Best Ski Goggles for low light

All geared up and waiting for my turn suddenly everything goes dark, that’s the moment when I need to look for best ski goggles for low light. The fun of ski ridding or snowboarding should never be spoiled because of bad darky weather or socked-in days.

I went to the nearby places of trails/mountains in the hunt for the goggles which will let me through in dark/low light conditions. There are many types of goggles/tints in the market such as cost friendly. But trust me, every Goggle is not meant to be for the night or damp light. It has a different purpose

Seriously, choosing the right goggle and that too after the mess with those shopkeepers is not an easy thing. The might sell your one of the expensive goggles. No one will tell you the things like anti-fogging, night and peripheral visions etc.

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I was concerning and ask many of my friends (who loves to do skiing) and a few of the local experts. There are lots of and some serious things I came across while in the search for ski tints for low light. They all give me a few tips and also suggest top-notch quality products which I will list below.

People have many misconceptions regarding the tints/goggles. They think that low light goggles are meant to improve their visibility thing and protect their eyes from the tiny debris, crud or bumps and some other things they are meant to protect your face (eyes and nose) from cold snowy winds.

When we all go to the mountains, trails or high attitude, Our body has to face many problems such as too much of exposure can give painful sunburns on eyes called photokeratitis. How can we forget UV Rays, they are a real danger to our eyes and skin. Then can even permanently damage our eyes or may lead to cataracts. If you think it happens on a sunny day only. No, that’s not true.

Snow reflects all the harmful rays like UVA, UVB or UVC even when in cloudy or dark days.

Table with best goggles for low light skiing:

Product NameImageFrame SizeNo. of LensRatingPrice
Smith Squad XL ChromaPop Snowboard GoggleMedium24.0/5 Check Price
OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles PROMedium to Large14.3/5 Check Price
Zionor Lagopus Ski Snowboard GogglesSmall to Medium14.4/5 Check Price
ALKAI Ski Goggles, Snowboard GogglesMedium14.6/5 Check Price
Zionor X4 Ski Snowboard Snow GogglesSmall to Medium14.6/5 Check Price
Jogoo Ski Goggles For SnowboardMedium14.3/5 Check Price

Here are best ski goggles for low light:

1. Smith Squad XL ChromaPop Snowboard Goggle

The big brand who has a vast history in creating outdoor equipment, they have good research on everything. From Good budget goggles to flat/low light goggles. If you are the skier like me who wants to carry both the lens/tints from sunny as well as low light conditions. This is undoubtedly your choice to go with.

This is the cylindrical shaped medium size goggle with the ChromaPop which basically means that it is capable to increase clarity, more vivid and saturated experience to the wearer. After trying on this, we feel that our eyes feel relax and we can differentiate the colors easily.

It is the dual lens goggle, that’s the reason you don’t to carry different goggles one for the sunny/bright light day and other for the cloudy/low light conditions. We call it a 2-in-1 thing.

We can easily, remove one lens and try on high VLT lens. Also, straps are easy to adjust.

Overall this is the budget goggles good for low light flat.


  • Double Lens
  • ChromaPop
  • High Quality Material
  • Scratch occurs

2. OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles PRO

This is the highest selling goggles in the Amazon Market. Why Not, if you ask me. They are providing you with all the top-notch features which no other brand is providing to its wearer.

The OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles PRO is the spherical shape goggle. The lenses are interchangeable, you can easily change one lens color to another. All depends on the type of weather conditions, how much fog etc.

The Frameless technology lets you change the lenses in no time thanks to the magnetic interchangeable lens system. They don’t come off easily and can tolerate all the bumps and peaks without hassle.

Even in the Flat/low light condition, the snow reflects all the harmful UV Rays, which we know how can it harm our eyes. The outdoor master goggles are injected with UV coating, that means no harmful UV rays can reach our eyes.

Another common problem, the glass wearers face, yes that is they don’t find any comfortable goggles which can be worn easily OTG (over the Glass). This goggle have the width of 5.30″ wide and 1.65″ tall, that’s pure indication that with and without glass it can worn easily.


