Best Golf bags for Push Carts [Don’t repeat this Mistake] in 2019

best golf bag for push cart

If you want a golf cart bag that will provide you with safety and stability, then you are in the right place. We will save you about your money and time as we have done tremendous research on Best Golf bags for Push Carts. Despite to spend long hours sitting and search for the perfect bag and wasting, you can spend the same precious time on your golf course instead.

I don’t want to carry my golf bag on my back because I walk a lot and don’t want back pain to spoil my day. What I love to see my golf cart bag is ample space for my essentials without compromising the safety of my golf clubs (irons). Seriously I don’t want my golf bag to fell from a pushcart.

The Cart Bag or Staff Bag are types of bags which are 100% compatible with Push Carts/ Pull Carts or electric cards. They have enough space both internally and externally from clubs to umbrella. They are easy to pack and unpack. Because of nonslippery rubber base, they can all types of jolt/ shocks occurred due to the unstable terrain golf course.

In Hurry We recommend=> Founders Club Premium Cart Bag

We have tested more than 50 golf bags and tested them on various factors. We focus on bags compatibility with push cars, ability to absorb swivels shocks, are they waterproof enough to provide the moisture resistance, looks, durability, space, stability, and value for money. Like you can’t take your college bag to carry golf equipment.

You can not use every best golf bags for push carts as a substitute like you can’t use the golf bag which is meant for airlines in your daily routine course. Every golf bag is made for a different purpose. Without wasting your time let’s get back to golf work.

Best Golf bags for Push Carts Reviews in 2019:

1. Founders Club Premium Cart Bag with 14 Way Organizer Divider Top-

Always wanted the golf bag with premium features at the affordable price. This is the brand which provides you the classy look with the sturdy construction. Always wondering for safety? You will be amazed to know that because of the hard plastic technology, there are different shapes for all the different golf clubs (irons). Their club heads will also be secured. You can place anywhere once you fill this bag.

No matter you carry this bag in your car, the backyard of your house or riding cart may be a manual moving cart. The hard construction tubular tube with rubberized base is perfect to separate all the golf equipment from each other.

This bag has 14 interior slots and 10 exterior pockets and 2 mesh pockets. You can hold all your necessary things such as golf balls, tees, umbrella etc. This is because there is space for each accessory.

We also like the insulated cooler pocket. I put in the freezer water bottle in the morning. I wanted to see how long it can keep the water cool. Results are fantastic, water stays the cooler even in the evening time of the date.

I just feel the holding strap could have been improved more. Although it has a padded carry strap and two double handle side along with the single front handle. The founder club bag tries every possible way to keep the bag in position once the bag is completed filled. We found the stability is missing if you try to carry this on your shoulder.

For the moving pushcart, this bag is a steal at this affordable price tag.

We also don’t like the heaviness of this bag. It is almost the 9 pounds in the weight.

  • Hard moulded top
  • Insulated Cooler Pocket
  • 12 External Pockets
  • 12 Months Warranty
  • Shallow Pockets
  • 9.2 Pounds of Weight

2. EG EAGOLE Eagole Super Light Golf Cart Bag,14 Way Top and Full Length Divider,9 Pockets

budget golf cart in the marketAnother high rated golf bag which as 14 dividers and all are the full lengths dividers. I always mess when taking out the club out of the bag, but not in the case of this cart bag. As the name suggests this bag falls in the category of lightweight due to the fact that this is only under 7 pounds.

There are 9 outer pockets of all the shapes and sizes Рsmall, medium and larger ones. You can carry things along with you based on your requirement such as towels, shoes, umbrella,  range finder, mobile etc. In case you feel thirst there is one extra insulated cooler pocket. I can comfortably put in the two 16oz of bottles.

I was searching about this product and then came to know that Eagole Super Light Golf Cart Bag has some drawbacks also. Some complaints of the zipper quality by the buyers are there. Also, some users said that the stitching of the size larger pockets is not in good shape. But, I totally disagree with all these complaints. The bag which I receive is in good shape.

The eye-catching feature of this golf cart is “E-trolley base system”. What does it mean? It simply means that the trolley bag will easily integrate all types of push or pull carts, thanks to its lips. This bag solves the purpose for those golfers who always wonder whether their bags suits different carts.

  • 14 way compartments
  • full length dividers
  • E-trolley base system
  • Extra pocket for range finder
  • Warranty – 5 Year
  • Durability
  • Quality of zippers
  • Odor

3. PROSiMMON Tour 14 Way Cart Golf Bag:

Those days are gone when you carry only the few golf clubs. Nowadays the privilege of carrying at least 14 clubs are provided by the high-quality golf bags such as this one from the makers of Prosimmon. The design is sleek but the space it provides is ample enough.

