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best car vacuum for detailing

If you believe in “Cleanliness is the safest place”, then you are amongst us who are keen to keep your cars clean and tidy. The vacuum cleaner for car detailing is a must along with the accessories to maintain the fresh dirt free environment for your car from both inside and outside. Just make your seats back and forth to gain access to all the nooks and crannies and roll over your car vacuum.

You need not worry about the dirt, debris, hairs or any liquid which may stick into your upholstery of the car seats (covers). Or places such as car mats, carpets, and rugs. This is possible only if you know which best car vacuum for detailing is perfect as per your car requirement while considering the budget thing pretty forward.

The benefits of car detailing are endless, I have tried to bring few in limelight such as – You will notice there will be not stubborn stains. Breathing the dust-free air which is a must for you and your loved one who are using this car while driveway. Just spent once in-car vacuum for detailing and enjoy anytime cleaning by yourself and save your money in the long run.

To make the things easier for you we have tested more than 80 different car vacuums along with various accessories such as brush, caddy, wands etc. We have considered various things such as suction speed, power, warranty, and price etc. We have tested for long hours to see the sturdiness, portability, and durability of various vacuums.

Here are Best car vacuum for detailing for all budget:-

Product NameImageCorded/CordlessWeightPrice
VacuMaid GV50PROCorded30 pounds
Check Price
CLY Car Vacuum,DC 12V Car Vacuum CleanerCorded2.6 pounds Check Price
Hikeren Car Vacuum Cleaner, 12V 75W Black Car VacuumsCorded1.7 pounds
Check Price
Chemical Guys VNB-94BD Professional Portable VacuumCorded17 pounds Check Price
Bissell Garage Pro Wall-Mounted Wet Dry Car VacuumCorded33 pounds Check Price
BISSELL Lightweight Cordless Hand VacuumCordless3.9 pounds Check Price
ThisWorx for TWC-01 Car VacuumCorded2.3 pounds Check Price
Vacmaster 4 Gallon VacuumCorded17.2 pounds Check Price
Carrand AutoSpa 94005AS Bag less Auto-Vac Hand-Held VacuumCorded4.5 pounds Check Price

Best Car Vacuum for detailing in the market:-

1.VacuMaid GV50PRO Wall Mounted Garage and Car Vacuum:

Don’t want to waste your time daily or at weekends for your car/truck cleaning? Then this is the product you should consider also recommended by us. VacuMaid GV50PRO is the leader in car vacuum cleaning and still from last 2 decades. This vacuum cleaner is a wall mounted thing not only saves the space in your garage or home but also provides you the professional cleaning experience and that too whenever you want, be it a day or night.

The dirt box is made of galvannealed steel and powder-coated, which ensures the user that they need not worry about the corrosion and damage thing of this sturdy box. The cleaning box can take storage up to the 7-gallon dirt inside.

This Box is easy to wall mount without the need of any professional help. Once placed instant on the wall, this is ready to use the best car vacuum for detailing. All you need to do is place the 50 feet long hose and attach your required accessory tool. Enjoy your cleaning experience with Big 5.7″ Ametek Lamb motor which is strong enough to take off the hard sticky dirt from all parts of your car or vehicle.

This is a one-time investment product. We personally like this product and using this on our garage for my cars. Another thing is that I can clean my garage, Air conditioners and some with the blower I can take off the dirt and leaves to keep my surrounding neat and tidy.


  • 50 ft. Hoose
  • HEPA Cleaning Bag
  • Wall Mounted
  • Space savior
  • Expensive

2. CLY Car Vacuum,DC 12V Car Vacuum Cleaner:

This small handheld cleaning device is a durable car cleaner which is one of the best vacuum cleaners under 50$. These are specially designed small cleaners which are perfect to clean those hard to reach places inside your cars. This is the most recommended vacuum cleaner if you have kids in the car because it has good suction power to clean anything from food to sand.

This is 12 Volt car cleaner and power of the motor is 106 W suction. It comes with the long enough power cord so you can reach out to any place in your car. It also has a vacuum LED which makes the eye-soothing cleaning.

The HEPA filter is made of stainless steel which ensures you that no dust will revert back out of the dirtbag and makes the cleaning ASTHMA free. The nozzle attaches to it is quite slim and narrow, due to this shape it can take in all the rigid dirt.

You can take this CLY Car Vacuum cleaner anywhere with you, or place it inside your car anywhere. And whenever you feel your car need a cleaning experience. Just plug and clean.