  • Frameless Interchangable Lens
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Anti Fog
  • Easily worn along with all helmets
  • OTG is bit confortable
  • Mositure can be seen

3. Zionor Lagopus Ski Snowboard Goggles



Looking for the affordable price goggles with the durable and adjustable strap? Don’t look anywhere else this is for you. The Zionor are know known to make the solid lenses, with UV and Anti-fogging coating over the lens.

When trying on these goggles, they seem to be made of good quality plastic and strap-on is very excellent. It does fit my head shape very easily and also cover my eyes though I look like some robot. Anyway, they keep your warm and comfortable.

One of my friend who is an avid skier and also wears the glass. After she tested, her view for this goggles is super fine. She suggested this for OTG (Over the glass) wearers.

There is no problem when we wear this google with the helmet, a strap is good it’s just adjusted with my helmet easily and I don’t have to give extra efforts for this. We observe that if you choose the right small to medium size shape goggles, your comfort level will be the at the high end.

Another catchy thing is that It has a good ventilation system, that’s because of the two way out.

More than 60% VLT, is perfect for the coudy and low light conditions for this goggles.


  • Good Ventilation
  • Anti-Fogging and UV Protection
  • Helmet Compatible
  • Durable
  • Cheap Price
  • Quality is issue
  • Extra care for lens

4. ALKAI Ski Goggles, Snowboard Goggles

The dual layer spherical lens is must thing if you want your wide to be wide enough. Although we feel a heavy thing when we wear this ALKAI ski goggles that can’t be ignored since the anti-slip silicone backed strap is made of heavy material.

This brand is coming with the 10 different types of lens, but we choose Black Fram/Yellow Lens as it has the VLT 64% which is perfect since we are looking for the best ski goggles for low light.

The features are impressive, the triple layer foam makes your experience the comfortable and breathable. Mirror coating is very good as it keeps the glare effect away from you in case of climate change. No UV effect and also ventilation is very good.

We find it has a double layer inside the lens, thanks to the thermal layer we manage to have a quick skiing experience without much of the fog.

We find our view be the natural one. These goggles can be gifted to the teens and all those adults who have the standard face/head shape.

On top of this, they are giving you a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.


  • Good Elastic Strap
  • Anti Fog and UV Protection
  • Anti-Scratch
  • Price
  • Uneven Coating over Lens
  • Foam Quality

5. Zionor X4 Ski Snowboard Snow Goggles

The quality of this X4 goggles is solid and durable. It has anti-fogging coating which won’t let the fog to appear on tints/goggles.
It has 100% UV 400 protection, this means it will protect you from UV rays up to 400 nanometers. Surely it covers all the harmful UVA and UVB rays.

It is super duper easy to change the lens because of Interchangeable Magnetic Lens technology. Whenever you feel that you need to wear the dark lens (low VLT) during the bright and sunny day, just snap the current lens with little force and there you go bring new lens close to the tint. It will automatically attach because of the magnet.

The spherical view gives you the all-around panoramic view thus reduce the glaring as well. A rider can see around easily without putting any stress on his/her eyes.

This is the budget ski goggles and with the LightBlack Frame LightGreen Lens, you can get upto 70% of VLT, thus assuring you with the safe snow riding experience for low light cloudy and dark lightning conditions.


  • Use Magnetic Lens Technology
  • Anti Slip Strap
  • Anti Fogging
  • No dual lens technology
  • Not recommended for glass wearer.
  • Scratching is the problem
  • Expecting much wider View

6. Jogoo Ski Goggles For Snowboard and Snowmobile

These snowboarding goggles give you the Triple-layer foam, which makes your face more comfortable. The first layer comes with the Lens and the backward layer is so soft and versatile, that it can bear any impact force.

We like overall build of these goggles, Choosing the right color along with right VLT is surely not an easy thing. This White Frame/Yellow Lens is one of the goggles which is very friendly to use in low light conditions.

It has 9 pairs of the magnet attached to the frame. We can easily change the lens as it is the detachable thing. The power of magnets is good enough.

Again it has some basic features which we can not ignore. It is Over the Glass (OTG) compatible means you can use this with normal eyes and those who wear glasses can also use this goggles easily due to its compatibility.

Moreover, the Helmet compatibility is also good due to the soft and adjustable straps.

Anti fogging and UV protection coating makes this another low light tint in the market.


