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Best camera for fashion blogging and model photography 2018

You are a professional photographer or you just begin your photography journey without thousands of questions in your mind regarding the best camera for modeling photography. Then this guide is exclusively for the paparazzo, professional model photoshoot, still photography of environment, social influencer, e-commerce photoshoots. It is said that 30% of a modeling photography is the skill of the photographer while 50% of a photo will be enhanced by the best camera only.

If you are learning skills, enthusiast or already have skills but that will be a waste if you are not aware of choosing the best camera for modeling photography You can see the best result everywhere – just name it- Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr or on e-commerce, big banners. Ultimately you become the sensation in the photography and every agency, model or private shoot will approach you to make their day a best one.

Are you confused for DSLR, APS-C or Mirrorless Lens, Point and shoot, don’t have any idea about the combination of aperture, shutter time or ISO? You have no idea of mirror lens, sensors, Megapixels etc. We have done professional research on your behalf and brings you the cream out of the Best camera for modeling photography.

Best camera for modeling photography

Here is Top DSLR (Full Frame) Camera perfect for Modeling Photography:

Price Range – 800 USD to 4000 USD

Product NameImageMega Pixels
Nikon D850 DSLR45.72 lbs Check Price
Canon EOS 5D Mark IV30.41.8 lbs Check Price
Nikon D750 FX-format24.31.65 lbs Check Price
Pentax K-136.42.2 lbs Check Price
Sony a99II42.41.7 lbs Check Price
Canon EOS 5DS R50.62.05 lbs Check Price

Here is Top DSLR (Crop Frame/APS-C ) Camera for Modeling Photography:

Price Range – 450 USD to 1600 USD

Product NameImageMega Pixels
Nikon D560024.23 lbs Check Price
Sony A77II24.31.43 lbs Check Price
Nikon D50020.91.9 lbs Check Price
Pentax K-70 Weather-Sealed24.242 lbs Check Price
Canon EOS Rebel T6183.1 lbs Check Price
Canon EOS 7D Mark II20.22.01 lbs Check Price

Here is Top Mirror Less CSC perfect for Modeling Photography:

Product NameImageMega Pixels
Sony a7 III24.21.44 lbs Check Price
PANASONIC LUMIX GH4161.23 lbs Check Price
Olympus PEN-F200.9 lbs Check Price
Fujifilm X-T2024.33.5 lbs Check Price
Sony Alpha a600024.30.76 lbs Check Price

Price Range – 300 USD to 1200 USD


Here is List of Best camera for modeling photography along with reviews:

1. Nikon D750 FX-format Digital SLR:

nikon camera for model photo shoot

This is our top model in the line up of the best camera for modeling photography. Nikon D750 is highest rated full frame DSLR with 24.3 Megapixel. Everyone thinks it is the successor of Nikon D700 but that is totally untrue. It is far better than D700 because it has the image sensor which is used in the D610 Model. It has an ISO base with the value of 100 and also a maximum value which can perform without the lens is 12800, which surely enhances your image quality in low light conditions.

If we come to the body construction, then you won’t feel anything missing which is suppose to be full frame DSLR despite the fact this was introduced in the year 2014. It has attached tilting led screen whose size is 3.2 inches. When I pick this up and try to click portrait of our model, I found this to be lightweight DSLR on comparison with others in the market.

Other features it has are very attractive at this price – wifi conectivity, you can shoot at 6.5 fps. This also suits the cinematographers who want to do HD video recording other than taking pictures.

  • Lightweight than other Full Frame DSLR
  • Tilt Angle Screen
  • Can Boost ISO Setting easily without causing much grains.
  • Top shutter speed is low.
  • Metering is not stable sometimes.

2. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Full Frame Digital SLR:

For professionals and enthusiasts who know the taste of Canon EOS can opt this camera with closed eyes. This is another full frame DSLR with 30.4 Megapixel and having the CMOS sensor which made it a good competitor. If you like to do static clicks like the model photoshoot or action click on the football field ground. This one is a good choice because of the ISO Range 100-32000 which can boost the quality of the image drastically.

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV has 61 points Autofocus and having 41 points for the vertical photoshoot. It is the successor of the Mark II DSLR model of the canon which was most selling DSLR a few years back. This camera has intelligent viewfinder technology and also metering settings can be achieved easily but for sure not for the newcomers.

This is not one of the lightweights, so be ready to carry little weight. But on another hand you don’t need the bigger hands to carry this, which makes it an easy to handle DSLR.

