Best Womens Golf Shoes for Wide Feet

best womens golf shoes for wide feetOne of the little thing womens with wide feet ignore on the golf course is shoes. Yes, that’s true! We all think that on the golf green we only have to do is walk or stand and body swing action while taking the shot only. For this reason, we can avoid wide golf shoes and a regular pair of trainer shoe will work. Sorry ladies, You need to rethink on this again.

One of my friends suggests me to write this article on Best10lab. So we can choose the best womens golf shoes for wide feet, which can provide us great comfort and of course let us feel more confident with a chic appeal.

Selecting the right pair of golf shoes is not as easy as it looks. Most of the wide foot golfers have the fear of slipping (injury), snug feels at a foot and breathability for toes. This makes only limited choices for golf shoes available in the market. If we don’t understand our foot size, we end up choosing the wobbly shoes. Seriously that would be ruined our day and we attract various injuries. This all can be seen in our poor shots.

The main focus of the best womens golf shoes for wide feet is not only to provide the looks (color & design) but to focus on comfort fit, breathability, warmth cushioning and wiggle to toes easily. We always recommend to look for the athletic styled golf shoe and ignore others. Because such shoes can only provide us the better traction on and off the field.

Are you in hurry? => Skechers Women’s Go Walk 2 Sugar Relaxed Fit Golf Shoe

Surfing the internet and asking the lots of people about the perfect ladies golf shoe is a time-consuming thing.  We respect your time and money, that’s why we have tested more than 20 different shoes based on factors like- golf shoe material, inter & outer sole, the base of a shoe, traction, price and looks.

Here are the top 5 Best Womens Golf Shoes for Wide Feet:

1. Skechers Women’s Go Golf Birdie Golf Shoe

This is the all-weather shoe and breathable too. The outer material is made of mesh fabric. I must say they are the most stylish golf shoes. The Goga matric provides the outer cushioning foam. Thus you can enjoy cushioning foam, not outside the sole but also your feel will enjoy the inside.

As soon as we unbox the Go Golf Birdie Golf Shoe, we feel the little weight in our hand, and also in feet. I hate the odd odor which came instantaneously from the new box.

My feet are not the wider one, but my friend who has wider feet she easily wears this pair of shoes. She was happy with this pair of shoe. You can not skip this shoe if you know how important the spikes are. One of the best spikes golf shoes with wider feet. These spikes won’t be hard on the golf greens also provide stability to your feet.

There are like different 16 styles with lots of sizing options. Keep checking you will love all the designs.

  • Spike shoe
  • Cushion outsole design
  • Water resistant
  • All weather golf shoe
  • Little heavy

2. Adidas Women’s w Climacool Knit Cblack/D Golf Shoe

Another spikeless shoes are enriched with circleknit on the upper material. This material is perfect to take your feet shape, breathability is one the priority for every lady golfer and this shoe won’t let you down at any cost.

For the wider feet, the problem is not only to find the perfect shoe. But every time it is hard for feet to get inside and outside the shoe. This Adidas shoe is capable to solve your problems because of wider midsole and outsole.

This shoe manages to be in our Best Womens Golf Shoes for Wide Feet because of the velcro strap. You can save you time because there is no lacing and it will stay clean for the maximum time.

The weight this shoe is really a light one. The cloud sole, makes you feel comfortable and stable. This result can be seen as the good traction effect. This brand is providing you 3 different colors. Light onix is really a catchy color, make sure to check it.

  • Spikeless
  • climacool knit
  • Valcro strap
  • Not all weather shoe
  • Price

3. New Balance Women’s NBGW1006 Golf Shoe

This is the high rated womens golf shoe. The material is made of the mesh, thus provides breathability to your feet which is just to not get you tired. We also like this solid rubber sole, not only it gets your weight to all parts of sole but also you will feel the great traction.

The Ortholite insole not only keeps moisture away but also will soak all sweat away from your feet. As a result, your toe feet feel cool and dry. Another quality which is like about this golf shoe is its rubber sole. Seriously I can have all the cons of spike shoe in this spikeless shoe, this sturdy rubber sole is responsible for it.

