Best Sports Bra for Saggy Breasts (Get Perfect Shape) in 2019

perfect sports bra for saggy boobs

We all live ones and to live in good health is our end goal of life. We must appreciate our feminity and it’s our responsibility to take care of a god gifted body. Because of our busy social, personal or work life, we always forget to look after our youthful breasts. Sag and droops are one of the biggest enemies of our boobs.

One of my friends look at my breasts and jokingly said, those oranges are banana now. Though it was a joke but awkward thoughts just not let me breathe. I immediately look for an anti-sagging bra for breasts. I came up with the solution that only pushups and sports bra are the lifesavers for saggy breasts.

Best Sports bra for sagging breasts not only help me stop further sagging but also it provides me so much comfort. My boobs do not bounce in any direction and can feel the upwards push. I can do anything now, be it a sports, daily routine housework, yoga, swimming or walk/jog. I don’t feel any droop southwards. Yep, best sports bra can give another life to your breasts.

Here are top 5 Best Sports Bra for Saggy Breasts with reviews in 2019:

1. Glamorise Women’s Full Figure No Bounce Plus Size Camisole Wirefree Back Close Sports Bra

The highest selling sports bra to keep your breast in place without compromising the comfort. Your beauty things will enjoy maximumly breathable with the upper bust air mesh attached as a cami design.

There are 4 different colors available with almost all the sizes to suit your body type.

The one major problem while doing a workout with the saggy breasts is of air ventilation, uncomfortable tightness and droopy boobs bounce itself putting the strain on the tissues of breasts.

This Newyork based brand has sought out the major problems for saggy breasts. It is no bounce cami sports bra, You enjoy better breathability which keeps off sweat and moisture.

Extra support at the bottom of cups, will reinforce the droopy boobs towards the north side and makes look attractive and bounce free.

This sporty bra has two way back stretch, so you can move freely in any direction without putting pressure over the breasts.

The extra plush adjustable hook is not a messy thing, those broad padded straps help you to relive should pressure and back pain. As there is not stretching occurs due to straps

This sports bra is only recommended for little saggy breasts. If you are age is above 50 years with lots of sags, we won’t recommend this for you.

  • Breathable Mesh
  • Keep Moisture away
  • Wide padded straps
  • Adjustable double-sided hooks
  • An issue for busty women
  • scratchy shoulder straps

2. SYROKAN Women’s High Impact Support Bounce Control Plus Size Workout Sports Bra

The fabric of this bra is of good quality, it can keep you ventilated and mess design at the back is good for your back body. It is made up of 100% polyester fabric, that makes it a lightweight bra. It eases on the loose breasts and keeps off the moisture.

You have saggy boobs and love to do high impact activities, this bra can do wonders for you.

Once wear, you can do all the daily work or activities normally. I literally don’t feel any shoulder fatigue, thanks to the wider soft straps.
Since it is the non-wire bra, thus only under band is there to provide you with stability to the south going loose busts. We are satisfied with the under band quality, you won’t miss underwire.

In order to the best sporty feel for saggy breast, I personally recommend to go one size down. Because there are lots of reviews that suggest not to go for exact size. Also, saginess welcomes decreased bra size to keep your breasts in good shape. This bra is not recommend for the bigger size boobs.

  • Super Comfortable
  • Good Straps
  • Value for money
  • Cheapest price
  • No underwire
  • Not recommended for biger size breasts

3. FITTIN Racerback Sports Bras – Padded Seamless High Impact Support for Yoga Gym Workout Fitness

This is a special push up sports bra with good support and lifts for the breasts.

The fabric is super soft and also able to soak the moisture from my body. My chest feels dry and fresh.

There are lots of colors options with sizes. That’s not an issue.

Once worn, the fit was tight, but it is not tight enough that I can’t breathe. The flexibility of the overall bra is good.

I could easily manage to do various sports activity. I made to last low to medium impacts.

The padding add not only comfortable but also act as the pushups for saggy breasts. If anytime you want to get rid of these pads, you can do this easily. Price is super cheap.

  • Removable pads
  • breathable fabric
  • Good for busty womens
  • No wireline
  • Moisture soaking is not good.

4. Wacoal Women’s Underwire Sport Bra

The two-fly fabric cups and underwire frame keeps breast steady. Your breast won’t feel any pressure and it stays and can tolerate all the aggressive motions by our overall body.

This underwire sports bra helps to lift your breasts, thus no strain on the connective tissues.

Gravity pulls also get nulled because of the underwire. The adjustable straps and back closure of perfect for a custom fit. It suits maximum types of body and breasts.

