Best Baseball Gloves for Outfielders (Young and Professional Buyers)

Best baseball gloves for outfielders
Best baseball gloves for outfielders

You are looking Best baseball gloves for outfielders and don’t know where to search. Congratulations you just step into best reviewing site. We have taken the opinion of 4 professionals Coach, 10 baseball outfield players, and a baseball expert to ease your search so you can choose the perfect baseball mitts for an outfield position person.

There are tons of sites on the internet which have articles on baseball gloves, but none is focusing on choosing specifically for the outfield players. These gloves are different from other fielding positions in the game of baseball. Outfielders need little extra size gloves than other fields position players for that extra catching of flying ball.

There are much more factors such as quality, durability, shape, and weight which will help you in choosing the best outfield gloves which we will cover in this article soon.

Best outfield players such as Mike Trout, Cain, Dyson, Jim Rice, Larry Walker and Kenny Lofton all are the modern day stars of MLB and everyone is specialized in every position such as Leftfield, center field or right field. They all nice quality gloves which helps them very much. No matter how much good skills of running, throwing, snagging and hand-eye coordination you have.

If you lack a quality and perfectly designed outfield mitts, I am sure you will never catch the eyes of a coach, other players and ultimately it will be a hard task to succeed, any pro player never wants that to happen.

Before digging into the outfield, mitts make sure you know which hand glove to need to buy. No one wants to order the wrong mitt and made a silly mistake.

If you are right-hander means you throw the ball with a right hand then you get the left-hand glove.

Right-Hand Throw = Left Hand Glove,

and if you are left-hander means you will throw the ball with your left hand then you get the right-hand mitts.

Left-Hand Throw = Right-Hand Glove.

Best Baseball gloves for Outfielders on the Market :

Product NameImageSize in InchesRatingPrice
Rawlings Renegade Series Baseball Gloves12 - 154.5/5 Check Price
Mizuno GMVP1300S1 MVP Softball Fielder's Mitt11.5 - 13.54.5/5 Check Price
Wilson 2016 A2K 1799 Outfield Baseball Glove12.755/5 Check Price
Franklin Sports Pro Flex Hybrid Series Baseball Gloves11.5 - 13-54.5/5 Check Price
Louisville Slugger 125 Series Baseball Gloves11.5 - 12.54/5 Check Price
Rawlings GG Gamer Series 12.75-inch Glove with Trapeze Web12.754.5/5 Check Price
Nokona WB-1275M Walnut Baseball Glove 12.75 inch12.755/5 Check Price
Easton Mako Outfielder's Pattern Comp Series Glove12.754/5 Check Price
Franklin Sports Field Master Series Baseball Gloves10 - 144/5 Check Price

Top 10 Best Baseball Mitts (Gloves) for Outfielders :

1. Rawlings Renegade Series Baseball Gloves:

We love both money and quality wise these affordable mitts from Rawlings Renegade. These series gloves have 90% factory break-in and only 10% effort is required to catch or pick up the ball back by outfield player to infielder or pitcher.

Due to the high-quality leather, it will not distort its shape. The player can catch even the fast moving ball easily because it will resist all the shocks due to comfortable cushion design on the palm and index finger.

The renegade series baseball gloves have deep pockets and closed web which helps a player in attaining stability and control. The quality of the leather is good and it will adjust accordingly to your hand after long usage and you will feel that your own hand is quite big and it can catch anything which comes its way.

We recommend user to choose between 12 or 13 inches Basket web version of the mitts for the adult players and 10 to 12 inches for the young.

  • Minimal Break-in time.
  • Deep Pockets
  • Cushion type material for palm and finger
  • Quality Leather
  • Confusing Size
  • Not good for small hands
  • Stitching may come off after few months

2. Mizuno GMVP1300S1 MVP Softball Fielder’s Mitt :

Mizuno is one the brand which is getting the huge response from the elite and high school baseball fielders. Due to innovative ideas and design, it is giving the huge competition to the other brands like Rawlings. Bio Throwback leather makes it a better option and made us put this in our best baseball gloves for outfielders list. Bio Throwback leather makes the perfect balance of oil and make it soft and throw-in ready.

