Best pressure washer for cleaning concrete 2019 [must read]

Best pressure washer for cleaning concrete
Best pressure washer for cleaning concrete

No one likes a dirty concrete driveway or any concrete structure in their home. They destroy the beauty of the whole house at a glance. Cleaning those dirty and stained concrete structures with traditional methods is a problem. The solution is the best pressure washer for cleaning concrete specifically. Cleaning concrete in traditional ways is very challenging and time taking. You have to get down on your knees, apply natural or chemical absorbents and let them sit for a couple hours. And when the absorbent soaks up the stain you have to brush it off. The whole process does not guarantee you to give results on the first attempt. You may have to repeat the process more than once to get the desired result.

The whole process takes hours of time and lots of efforts to finish. And on top of that, the clean concrete driveway is not going to last for a long time. Once you park your car it’s going to get dirty again. The pressure washer solves this problem in minutes. It sprays water at high speed in such a manner that it removes all dirt and oil stains within seconds. The pressure washer also supports attachments like surface cleaner which makes your driveway cleaning as easy as mopping the floor. We will discuss the best pressure washer for cleaning concrete, methods of choosing a pressure washer and using them, and their accessories in this article.

Best pressure washer for cleaning concrete

Product NameImagePSIGPMWeightPrice
Simpson PS4240H Gas Pressure Washer42004.0141 pounds Check Price
Generac 6565 Gas Powered Pressure Washer42004.0146.5 pounds Check Price
Briggs & Stratton Gas Pressure Washer40004.0142 pounds Check Price
Simpson Cleaning ALH4240 Gas Pressure Washer42004.0124 pounds Check Price
Dewalt Gas Pressure Washer42004.0141 pounds Check Price
NorthStar Pressure Washer Heater/Steamer40004.0310 pounds Check Price
NorthStar 15781820 Gas Cold Water Pressure Washer33003.0134 pounds Check Price
Champion Wheelbarrow-Style Gas Pressure Washer42004.0140.7 pounds Check Price
B E Pressure B4013HA Gas Powered Pressure Washer40004.0156.7 pounds Check Price
Easy-Kleen Professional Gas Hot Water Pressure Washer40003.5400 pounds Check Price


Simpson PS4240H Gas Pressure Washer


The Simpson PS4240H is a heavy duty pressure washer which comes with a Honda engine. The Honda engine comes with PowerBoost technology which makes the engine start at the push of a button and run effortlessly. Although its heavy in weight, it is quite easy to maneuver it. You can take it to any type of surface with you. You will find the noise levels higher though, which is pretty common in gas pressure washers. The biggest advantage with Simpson PS4240H is the immense power it comes with. With 4240 PSI and 4.0 GPM, this is the best pressure washer for cleaning concrete.

It comes with a set of 5 quick connect nozzle tips which are capable of cleaning almost everything. This unit is made of high-quality steel frames making it tough and durable. You will find the hose is made of non-marring rubber and reinforced with steel. The spray gun is professional in design and comes with a safety lock-out feature. You will also get an inbuilt onboard accessory storage for spray gun, hose, and nozzles.

  • Ceramic coated pistons.
  • PowerBoost Technology.
  • Tough and durable.
  • Exceeds the decibel limit at nearly 86 decibels.

Generac 6565 Gas Powered Pressure Washer


Generac 6565 is a commercial grade pressure washer with a long lasting pump. The unit comes with 420cc Generac OHV engine which gives you quieter operation and more fuel efficiency. Generac 6565 also comes with low-oil shutdown sensor to protect the engine and give it a longer life. It has the Pro-grade triplex pump which lasts four times longer than axial cam pumps. You will find the process of connecting the hose the to pump easy.

Due to the pump’s height from the ground, you don’t have to bend to operate it. It comes with five nozzle tips which are easy to change and fits for all kinds of cleaning. The oversized pneumatic tires provide you maneuverability, shock absorption, and stability on all surfaces. The 50 feet long hose increases your cleaning radius and allows you to move freely. Due to its power and ease of use this unit is often considered the best pressure washer for cleaning concrete. The unit can also be used on various surfaces and objects like cars, deck, patios as well as items of furniture.

  • Very powerful.
  • 50-feet long hose pipe.
  • 3-year limited warranty.
  • Bit loud.

Briggs & Stratton Elite 4000 Gas Pressure Washer

If you are looking for the best pressure washer for cleaning concrete ELite 4000 is a perfect choice. This pressure washer is packed with so much power that it maximizes your cleaning options. It can clean any concrete structure along with it can also be used for aggressive stain removal, paint prep, car detailing, etc. The combination of a powerful engine, triplex pump, and 5 quick-connect nozzles gives you ultimate cleaning power and performance. Briggs and Stratton 2100 series engine is well known for heavy duty and fuel-efficient performance.