The best thing in this sports bra is its cups. If you choose the cup size one or two down you feel comfortable during working. I love the flat center look from the top after the workout.

I highly recommend this sporty bra for all aged womens with saggy breasts.

  • Underwire
  • Good Bro Cups
  • Extra Soft
  • Short lifespan
  • Low quality hooks

5. Women’s Zip Front Sports Bra Wireless Post-Surgery Bra Active Yoga Sports Bras

If you are the one who wears a sports bra for the early caution of the saggy breast. You need to check this bra for sure. It provides good support to the attached skin (breast and around the chest skin), tissues and ligaments. Everything will stay in the stable possible.

The front zipper closure has many advantages If you need to give a little hand to your droopy boobs and adjust them as per your convenient. Just open this soft zipper and let your boobs come out easily and comfortably. Sometimes it is really hard to do hook stuff from behind. You can manage this bra easily.

The breathable linin (fabric) done it’s work very well. Wider Strap are good and it take away all the back problems and pain. The racerback style is also of good quality, reason being- It will adapt and adjust with your body easily.

  • Front Zipper closure
  • Lightweight
  • Removable pad
  • Racerback style
  • Wide straps
  • Large cupsize
  • Zipper

What causes the breast to sag?

To be frank breast drooping (known as breast ptosis in a medical term) is the natural phenomenon which occurs to every female. If you think you are a teenager or in the early 20s, you might not have any effect of breast sagging. Hey, check the facts again!

Breast sagging can occur at any age. It can be seen early of the 20s or if you have good breasts size & shape you might not be affected even at the age of 40. Now let’s decode why do breasts sag?

There are major factors such as age, gravitational pull, Hormone levels, sudden weight change, lifestyle, and Vigorous physical activities. You need to know that breasts are made of fats, glands, tissues and supporting ligaments. Larger breasts are always more vulnerable to sag due to weight and volume. Wondering these factors in depth? Keep reading if you want to know the reason behind sagginess.

1. Age is just a number-

This is the most unavoidable irrevocable change which we can not avoid. We all grow older, as a result, the connective tissues called “Cooper ligaments” stop producing and skin stretching occurs. Thus the snag occurs. With the age, we feel that our breasts size start shrinking and there is less support for the skin around nipples. We tend to loose skin elasticity with growing age.

2. Gravity Pull-

If you ask any science student who discovered the gravity, they will tell you proudly it’s Sir Issac Newton. But our breasts don’t feel any product because of gravity. Matter of the fact is if the size and weight of boobs are much heavier, then more gravitation pull it faces every second. The upward breasts have to face droops as breast tissues move downwards.

3. Hormonal Changes-

As a human, we all are different individuals. This applies similarly to our perky breasts. We all can see various changes in our body from childhood to adulthood and that is the part of our life. For every woman, at some point in life, we approach the menopause phase. What happens in menopause, is that our body stops producing hormones.

One of the hormones is estrogen. Once it stops, we need to be ready for ligament weaken and surrounding skin loose elasticity.

4. The sudden change in Weight-

The reasonable body and breasts weight is the most important reason for the sag. The major weight change we often saw is after pregnancy. And that is the time, most of the breast sagginess occurs. As pregnancy causes the breast enlargement due to the milk-producing tissues and milk ducts gets activated.

Once you stop breastfeeding to your kid, the breasts will start attaining the original shape which you had earlier before pregnancy. That’s the time when most droop occurs, the volume of your boobs start shrinking.

As the size return to the usual size, there might appear droop. More times you get pregnant, the worst thing can happen to your friend name breast.

There is also one misconception among the women who think breastfeeding is also the reason for breast droop. But it is totally untrue. According to the study, breast ptosis is not occurred due to breastfeeding.

5. Intensive Bouncy physical activities-

If you are a sports person or indulge yourself in intensive exercise or activity. Chances are that your breasts sag. Vigorous exercise means breasts will bounce up & down, thus stretch the ligaments. As a result, supporting tissue is not able to retract the original shape of the breasts.

6. Unhealthy Lifestyle including Diet-

If you are not wearing the proper size comfortable bra, chances are that you get breast ptosis. The women who often eat unhealthy diety products and their posture of sitting, walking is not in good position, stretch the skin around the breast. Thus make it droop because of a pinch, poke and squeeze.

The cigarette smokers are not aware that the carcinogens chemical weakens and destroys the elastin, this protein is responsible for skin elasticity and support. Women smokers are more prone to breast ptosis.

How to avoid breast sagging

Every woman proud of her breasts and why not. It provides you the attractive feminine looks and let you enjoy your full youth appearance. You can try different dresses and everyone admires your classy look for sure.