  • 100% UV 400 NM Protection
  • Magnetic Detachable Foam
  • Value for Money
  • Poor Customer Service
  • Moisture comes in easily

Buying Guide for ski goggles for low or dark light:

1. Choose Tint/Lens Color with high VLT:

The relation between both the factors of Lens Color and VLT (Visible Light Transmission) is co-related. VLT means the visible light (good amount of light) to enter till your eyes after filtering from the lens/tints of the goggles.

  • Low VLT– The relation of Lower VLT to the color of tint is that the color of tint/lens will be on Dark Side such as Brown, Black, Gray, Dark green etc. The theme color lens will the lesser amount of light to reach your eyes. They are perfect for the sunny or blue day.
  • Higher VLT– The color of your tint/lens of goggles needs to be in the lighter shade. The color can be light blue, amber, yellow, golden, green, rose gold etc. These lenses are perfect for the low light conditions such as in cloudy, rainy, sunset or dull conditions.

This is the reason the rider, skier or snowboarder need to choose low color tint/lens such as amber, yellow, golden rose etc. As these goggles lenses color have higher VLT value, thus encourages the good depth perception and produce natural environment. We Recommend VLT should be between 60 to 90% for the low light.

2. Choose the perfect lens shape goggles:

There are basically two types of lens shape-
  • Cylindrical– They are curvy horizontally (means from left to right side) both sideways. But vertically (from top to bottom) they are flatter. They are cheaper in price and decreases peripheral vision. It has high distortion and glare effects.
  • Spherical– The are curved both horizontally and vertically (means from sideways and upward-downward). They provide the distortion and glare-free environment. The peripheral vision increase which also accounts into the price increase.

The buyer needs to choose the Spherical goggles, but if they decided to go with the cylindrical lens shape goggle. There is nothing much downside. We prefer spherical lens for low light conditions because it has the wider vision which protects from fog, enhanced color and much more.

3. Stay Away from Fog-

Good Ventilation is the must to keep away the villain of the most goggles. The most common reason for setting up of Fog over the lens/tint is the process of condensation. In this process due to the change in heat (hot to cold from as our body and breathing are hot while the outer environment has a cold temperature).

Whether is the reason we skiers just hate fog. The conditions get worse at the low light conditions. The larger the better, if your tint or goggles is having the double lenses, fan or have broad shape then these are the good signs to get rid of all the fog thing. Fog and low light can worsen the condition of the skier at all times.

4. Comfort Level can’t be ignored-

  • Face fit- Everyone face size and shape is different. If the frame size is perfect, it surely makes your riding experience smooth. There are 3 types of frame sizes- small, medium and large. The women and kids suited Small to medium size, while medium to large is best for men face shape.
  • Helmet-compatible- It is a good idea to always equip and wear proper gear/kit for snowboarding. Wearing helmets can sometimes be the lifesaver for many skiers in worst conditions. This is the reason, you need to choose the goggles for low light which can be wearable with and without the helmet.
  • Scratch Resistant- Some scratches over the lens of tints/goggles can ruin your view. If you choose the goggle which is scratch resistance is always the good add-on.

5. Other Things You Can’t Ignore-

  • Photochromic– The goggles with a photochromic lens will save your money. All it does is changes color of the lens according to the requirement. It basically changes the VLT automatically. That’s the reason buyer need not worry to change lens in sunny or dark light conditions.
  • Peripheral Vision– If you can have the full 360-degree vision without any problem, then that goggles is surely having the inbuilt peripheral vision. You can see both rights, left, up and down. The Spherical shape goggles have the much better peripheral vision than a cylindrical one.


We have to always prepare for the low light conditions on the snow mountains. No One stops us, we are skiers. So, there are lots of problems we might face other than the low lights on the trails. The Crud, bumps, and debris are few of them. If we don’t choose the right pair of goggles we might feel sick and fatigued eyes.

Make sure goggles have basic features such as anti-fogging, UV Protections without compromising the comfort level of face fit, helmet compatible or OTG. Double Check if your goggles provide you with the vivid color definition and contrast view. If you want to enjoy safely be sure that it does provide a better depth field.

We try to cover all the problems, which low light skiers might face. We have gone through various things- price, brand, durability, quality etc. What we have concluded that the Best Ski Goggles for low light is OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles PRO in the market.

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