It gives the good soft support to the wrist and steer palm liner with the deep pockets. Price is not expensive if compare it for quality with other brands. Playable instantaneouly when taken out of the pack and you can break-in with little efforts.

  • Stiff at palm
  • Fast Break-in
  • Wide Grip
  • Wide web

3. Wilson 2016 A2K 1799 Outfield Baseball Glove :

Wilson, the blind faith brand you can trust anytime. I was reading about how many players use the Wilson and undoubtedly I found 25-30% of MLB Players use this brand and are getting the good results in the game. This is the only 5-star product in our list, you might find it costlier than others but trust me Wilson A2K is made of pro stock select leather which makes it a stiff and durable gloves.

Wilson A2K is lightweight and gloves are easily wearable. These gloves has wide pocket and wide web, thus you can easily pick up or catch the flying ball with the extra lengthy gloves. The innovative drilex wrist lining will keep your hand cool and dry and you will not worry about those sweety feel.

12.5 inches provides you the length with extra finger length, throw-in is great.

  • Long Lasting Performance
  • Dual Welting
  • Double Palm Construction
  • ProStock Select Leather
  • Available for both Right hand and Left Hand Throw.
  • Price
  • Only 12.5 inches size available

4. Franklin Sports Pro Flex Hybrid Series Baseball Gloves :

Design and affordable price are two feature which separates Franklin sports hybrid baseball gloves from the others. You not only play at outfield position in baseball but you can also go for other sports like softball and Tee Ball.

This Pro Flex glove includes the synthetic leather which is not a bad at all. This glove comes in various size from 11.5 to 13.5 inches. You don’t require any break-in, just buy and play because of the leather it uses. It has basket web design which makes it a flexible from thumb to the first finger and disadvantage of this basket design web is that no air will cross and you can’t see through it.

Extra wrist padding and adjustable wrist strap helps you to be in a comfortable shape and also secure your wrist.

  • Cheap Price
  • Nice seams and stitchings
  • Very Flexible
  • Cushioning is less

5. Louisville Slugger 125 Series Baseball Gloves :

Louisville Slugger 125 series gloves are made of soft cowhide leather with H-Web Baseball glove means there are no more spaces in the web for air and to look through. It is easy to squeeze easily once it is the break-in, for which minimal requirement is needed. Young players are advised to choose this for the outfield.

This product is made in china but it is quite comfortable and those strips make it an adjustable finger mitt. You can also take out the single finger but the hole is quite bigger if you have thin fingers. You can choose anything between 11.5 inches to 12.5 inches. In reality when we recieve color looks something different than it appears on the photograph of the product. Although both right and left hand throw gloves are available.

  • H web Glove
  • Affordable price
  • Easy break-in
  • Some metallic parts on behind

6. Rawlings GG Gamer Series 12.75-inch Glove with Trapeze Web :

This popular model from rawlings is made of pro quality material and comes in only single color which is black. It is extremely strong and have trapzee web. All leather lining is availabe which makes it adjustable and comfortable mitts from the rawlings. The modified trapeze web makes it a six finger gloves

You will find extra paded in behind for the index finger so to overcome the shock if it gets from fast moving ball. Also, comfortable pad at the palm because utimately all the ball falls over it. It has movable padding and break-in is very easy.

  • Trapeze Web
  • Easy Adjustable
  • Not suitable for Left Hand Throw
  • Design is not good

7. Nokona WB-1275M Walnut Baseball Glove 12.75 inch :

This is an excellent option for the outfielders it is made of premium walnut crunch leather which makes it a soft and durable. You need to wait for 4-5 weeks for the break-in. It is deep enough to play both softball and baseball. It is open at the back for the classy look and modified trapeze make it perfect for the outfielders. 100% made in the U.S.A.

Quality is excellent and stiff glove is what all need at the outfield. Trapeze is there but it welcomes the sunshine and to overcome shadow might be a difficutl task.