Aging and Gravity, we can’t do anything with these two factors. But proper skin care, exercise and a healthy diet can delay or avoid breast sag.

Here are the few tips which let you avoid breast sagging for real:

1. Exercise for sharp breast-

Breasts are not of muscle, rather they are made of fat, glands, and ligaments. The connective tissue keeps them upwards. To overcome age and gravity, we have to do muscle strengthening with weight lifts for the chest. The weight lifts not only strengthen the around an area of the chest but also keep skin toned and contracts tissue.

The basic chest exercise you need to do is- push-ups, chest press & pull, and biceps curls etc.

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2. Wear Proper fit bra-

The most advised thing to avoid the droop and sag is to start wearing the proper size and shape bra. Most of the women neglect this, some feel comfortable in wearing the loose bra. But mind you, those loose fit bra keeps the breast towards the down and put a strain to the connecting tissues. Also one should change the bra after every 6 months. If you are unaware of your bra size, we advise to go to the local lingerie store and get the best cup shape for your friend name breasts.

Try to pick the push up bra for the tight fight, this will restrict the movement of your breast.

Do you involve in various aerobic exercise? If yes, always wear the well-fitted sports bra during exercise. You are unaware of the fact that the aerobic activities such as jogging, running, swimming or yoga can bounce your breast between 4 to 15 cms. The simple bra cannot stop such movements of breasts and this aggregates the sagginess and droop.

Best Sports Bra for Saggy Breasts not only restrict the breast movements but also keeps you in proper shape.

3. Avoid sudden weight fluctuation-

In case there is a sudden change in the weight of your body and breasts. It’s definitely the alarm to the danger of sag. Sudden changes in the volume of breasts occur mainly during the pregnancies or due to an unhealthy diet.

Let say you start to follow the yo yo diet plan, and suddenly you lose your weight rapidly. Thus there is a shrink in the volume of your beloved breasts. Surely wrinkles will come and you feel sag after a few days. Vice versa if you gain weight suddenly, the volume of breasts will expand because of fat gain. Now if your breasts become larger, there will be less support by the bra, your tissues feel strain and gravity will do the rest.

The change in weight should be slow and steady.

4. Take a healthy diet for healthy skin-

That’s true if you ignore the care of skin, your skin might lose elastin. Avoid junk food, that will give you over carbohydrates, we know what it can cause to our body. The amount of protein intake should be limited as per your body requirement. Protein is essential for skin health, connective tissue and muscles. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits.

Unhealthy activities such as smoking should be avoided. The cigarettes have nicotine, which restricts the proper supply of oxygen to the blood vessels, that’s the huge block of nutrient to the skin. Your skin feels droop and wrinkled. It decreases the collagen and elastin which is very important for skin and boobs.

Drink water for your healthy skin is very important. It is also advised to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water for healthy skin.

5. Breasts also need extra care-

You need to do at least 10 minutes of massage for 4-5 times a week for your breast. Preferably with the Aloe Vera or Olive oil. The 10-minute massage in round motion upwards helps to regain firmness. The outer muscles get strengthened by removing free radicals. These are all the natural skin tightening and perfect things to avoid breast sagging.

Is sports bra good for sagging breasts-

Those days are gone when sports bras are sought to be worn only for exercises and workout purposes. Sports bra now can be worn while you at home or work, basically for all daily activities. The sports bra provides the maximum protection, that no other bra could provide in the market.

Studies of sports bra based on biomorphic analyses of females breasts and University of Portsmouth Scientists has revealed that sports bra is the lifesaver for breasts as it prevents from sagging and preventing premature sagging of breasts. So, Yeah sports bra is an excellent home remedy for sagging breasts.

What happens is that when you do activity should enhance the movements of your breasts, up-down and sideways. Those stretches of ligaments just push your breasts down towards earth. And wearing a good pair of sports bra keep breasts motionless. They stay where they are supposed to be.

Other Benefits of wearing the sports bra are – Looks, protection, reduce breast pain, avoid nasty stares, great healers, the alternative to ordinary bras and of course avoid breast sagging.

How to measure bra size for sagging breasts

Do you know that 74% of women are wearing the wrong bra size? And 36% already knew about this fact, but they are still wearing wrong. Don’t hide or shy to get the exact size for your bra. If you wear a too tight bra- get ready for the pain in breasts, and overall pain in your back and shoulders. Similarly, if you wear the too loose size of bra- get ready for sag or droop, as there is a lack of support to the ligament and tissues.

Here is a good article, which helps you in choosing the perfect bra size even for breast sagging.

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