The womens with wider feet are ready to enter the golf course tirelessly. You can also become the style chic, and everyone will admire the color combination.

  • Pro1
  • Con1

4. Skechers Women’s Go Walk 2 Sugar Relaxed Fit Golf Shoe

The one of the trusted brand. This time they have clubbed the golf sports with the wider women feet size and priortize the comfort as its formost preference.

The upper material of the golf shoe is textile and synthetic thus it will easily get the perfect shape of your feet. I personally wear these shoes and finds the extra 2 mm of width at the toes. Ample space to keep my toes padded with comfort, I can enjoy my feet toes movement within the sole.

This is the spikeless golf shoes and the outer synthetic sole makes the traction so easy. We all know the spikeless shoes are also extra cushioning comfort. I had one doubt that this shoe might get dirty easily because of the upper mesh. And yes I was right, shoes will get dirty easily.

After a few steps on the golf greens, these shoes really make me stable and I feel better confidant. At moment I enter the golf course, I thought the water might get into my feet. Thanks to water-resistant quality, not even a single drop of water came inside. I enjoy the dry feet moments.

This pair of Skechers golf shoes are really lightweight and comes in 3 more variants. I personally like this shoe.

  • Lightweight
  • Water resistant
  • Comfortable
  • Can be wear on and off the golf green
  • Affordable price
  • Get Dirt easily

5. ECCO Women’s Biom Hybrid Golf Shoe

The ECCO is another European brand with a great history in golf shoes. They know what the leather golf shoe lovers looking for. They have good research wing for producing the class products.

Yak leather is very lightweight and breathable. We all know what are the advantages of leather to the golfers. The water resistance and easy to clean are such advantages you will find nowhere other than the leather stuff.

Their every product has gone through the tough tests. One of them is BIOM anatomically shape, this means if you wear this technology, the golf shoe will automatically get the shape of your feet. And if you wondering what the tight grip might restrict your toe movement, then you are wrong. The E-DTS hybrid technology lets you get traction with more than 800 different angles.

The spikeless golf shoes can easily be worn in all weathers seasons. This shoe is so stylish that you can easily wear it both on and off the golf course.

  • Removable Insole
  • 800 possible traction angles
  • water resistance
  • Leather material
  • durable
  • Con1

Wider Feet? Let’s find out the Benefits of wearing Golf Shoe:

1. Stay healthy and keep golf injuries away-

Are you the one who doesn’t want to get a slip on the green course while playing full swing shot? Or your knees and feet are overtired?. Definitely, the proper pair of athletic broad golf shoe will make yours a better golf day. Your shoe will provide you proper padding at feet, so they feel lightweight and overprotected

This not only reduces slipping chances but also reduce any ankle injury.

2. Stay confident and connected with the game-

Although we believe no golf shoe will make you the best player in the world. But wearing the one will surely improve your game to the next level. You can confidently learn and grow in this game.

Most of the time amateurs don’t feel any importance for the golf shoes. But senior and professionals know how important these boots are, they will boost your confidence level.

Choosing the proper golf grip for your hand and bottom outer sole for your stable feet are very important for your confidant. Your best shoes enable you to play full swing shots and lets you express your game freely.

3. Environment-Friendly – No damage to Greens-

The stylish looking shoes not only takes make you look are the chic appeal (golfer). But also it can save the greens. The sluggish ordinary trainer shoes may harm the golf course soft grass if they have any spikes or hard material at the outer sole.

Thus good golf shoes are always women and environment-friendly. There will be less /no damage to greens.

4. Stay Breathable and less sweaty-

The ordinary shoes/boots may let you feel soft at inside. But those shoes my restrict your feet to be breathable. If you play in a moisture environment or you are sweaty, those trainers shoes will surely spoil your feet and toes inside.

The right ladies golf shoe not only provides a breathe but also make sure you play with the dry foot from inside.