Sometimes the nozzles don’t give you enough control of exact force needed for your cleaning. The adjustable pressure triplex pump allows you to fine-tune the exact PSI needed for your task. A 50-feet steel-raided hose gives you extra cleaning radius and ease of maneuverability without moving the pressure washer. It also gives you 24-month limited consumer warranty along with 3-months limited commercial warranty. The most unique feature provided by the unit is an automatic detergent injection. It allows you to use detergent directly from the bottle in a correct ratio.

  • Powerful and Fuel-efficient.
  • Adjustable triplex pump.
  • Long hose.
  • Loud.

Simpson Cleaning ALH4240 Gas Pressure Washer

Simpson ALH4240 is the best pressure washer for cleaning concrete having an aircraft-grade aluminum platform with brushed extruded aluminum tubing. It comes with a Honda engine, CAT industrial triplex plunger pump, and a long hose. The Honda OHC engine is lighter in weight and energy-efficient. The CAT industrial triplex pump is designed to be strong, run cooler and last longer. Pro-style spray wand increases the flexibility and versatility with 5 quick connect nozzles.

Dial-N-Wash spray gun can adjust the pressure from 1000 PSI to 4200 PSI with a single twist. There is also a safety lock-out feature in the spray gun to prevent it from accidentally activated. The unit also has downstream detergent injection system. Sometimes water is not enough for cleaning those deep stains and grimes on your concrete structures. Detergent injection system allows the pressure washer to directly take detergent from a bottle in a proper ratio.

  • Superior tires.
  • More detergent options.
  • Long, durable hose.
  • Heavy.

Dewalt DXPW4240 Gas Pressure Washer

Dewalt DXPW4240 is the best pressure washer for cleaning concrete containing Honda GX390 OHV engine with oil alert. The unit also has a compression reduction system which allows almost no compression resulting in a smooth start. The whole unit is designed in a compact manner. For example, the engine of the machine connects directly to the pump. This ensures full functionality of the machine in a compact space. The triplex pump design includes ceramic pistons which are a great option for people living in areas where the water is hard.

Another great feature of this unit is a thermal relief valve which keeps the temperature of the pump at the lowest level. The 13-inch pneumatic tires make the stability and maneuvering pretty easy. The unit is quite tough and durable due to its steel frame body. There is an accessory storage which hosts the hose, nozzles, wand and sprays gun. It also has a dual belt-drive system which increases the lifespan of the pump and engine. The 50-foot long hose increases your cleaning radius without moving the pressure washer.

  • Outstanding Power Rating.
  • Professional-grade Durability.
  • Cuts through tough stains.
  • Big and heavy.


Buyer’s Guide

People use a pressure washer for various purposes. Pressure washers are divided into three categories based on their uses, heavy-duty, medium-duty and light-duty pressure washers. When it comes to cleaning concrete structures it requires immense pressure which is only achieved by heavy-duty pressure washers. Most of the heavy-duty pressure washers are gas operated. In this guide, we will go through different types of information which you must have before buying a pressure washer.

How Pressure washer works

Technically pressure washers are a combination of garden hose and air compressor. The pressure washer pumps are generally powered by a gas engine or electric motor. The pump adds pressure to water and forces it through a high-pressure hose. Generally, the hose comes with different nozzles which control the pressure according to your need. the whole process is controlled by the user through a pressure spray gun.

Things to know before buying the Best pressure washer for cleaning concrete

While choosing your best pressure washer for cleaning concrete there are some points and terminologies which you must know.


Pound per square inch is a unit which measures the water pressure.


Gallon per minute is a unit used for measuring water flow.

Axial cam pumps

They are designed for homeowners, ensuring simple maintenance-free operation.

Nozzle Tips

They control the delivery of water pressure and coverage area.

Choosing the Nozzle

While selecting your pressure washer for cleaning concrete you must know that nozzles play an important role in cleaning. Most of the time pressure washer nozzles come in colores to indicate their force and coverage area. In general, White is 40 degree, Green is 25 degree, Yellow is 15 degree, and red is 0 degree. The black nozzle is mostly used for soap or detergent delivery.

Surface Cleaner

Sometimes it’s really hard to clean your driveway with a simple pressure washer. It’s due to the reason the nozzles don’t cover a lot of surface area. Here surface cleaners come in picture. Surface cleaner is a pressure washer accessory which makes the concrete surface pressure washing as simple as mopping.

Length of Hose

Length of the hose plays an important part as well while washing your concrete structures. A long hose will increase your cleaning radius without moving the pressure washer.


Best10Lab has given all the details which you need for buying your best pressure washer for cleaning concrete. We hope that with the available information you will make your best choice. We also have a detailed review of best pressure washer for detailing cars if you are interested in it.

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