  • American Product
  • 4 Year Manufacturing Warranty
  • Walnut Crunch Leather
  • Adjustable Traeze web
  • Classy Look
  • Open from Back
  • Little heavier

8. Easton Mako Outfielder’s Pattern Comp Series Glove :

Easton is a good competitive brand who is getting hype even better than Rawlings and A2000 Wilson. Because of double oiled Prime, you don’t need much time for the break-in. Easton Mako Comp Series gloves focused much on the construction. A conventional open back with the traditional look. As the trapeze web is always a perfect thing considered for the outfielders.

This glove is basically mix of style, durability and it geting close as the ball is arriving towards the glove because dynamic 2X welting is added towards the back of the glove over the fingers.

  • E-trap web
  • Stylish
  • Big Adult Hand might feel uncomfortable

9. Franklin Sports Field Master Series Baseball Gloves :

This is one of the cheapest outfield gloves which is made of premium synthetic leather. It is light in weight and long lasting durability. You can choose any size from various sizes – starting from 10 inches to 14 inches.

It formed the deep pocket as it will adjust according to your hand and with contour fit system it provides the customizable adjustments to your thumb. Another thing which i like about this glove is that its color which makes it a eye catching thing for young agers. And if you purely new to this game and don’t want to spend huge on the gloves. I highly recommend to start this game with these gloves only.

  • Price is Cheap
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Adjustable to your hand easily
  • Padding is not good
  • Hard Glove
  • Stitching is not good

Types of Leather for Baseball Gloves/ Mitts:

Brands of baseball gloves differ from the quality of leather which used in baseball gloves are generally made of – synthetic, cowhide, pigskin, full grain leather or steer hide. Various factors which decide the quality of Leather one is durability, lack of blemish, comfort, break-in, and price.

1. Steer hide leather –

Heavy, and easily adapt your hand shape though it is a bit heavier than other types. It has most longer break-in.

2. Full grain leather –

Heavy, it restores it’s original shape (stiff) easily. In the beginning, it will take little time for a break in but with time it may touch 95% broken in. Thus little effort is required. This is the premium leather which is used by many professional pro players.

3. Synthetic or PU leather –

Artificially or 20-40% leather is added to the gloves. It is not the pure leather. Price wise it is cheapest but quality may be compromised and you can use for like the long time. If you are new or young, these might suit you.

4. Kip or Kipskin leather –

It is lightweight leather which is made from the skin of younger calf and cows. These leather are somewhat thin, soft and lightweight. It is ready to use gloves you need not oil to make them break-in type. But it is not recommended for the outfield players.

Which one is perfect? Outfielders Glove vs Infielders Glove

For Infield Glove :

1. Ideal Glove Size: 11 – 12 Inches.
2. The glove will a shallow pocket.
3. Super Sking Model: Very lightweight but leather is strong and hard.
4. Prefer wide web (no worry to shade from sunlight)
5. H and I Webs

Outfielders need a larger glove as compare to infielders and a pitcher.

For Outfield Glove :

1. Ideal Glove Size is 12 – 12.5 inches
2. Closed Web (to avoid the light and sun rays)
3. Prefer deep Pocket
4. Trap and Modified Trap Web

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. How to size baseball glove?

First of all measure your hand from the heel of the palm to the tip of the middle finger will whole hand open.

Secondly, follow this as per the eBay recommendations :
Age: Under 8 years old

Outfield Glove Size: 9 inches

Age: 9 to 13 years old

Outfield Glove size: 11 inches

Age: 14 and above

Outfield glove size: 12 to 13 inches

2. How to break in a baseball glove overnight

Conclusion: The game of baseball is a great game and it is very much popular amongst the youths. We have made every effort to help you in choosing the best baseball gloves for outfielders. Based on the price, quality, durability, and material we have made the reviews of most gloves which you can choose. Before anything make sure you know the basics of this game and you should know which position is for which players. Practice and athleticism are required if you want to excel in this game.


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