  • Use for both Dry and wet clean
  • Strong Suction
  • HEPA Filter
  • Slim Nozzle
  • Compact Cleaner
  • Warranty
  • Small Dirt Stainless Bag

3. Hikeren Car Vacuum Cleaner, 12V 75W Black Car Vacuums:

Another mini vacuum cleaner for detailing your car and that too in a price of 15 USD. This is lightweight and durable plastic material vacuum which uses the 12 Volt, and having the suction power of 75W. At this price, this car vacuum is a must thing which you can take anywhere and anytime along with you.

The length of the cord is 4.7 meter which is good enough to tour your little vacuum cleaner inside hard to reach parts of your car for detailing. You need not worry about the noise level of the vacuum cleaner. The noise level can not reach above the 75 dB, which your ears can tolerate easily. It can be used to clean both dry and wet things.

We observe that dirt storage can be improved and also accessory is not so good. But at this price we can not expect much.


  • Cheapest Vacuum Cleaner
  • Mini Size
  • Noiseless
  • Low Suction Power
  • Plastic Material
  • Poor Customer service

4. Chemical Guys VNB-94BD Professional Portable Vacuum:

This product is the combination of both the world of vacuum and blower. Don’t go on the small size of the vacuum, this is very easy to move portable vacuum which can use for detailing all part of your car. This vacuum is only perfect for upholestry, sand but also recommended vacuum cleaners for the pet owners.

The ergonomics of this Chemical Guys professional vacuum cleaners are in such a way that you can carry this with one hand. It also has the four rollers at the bottom, so that you can easily move inside your car or any other floor. We observe it is easy to do professional car detailing due to the 6′ flexible hose.

The build of this product is made of high-quality material, which makes this the best durable car vacuum for detailing. This is a very compact vacuum cleaner. This vacuum has good suction power with a peak value of 4 HP. Apart from so many pros for this vac, we observe this vacuum is not recommended for the wet cleaning.

But that can be compensated with the blower it provides for detailing. Though the blowing power is not strong enough, but still a good.



  • Can be used as vacuum and blower
  • Mobile Vacuum
  • Provides proffessiional cleaning
  • Wet Cleaning is missing
  • Low blowing power

5. Bissell Garage Pro Wall-Mounted Wet Dry Car Vacuum:


This is the all in one dry wet vacuum cleaner not only for your car but also for house and garage. This is the wall mounted Car Vacuum cleaners which can be placed and installed on the wall easily. The Dirt bag is big enough to carry 4 gallons of Debris and dirt. You do not need to replace your dirt bag every time once it is completely filled. Just empty and re use this same bag over the time.

This 12 Amp Vacuum cleaner for detailing is basic enough to be used on any basic power cord. If you believe in DIY things then your search stops here only. The cleaning and detailing experience will be enhanced by the 32 stretchable long hooses which can be moved around throughout your garage also for your cars and vans.

If you have kids, pets or you are the long ways car driver, the basic problem we all finds is to clean the combination of both the dry and wet things. You never know which liquid things are hidden inside your car. Do not worry this is the vacuum which can take in both the dry and wet things.


  • Wall mounting
  • 4 Gallon Dirt Tank
  • 32 Feet long Cord (hose)
  • Dry and Wet Vacuum
  • Not for Large size debris
  • Suction Power Decreases with time
  • 7 Tools are not worth.

6. BISSELL Lightweight Cordless Hand Vacuum:

This is another vacuum cleaner for the makers of BISSELL. I am sure you have heard about this brand by yourself or from someone else if you are into the cleaning things. They know what every user need, and they create exactly what the car owner need for cleaning and detailing.

Sometimes you need the free movement of your vacuum for best results. Such detailing results might not be possible with the wired bounded vacuums. Your hands can freely move at all the possible places you can think only with the cordless hand vacuums.

Despite lots of cordless vacuum benefits we still not encourage our buyers to go for such things. We believe that suction power is not so strong for the cordless vacuums to clean all the necessities of the car. We have reviewed the BISSELL Lightweight Cordless Hand Vacuum because of the durability and ergonomics.

Once charged fully you can easily use for 15 minutes without any worry. Because of this features many travelers buy this vacuums. All you need to do is to charge once and place inside your car. Whenever you feel vacuum for detailing, just take this out and clean your car. Wet or dry it does not matter.

Suction power if quite good for car detailing.


  • Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
  • Lightweight
  • Compact and Portable
  • Work for 15 minutes only once fully charged

7. ThisWorx for TWC-01 Car Vacuum:

This is another high rated and budget vacuum cleaner specially designed for the car detailing. ThisWorx Car Vacuum can clean both the wet and dry things out of car interior. All you need to use the 12 Volt most basic outlet power supply.