Things to consider while buying Best Womens Golf Shoes for Wide Feet:

1. Waterproof and dirt proof-

The buyer has to be sure that the golf shoe which they are looking to buy is water and dirt proof. The very well lawn mower trimmed grass with the dew over the greens can enter inside the sole of your shoes. So, you have to be sure that those pairs of shoes are water resistant and also laces have to stay clean. Most of the times the laces are made of a material which sucked water easily and then welcomes all the mud.

You might be wondering what you don’t play in the morning times of the dew. But still, we have to totally prepare because the weather can become dark rainy at any time of the day. Keep your feet stay dry and happy. The waterproof shoes will absorb all the water content if any reaches.

2. The sizing and material of Shoes-

The women golfer need not worry about the size, You have to only choose the normal size as you do with other shoes/slippers/ boots. If you are buying the golf shoes from your nearby outlet or store. Then you can give a try many different shapes and size of shoes. One little advice we want to give to our readers if they are going to buy online or from our reviewed products above.

The summer season golf shoes can be taken as the daily use size. But for the winter season, we might wear the thick socks inside these shoes. And if we choose the normal shoe size, then that might make it snug and restricts toe moment inside. We suggest you buy half inch extra size and also make sure those shoes are returnable on online stores. Though our shoe picks will be from returnable stores only. You don’t have to be a worry.

Now, let’s talk about the material of the shoe thing. The most common material are – leather, cotton, polyester, gore-tex etc. They all are different from each other. The leather made shoes might be durable and stylish but they will be a little heavier than other material. Also, leather-based shoes are like waterproof and easy to clean. All these benefits can be attained with an extra amount of money.

The other material like polyester, have benefits such as great padding inside, lightweight and breathable. Also, do check if any break-in is required by golf shoes or not.

3. Traction in Shoes-

This is really very important factors every golfer need to look at it. The traction means how smoothly and comfortable your shoe will be planted on the ground. The whole weight of the body will fall on your shoes, thus golf shoes have to distribute the weight on all parts. So that you may not feel tired even after 18 rounds of the golf.

4.  Who is better – Spikes vs. No Spikes-

Both types of shoes have their own pros and cons. The golf shoes without spikes provide the padding and extra comfort at the bottom. You will feel more relaxed throughout the day. These shoes are more flexible and won’t restrict the movement of your wide toe foot. No Spikes shoes are preferred to use in the summer season.

But with the advancement in the technology. Lots of efforts have been made by big brands to make the Spikes golf shoes as much as comfortable like without spikes have.

The spiky golf shoes have cleats made of the plastic, and they give better traction on the golf course. They are made for the moisture conditions, that is why they are used in rainy or winter seasons. The little downside of these shoes is that they provide optimal flexibility.

Don’t forget to check your golf club rules, are they strict on a cleat or not. That really harms the soft grass.

5. Golf Shoe Style-

The color combination of the wide golf shoes hardly matters to me. But to be frank I try to ignore the old black color shoe. Hey! that’s personal opinion only. As we told earlier that womens can only feel comfortable if they choose athletic -style golf shoes. Seriously, Ignore the saddle-shoe style, that’s not meant for wide feet.

6. Brand & Cost-

The old thinking says- More expensive the product, the better is the quality of it. We condemn this thought if you research properly. You can surely get the best and quality golf products for the money. It is a really hard thing to find the best Women’s golf shoes for wide feet. The reason is only the few quality brands provide such shoes. All big brands emphasis maximum on other types of golf shoes.

The minimum brands such as ECCO, FootJoy, Dadias, and Callaway are among who provide you comfortable and balanced golf shoes for wider feet.

7. Easy to Clean-

I really love to keep my golf stuff to be clean while on the travel to other places. So, I always wear golf shoes whose material can easily be clean with a single wash. And, after cleaning I have to be sure that they don’t lose the snug easily. There are two types of shoes- one with laces and another without laces. The laces get dirty easily, but nowadays many brands overcome this problem. They provide easy to clean golf shoes only.

The water can make your shoe dirty easily. Be sure to keep the waterproof protector spray in that case.



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