prefer some sweet smoothie, your tongue its taste is so bad. Now you wondering there is no sweet taste as it was supposed to be. This is not your fault, its the fault of unhealthy plastic in which your ingredients stick.

Just switch to the blenders with glass jar because ingredients will not stick to this glass material and your taste will become healthy and original one.

5. Easy to clean– Don’t want to mess up with the dirty blenders pitchers. Choose the Glass based blenders as all the glasses don’t react with any of the chemicals, so you can easily wash with any dish cleaner easily, you need not worry about. But in plastic based blender jar you should avoid the hand dish wash. Glass jars are easy to disassemble also as compared its counterpart.

6. Shape remains the same –  Glass Shape remains the same (so it will always get the tight lid on top) and no liquid dropout from the top. If you using the glass-based blender somewhere closer to the heating source, let say a stove. As it is the property of plastic it will start melting slowly or steadily.

No, seriously you don’t want such blender who will distort its original shape. This is not in case of glass, as due to a heating property of glass, will not get affected by the heat or cold.

Types of Glass Jar Based Blenders in the Market:

1. Personal Blender with Glass Jar– This is very famous among the health enthusiasts who need to make a quick smoothie or something. You can make only a single or two glass blending smoothie only. As its glass shape is small and it is quickest of all. Due to its small shape, you can easily clean this.

2. Countertop Blenders with Glass Jar– It is very famous and common blender you will find in any home kitchen or restaurant. Its base can be separated from the jar. All you have to do is put ingredients in the glass jar and play with the speed settings. You can serve like more than 5-6 people easily. But it takes a little more time than cleaning the personal blender.

Conclusion (Final Words) on blenders with glass jar:

We have gone to each and every blender with the glass jar, and after using few and asked the view from the chefs of the USA and Europe. We have concluded that blender is like the heart of kitchen which is used in almost all kind of works and for daily activities.

It is must for the user to read the above guide on choosing your glass pitcher based blender. Look at the motor, looks, price tag, features it provides and doesn’t forget the benefits of glass jar carry with it.

You have landed on Best 10 Lab for the obvious reason to help you in choosing best blenders with glass jars. We have grouped the best quality and price wise so each user enjoys hassle-free multiple selections from all the above reviews and table provided on the top.

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