Just start the vacuum and start cleaning your car anywhere as per your convenience. It saves lots of money and time. The motor provides the 106 W suction which is hard to find at this price. Many parts of this vacuum is made of the good quality of plastic but the turbine inside this is made of metal. Which makes the suction power even more strong due to the vacuum it creates.

The 16 feet electric hose will ensure you can easily reach all parts of the cars. The accessories which come along with this is made of good material and it is quite handy. The narrow suction is really good. Another catchy thing is that it comes with the HEPA technology. because of this your dust will not come out easily once entered the Dirt Bag.

It will hardly take 2 passes over the surface, and dirt will be inside your HEPA bag. You can also easliy take out the dirt easily and it is easy to dissamble the parts of the vacuum.


  • Compact Vacuum
  • Budget Friendly
  • HEPA Filter
  • Plastic Build

8. Vacmaster 4 Gallon Vacuum VF408:

This is the dual filter who is in the race of best car vacuum for detailing because of its features. The vacmaster vf408 is personal favorite of many reviewers because of the lightweight, 4 Gallon storage, Execellent suction power of 5 HP and 18 feet automatic rewind cord.

The suction power is really the plus point of this vacuum and it can reach 5 HP peak. So you can easily snug in all the sand, debris or any liquid forms. All you have to do it to change the filter accordingly. If you are vacuuming the wet things into the cleaner, you just need to choose the filter and settings, Vice versa for the dry vacuuming for car detailing.

4 Gallon Storage is really the big enough. You need not worry about the emptying the dirt box. The weight of the Vacuums is less than the 18 pounds. This is the reason you can easily move Vacmaster vf408 easily.

Unlike others vacuums, it has the large dirt proof ON/OFF sealed switch. In some scenarios when you are surrounded by large dust, you find it hard to turn on and off because of the small buttons. But these vacuums have the sealed switch and that too with the large buttons. You can easily operate this vacuum cleaner.

The On-Board storage is another excellent feature this vacuum has. You need not worry about to search for the tools and accessories which detailing your car because everything can be searched within this one onboard storage.


  • Lightweight
  • 4 Gallon Dirt Collector
  • Peak Power – 5 HP
  • 18 feet cord
  • Automatic revert cord does not work properly.

Types of Vacuums you most commonly found in the market for car detailing:
1. Shop Vac
2. Wall mounted
3. Corded
4. Cordless

Things to consider for buying Best car vacuum for detailing:-

1. Motor Power –

This is directly related to the suction power of the vacuum, which means higher the motor power the less effort you need to take off the dirt, debris and dry stuck food from the unreached places. With the high motor power, you will save plenty of the time. The suction works are so tremendous that you just need few passes of the hose over the car interior places. The dirt will get trapped in the bag of vacuum, as just the iron attracts to the magnet.

Ignore the vacuum cleaner with the less motor power aka suction power. The vacuum will less power will consume your more time and you need more passage of the vacuum over and over the one place.

2. Noise Level-

The human ears can bear up to 85 decibels (dB) of the noise, above this, you can damage your ears. The quieter the vacuum better it is. But sometimes less noise vacuum pointed that the suction power is somewhat low. But this is not true. There are tons of vacuum cleaners for car detailing which have good suction power and produce less noise.

3. Warranty-

This will relax your mind and you can work freely without worry about the damaging and replacing of the vacuum cleaner parts. Make sure the vacuum cleaner you are buying has a warranty for more than two years.

4. Portability-

This factor is most important in choosing the right product. The portability of the vacuum cleaner depends on two-three factors. One is weight. If your vacuum weight is lighter you can simply take the cleaner anywhere along with you. And start washing whenever you feel that your car need a professional washing experience.

Second is the length of the cord. It should be big enough so that you can reach your car as much as the distance you want.

The wireless vacuum cleaners are considered to be the best portable vacuum, but that is not true because they will work only for a few minutes.

The portable vacuum cleaner is the only which is easy to use and quick to wrap up once the work is done.

5. Cord/Charging Length-

There are only two types of vacuums based on usage of the charging cord wire- Corded and cordless.

As highly recommended by us, the Corded Vacuum cleaners are best to choose for car detailing. This means your cord length should be long enough to reach the nearest possible power source outlet. The bigger the better is the thumb rule for the corded vacuum cleaner. This will improve the cleaning is of an interior car, as you will never be out of the cord length.

Benefits of Wall mounting vacuums for car Detailing:

1. Space – It will consume less space since all the garage or car owners will mount this type of vacuums on a wall which is closer to your car.