  • Easy and Responsive Touchscreen.
  • One of the best ISO Tool
  • Automatic Focus settings are excellent
  • 7 fps bursting shoot
  • Various connectivity options
  • Expensive on comparison with a video quality
  • Hard for the new comers to operate manually

3. Pentax K-1 Full Frame DSLR Camera:

We have chosen to review the full frame version of Pentax K-1 because we find it is easy and produce good quality images with nice bokeh effect. There is another variant of the same model, which has the cropped sensor, we won’t discuss on that variant as we want to bring the best camera for modeling photography.

Penta K-1 is 36.4-megapixel full frame camera with CMOS sensor which made it a versatile option in photography. 5-axis Sensor-shift Image Stabilization will counter the grains off the image which is the result of shaky hand and fast moving objects. The user gets the sharp and better quality HD images. This camera body comes with the build in Wifi and GPS.

The body of the camera is pretty heavy and it is weather resistance, means you can operate it on any weather and you need not worry about the moisture thing. The angle titled screen will promote the angular movements of the camera which could suit your object and being the photographer this is a good option.

The ISO value is 100 – 204800, thus you can get better clicks at various light or dim environment. Most of user enjoying the photographhy at the evening or the morning time, when sun rises or fade away. This is surely the high rated class DSLR if you can afford.

  • Body Stabalization
  • Used K mount lens
  • Good ISO values
  • Weather sealed build
  • Autofocus response slow
  • Heavy weight and bulky body

4. Nikon D500 DX-Format Digital SLR:

20.9 Megapixel camera with CMOS sensor, it has 3.2 inches dot tilting touchscreen LCD where you can see your click results.This is not even the bad option at this price tag because it is giving the 4K UHD Video recording at 30 fps.

ISO thing is eye catchy, can you image how much it is capable of to boost your image quality and sharpness. Also, you can do shooting without worry about the weather. The handrip is every stable and you feel comfortable due to the texture of the body.

  • Accurate Autofocus
  • Responsive Touchscreen
  • Excellent battery life
  • Good 4K Quality
  • Max ISO 1640000 Setting
  • Expensive being Cropped sensor DSLR
  • Big Body for small hands
  • Not Good wireless work
  • Heavy Weight

5. Sony A77II Digital SLR Camera:

Sony is known for aegis because they know how to make the class mirrorless camera. It has translucent mirror technology with the interchanganble lens camera for high quality speed shooting with the small size body.

This 24 Megapixel, APS-C CMOS based sensor. A feature which makes it unique from others in the list is the low value of IOS. People often look for the higher ISO but they ignore the lower value which should not be ignored if you are clicking photos in good daylight. I promise no other camera can produce better sharp images if you do manual setting very well.

  • 12 fps for fast continuous clicks
  • Image Stabilization
  • Low ISO Value – 50
  • The noisy image at higher ISO
  • Sluggy Buffer clearance
  • Poor Battery Life
  • No Touch Screen

Three must pillar for modeling photography camera:

1.Shutter Speed –

It is a duration of time for which shutter opens and let the light to enter inside and hit image sensor. The shutter is a curtain that is in front of an image sensor. It is measured in fractions of second for example 1/100 (s) second. The shutter response as soon as you hit the click button. If shutter opens for the longer fraction of seconds more light will enter the image sensor and forms the brighter image. And vice versa less shutter open means it will form the darker images.

Image Source:

The shutter speed depends on the action the photographer wants to snap. If you want to do a model photoshoot or a static landscape (where no or very less object movement), then you need to prefer the slow shutter shoot speed. Because more light will enter the sensor, which forms a brighter and sharper image. Try to use a tripod so to cancel any blur motion and hand movements also. If you have a shaky hand the image will be noisy and grainy.

If you object is in motion you should prefer the lesser shutter speed, that will cancel the grainy image effect and you get the better images.

2. Aperture or F-stop value –

It is the opening door of your lens through which your light will pass and reach to the camera body. The aperture setting has various effects such as- exposure to light and depth of field. The aperture value is measure in F-Stop Value.

At night (or where there is lack of light) you need extra light to perform for the camera in case you are doing the model photo shoot at dark. You need to open the aperture mouth which means choose the less F Value that way you will get better light into the image sensor.

For example, F/1.4 is larger and a brighter image will produce as compare to F/22.4 which is let in less image due to smaller aperture opening and create the dark image.

Image Source:

Higher the F-Not Value means smaller will be the aperture hole and less light will pass and forms the dark images.

Tip for Model Photoshoot- Aperture opening should be bigger in diameter (F-Stop Value is less), that will let more light to enter and also creates the Bokeh (Background Blurry Effect).

The side effect of the big opening of the aperture is that the depth of field will become less. This effect can be seen if you say doing the photo shoot of a wedding and you need a bigger background along with the model. Now your image will not focus on the model and background will be blurry. This will helps in the closer shots or portraits shoots.

Very famous Bokeh effect purely depends on the Aperture value. So aperture is one the very important thing between these three pyramids.