You can easily take in and out as many times your clubs, it does not matter how big their heads are. Another benefit of 14 way dividers is that your clubs will not tangle and you need not required to tie all your heads. They will stay their places in the best conditions.

This bag is perfect for both travel and push carts. This bag is a style statement and you can check all 4 different colors. This is the best golf bags for push carts under 100$, will all the advanced features one look for always.

In case you are curious to carry the putter with an extra large head and don’t want it to get damage while inside the bag. The Prosimmon comes with the extra feature of an external putter tube. This tube is full length and can hold larger grips easily and safely.

The zippers are of excellent quality, though we feel the pockets should have been more. It is also noted that this a travel bag also and all the other travel bags have fewer pockets as on comparison. There is a deep pocket for white golf balls- you can place all balls at one place. And it is also easily accessible.

The 2 large side pockets are good waterproof to protect from moistures. There is also external strap specifically for the umbrella and also golf towel ring to keep you dry throughout the day.

  • External Putter Pocket
  • Lightweight
  • Sleek Design
  • Better Stability
  • Rainhood included
  • Budget Bag
  • External Umbrella Strap
  • Only 6 External Pockets

4. Hot-Z Golf 4.5 Cart Bag:

This golf bag is for those who want a budget thing with the cool looking bag, thanks to the different vibrant colors it comes in. This is made with the nylon which provides the extra durability and superiority amongs the other golf bags.

The Hot-Z Golf comes with the 14 different compartments and all are graphite friendly. You can carry the putters easily and it does not matter how big the club head is. The two handles on the top made this easy to transport bag over the golf cart.

It has full-length individual dividers which separate each one. You don’t have to worry about the striking of each clubs with each other. It has 8 zipper pocket and all are a velour-lined pocket. thus trustworthy pockets and long lasting zippers. There is a separate pocket compartment to carry the water or any other drink along with you.

The weight of this bag is a lighter one, and also it has good padding with the elastic technology. You can easily access the important things attached to the strap.

  • Highly durable
  • Lightweight.
  • Velcro glove attached
  • Lesser Pockets

5. Club Champ Deluxe Cart Golf Bag:

Club Champ is one of the low budget brand out their in the golfing world. They are known to make numerous to bags, but still they are still not as famous like other brands in the market.

We have included the Club Champ deluxe cart golf bag in the reviewing list because of the compact and lightweight bag at the cheapest price.

This bag comes in three different basic colors- red, white and blue. Out of whom blue is highest selling color for club champ.

This bag has the 7 way padded top with full-length dividers. Means you can put in a maximum of the 7 different clubs, but the good news is that they all are the full length.

It comes with the 7 large storage pockets, you can put in a maximum of needed golf things such as – towel ring, glove patch, umbrella, car ring etc.
The protective zippered hood is very much reliable.

This bag looks stylish, compact and a solid one.

  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Cheapest in price
  • Stylish
  • Only 7 dividers

6. Sun Mountain 2018 C-130 Golf Cart Bag

The Sun Mountain is the brand in the golf bag which is working closer to intermediate and professional golfers. They always sort out the common problems faced by the golfers daily. The major problem with most of golf bags for golf carts is the big space and lay down design of the bags.

This bag is made to hold almost everything from the clubs, accessories and the extra golfing thing you can think of. This bag is high quality, durable and highly rated premium bag out their specially made for the golf carts. That is the reason this is the hot-selling bag with a top choice amongst the golfers.

The sun mountain c130 2018, comes in 9 different stylish colors.

There are 10 pockets, and all are front face forward. You can easily access anything attach to the bag, whether it is on your shoulder back or on the riding push cart.

There are all types of pockets available from small to larger ones. The two are full length apparel pockets (you can put in cloths), three velour-lined pockets, one cooler pocket, and three velour-lined pockets. Also, there is an umbrella holder, towel ring, and rain hood is included.

We all have the fear of bag falling from the riding cart. Chill out, this sun mountain c130 bag have the most advanced strap system which attaches the bag with two velcro straps. You still stay where it is placed. There is no chance it will fall from the cart.

The most important feature it has is that it has 14 individual club dividers and that too of the full length. All the clubs will stay in comfortably and securely.

The only downside we find in this bag is the price tag. But I think if you can afford this price tag, then there is nothing better than this bag in the market.

  • Smart Strap System
  • 14 way full lenght dividers
  • Front facing pockets
  • Advanced Golf bag
  • Highest rated product
  • Price


Golf Bags for Push Cart buying guide:

1. Are Golf Bag Compatible Enough with Cart-

There are two types of Carts- Manual Push/Pull and Power Source Carts.

The Push/Pull carts are operated manually means works on the principle of Swivels. Chances are that you might operate these carts as per your convenience and speeds. But still, are not easily manageable.