2. Money – It is a little expensive than all other types of vacuums such as cordless, corded, 12 Volt Vacuums and Shop Vacs.

3. Suction Power– This is so far the high powered vacuum cleaner for car detailing. The motor attached to it has the fast and smooth suction power, which will help you to reach even the parts of a car where the naked hands can’t reach.

4. Heavy Duty Work– The wall mountable vacuums are considered to be made for doing the medium to heavy duty car detailing work.

Various vacuum attachments for car detailing:

1. Hoose – This is the long hollow pipe, normally made of the plastic which has a suction mouth open at one end. It throws away all the dirt into your vacuum bag. The ideal 10-18 feet stretchable hose is good enough for all low to high work for car detailing.

2. Crevice Tools – It is another attachment which you can use instead on the long stretchable hoose. This is the long plastic type rod whose length is not as big like the hoose. The length may vary from 1 – 3 foot. This is the most common attachments professionals use for car interior cleaning with the vacuum.

3. Soft bristle detailing brush – It is a brush which can enter all those narrow spaces and works with the vacuum hose or crevice tools. It takes off all the sticky dust from small spaces such as plastic or glass part. All you need to do is clean the dirt with a brush and instantaneously this dirt gets captured by the vacuum.

4. Broad Nozzle – This another attachment which needs to be put forward of the hoose normally. The opening mouth of the nozzle is quite broad and it will enhance the suction power. This is another plastic made the thing.

5. Cleaning Cloth– After the use of vacuum or steamer, make sure you clean the car with the cleaning soft cloth. These types of clothes do not put a scratch on your plastic, steel or glass parts of your car.

6. Multipurpose cleaner – This is a type of liquid spray use for the quick and hygiene of the car.

Frequently Asked Question:-
Q1. Can I use home vacuum for Car Detailing?

The answer is No, you should ignore the home-based vacuum cleaners for cars. This is because the cars need to clean up the mess of the dust, debris, stubborn stains, liquids and other things on the sacks, covers etc. While the usage of vacuum is different at home. The vacuum accessory is different than that of the home vacuum.

Q2. Dry or Wet Vacuums?

As the Name suggests, there are tons of vacuums out in the market for the cleaning of your car interior. Dry vacuums can be used to clean the dry mess such as dry dust and debris, while wet vacuums are perfect to clean off the dry dirt out of the car. The best deal is choosing the vacuum which can do both the dry and wet vacuums cleaning easily.

Q3. What kind of tools/Accessories to use with vacs?

For detailing you to need a long hose which can easily enter the small spaces nooks and cranny such as between the seat covers. The vacuum along with a good set of accessories tools

Q4. Shop Vacs or 12 Volt?

This is the most common question which people search on the internet. In fact, I think this is a very important thing to be asked, this is the reason smart guys/girls of best10lab.com works day and night to deliver the best products and answer to your questions.

The Shop Vacs is a very sturdy and ergonomically a sound vacuum which is normally made of stainless steel from inside. You find these vacs very good in terms of specification but for some reason, this will put the burden on your topics due to the fact it is considered to be the expensive one.

On the other hand, 12-volt vacs are also a good thing you can be used for car detailing. The drawback is that these vacs are not so much power to take off the stubborn dirt out of your car. They are good for soft dirt only. They are also considered to be cheap ones in the market.

If Money is not the issue and you want a vacuum for the long term go for the wall mounting vacuums from the shop vacs.

Q5. Corded Vac or Cordless Vacuums?

Another thing which comes in your mind to whether buy the cordless or corded vacuum.

The advantage of using the cordless vacuum is that you don’t compile with any wire and your hands are free to move for nooks and crannies. There are lightweight if you compare them with the corded vacs. Also, cordless vacs are cheaper in terms of money. The disadvantages you will find is that they are fewer ergonomics and you need to charge them over the time. If charge completely you can use this cordless vacs for nearly 20 minutes and after that look for the power supply. Another disadvantage is that the suction power is very less on compare with its counterpart.

On the Another hand, Corded vacuums have the powerful motor which takes of the dirt vigorously and in less time. It also creates less noise. But disadvantages are that you are bound to the power supply and you can not take vacuum at the far distance from the cars. They are considered to be bit pricier than cordless.

We Suggest going for the Corded Vacs only.


We try to cover aspects to ease the search on Best car vacuum for detailing. Everyone is suggested to look for various factors such as price, suction power, and tools. One must aware about the usage of the vacuum which they are planning to buy for their car detailing and also precautions should be taken if any provided in the manuals for the products.

We have reviewed the products along with the must-read guide, so a user get the best products as per their requirements. We always try to save money and time of our customers.

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