And, another type of cart is electric/gas carts. They work with some kind of fuel be it the gas or liquid. Now, battery operated electric carts are getting famous because of an environmental friendly factor.

Based on how narrow or wide base is provided differently by the different types of golf carts. The golf bag has to be chosen wisely. Also, how comfortably the cart bag or any other bag stick to the surface of the golf carts. No one wants damage to be done because of a golf cart. So look for the golf bag which sits stability on a pushcart.

2. Made to tolerate all shocks-

Whether you are riding your golf push cart on the golf course or outside. Everywhere the surface is different. Some roads/course is plain and no bumps, there is no problem of shocks to the bag. While there are few golf terrains which are rugged and hard to pass through. There comes the factor of vibration tolerance.

Look for the golf bag which has rubber type non-slippery grip on the base.

3. Keep Moisture away – Waterproof Factor

You went to the golf course on a good sunny day. Suddenly the mother nature starts showing the rainy clouds. Hey, that’s the reason you should invest the good money in the golf bag which can keep your golf clubs and accessories dry.

It is advised from the Best10lab, the buyer needs to look for the fabric of the golf bag which is sort of water resistance. So that no or little harm occurs to your expensive golf equipment. Waterproof golf bags add glory to your golf journey.

4. Spacious Enough to hold golf accessories-

This is one of the important factors which will help you in choosing the Best Golf bags for Push Carts. There should be enough space to meet all your requirements such as- golf drivers, heads, irons, beverages, putter, scorecard storage and golf ball storages. You need to look for both the internal and external space which is provided by the bag.

Internal space is there to carry the golf clubs and irons their different dividers with good padding. While the external golf bag space is to carry stuff like Рcup holders, umbrella, pencil etc. Keep an eye on both internal and external pocket compartments. Also, look at how easily accessible are these golf bag pockets. There should be a minimum blockage.

5. Provide Safety to all Golf Clubs

The golf bag with a good amount of padding and sturdy fabric provide safety to all the clubs inside. They can null or minimize the damage factors. It is better to invest in the bag which even fall flat and you hardly see any destruction. The safety of the golf clubs/irons should not be compromised.

Know which types of Golf Bag will last-

1. Staff or Tour Bag-

They are made for the one who carries bag through the personal caddie or on the pushcarts. They are one of the heaviest bags in the market. Most of the tour guys or professional look for this type of bags. They are big brothers with an ample amount of space and solid looks. The weight of tour bags can be up to 10 pounds. I won’t carry these bags on my shoulder for obvious reasons. Although you can carry these bags on push carts easily.

2. Cart Bag-

These bags are smaller than the tour bags with a limited amount of dividers. They are made for the golfers who love to carry there bags on the golf riding or push carts. You can’t carry these bags on the shoulders. They look compact and lightweight than staff bags. They weight less than 6-7 pounds. We highly recommend golf cart bags for pushcarts.

3. Stand Bag-

They are one of the lightest bags for golfers. If you are the one who walks a lot while golfing. These bags stand upright unlike other types of golf bags. You can easily carry these bags on your back. because of lightweight. Tweightghts less than 5 pounds.

Stand bags have retractable rods, which helps them to stand upright. Wherever you go put this bag on the ground and install there effortlessly. The carriage of this bag is so easy due to the fact that it distributes the weight on shoulders equally.

With this bag, you don’t need to bend thus No back problems. Also, the stand bag stays clean which it stands upright, not lying like the other types of golf bags. We don’t recommend Stand bags for Push Carts.

Bonus Video:

3 Factors are crucial in decision making for best golf bag-

1. How Much you walk?

Ask yourself for how long you will walk, if you planning to walk more you need the golf bags which are lighter in weight and that can stand upright. And reversibly if you planning to walk less and your more focus is on the game you will look for the golf bag which should either carry by the caddie or put it on Golf riding or push carts.

2. How much storage do you need?

My storage requirements are more. So I prefer the bigger size golf bag with a high quality of pockets. Also, the accessibility factor cannot be ignored. Are you the one who carries all the 18 or more clubs with you every time. Thus look for the golf bag which has a big mouth, so you can easily pull out or pack the bag easily. Also, other accessories should have been easily kept in golf bags.

3. Which is your preferred method to toting your golf bag?

Do you like to carry your golf bag on your own? There is the availability of golf riding or push carts? or you will hire the caddy?

Based on the toting methods different golf bags are made for every golfer. I like to carry my golf bags on the pushcarts, for that reason my personal preference is golf cart bags. But you can look for other types of bags based on your toting.


There are tons of products on the market. But we don’t say this product is best and so. Reason for this is that every golfer has different requirements based on the space, easy to set up time, and maneuverability.

We focused on the golf bags for the pushcarts, on various above-mentioned factors. All the above-reviewed bags are meant to provide you ample space, stability, and safety to the golf equipment.






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