3. Understanding ISO for best model photography:

It determines the sensitivity of the image sensor to the light and controls the brightness of your image. It is another tool which will infuse the extra light/brightness to images which taken in the less light surrounding. The base (minimum) ISO Value is sought to produce the dark image but that’s not true.

If you click from the best camera for modeling photography, then go to the good brighter environment and choose aperture at the low F value and set Shutter speed at the low timing. You are just a click away to take the best moments on the camera screen.

However, the side effect of ISO is more gain on noise in an image but setting low ISO value decreases the noise and create the dark shots.

Higher ISO value help in taking the images in low lights, but increases the image noise and eventually the image details are not sharp and become grains.

Image Source:

Metering is the heart of photography- It is the amount of light to enter to give you the balance between three things.

Types of Image Sensors – Full Frame Vs. APS-C/ Crop Sensors:

1. Full Frame Sensor Size is 1.5 times (approx.) bigger than of the APS-C Sensor.

2. Full Frame Sensors produce the detailed image if clicking at the same place even in the low light conditions on comparing with the Crop Sensors.

3. The image gets cropped in the APS-C, but on the positive side, the focal length increases up to 1.5 times. Say you use 50 MM lens on full frame and now you use the same 50 MM lens on the crop sensor, a now cropped sensor will produce the 75 MM equivalent lens image. Thus saves you money to buy an expensive lens.

4. Crop sensor and its body are smaller in size and it weighs less. Crop sensors are less costlier than the Full Frame Sensors.

5. There is the advantage of 1.5 x multiplication if you use APS-C lens.

6. Higher megapixels has chances of noise increase in image and also the smaller sensor aggravate the noise in images in High ISO. Thus, full frame sensors produce the sharper images without image noise.

7. The depth of field is much better in case of crop sensors and it is easy to achieve shallow depth in case of Crop Sensors.

8. Full Frame Sensor Camera gives you better images even at higher ISO than Advanced Photo System Cropped (APS-C).

Undoubtedly Full Frame wins the race but with the fact, it will cost your little more are you considering best camera for modeling photography.

Here are 4 Quick things while choosing the Best camera for modeling photography:

1. Purpose to buy DSLR Camera:


My close friend wants to purchase the DSLR because she was blessed with a girl child last year. She wants to capture all the moments of her newborn baby. Her purpose was clear that’s why she choose the APS-C Sensor Camera and she is extremely happy with the quality of pictures she is getting from this cropped camera.

First make a clear intention that you want to have pictures, videos or both from your camera for modeling photography. There are hundreds of camera in the market based on the quality, image sensors, and features. Everyone has a different role and are different from each other. It is not a good idea to compare one with another.

You need to choose the camera as per your purpose and use.

Types of Cameras:-

1. Full Frame DSLR – It produces HD Images which has no match and are perfect for the model photo shoot. High Cost and heavyweights are some of its cons. You need to purchase an extra lens based on your needs, and that cost you extra. It has so many features, you need to learn a few.

2. Point to Shoot/ Compact – It produces average image qualities because of lightweight it is a perfect thing for travelers and those who want to keep a camera in their pocket. It won’t cost you much and you do not need to do various tools settings. Just hold, point to object and shoot. It is easy as that.

3. Mirror-Less Camera – It can produce both HD Images and Super quality videos. Literally, as the name suggests no complex mirror thing. It is less expensive than full frame DSLR. It weighs less that is why you can keep an eye on it.

4. SLR or Special Purpose – they are a lot of new things on the market. So many cameras such as adventure cameras which are special purpose camera. We can name all of them here.

2. Mega Pixel describe everything-

Image source:

People think that Megapixel (MP) describe the quality of the camera. All Camera Manufactures are fooling the buyers and are in the race to produce the maximum amount of MP. As the small image sensor screen is capable to produce the same megapixels as that of the full-frame DSLR sensor. Basically quality of Megapixel depends on a single pixel. You can even get the good click from your mobile phone.

Megapixel thing though matters to the best camera for modeling photography. Such things create the huge impact once you decided to print your picture on the big frame. Maximum pixels will let you zoom the camera without the distorted the original raw image. Mega Pixel increases the image details.

3. Bigger Brands are Better-

This is true, the brand which is bigger is bigger due to the high quality it produced for many decades. They know what the buyer wants in the camera. Also, it is a personal preference if you love one particular brand. I personally love Nikon because they have the vast number of lenses and as specially designed to meet my requirements.

4. Money is everything:

For those who thing expensive ones are the best camera for modeling photography. This is not true at all. Many people buy a cropped sensor camera because it has the advantage, as the same Megapixel camera will work 1.5x times than the full frame camera and it is a cheap deal too.

The effect you will find in some different environment. Basically, Check your pocket and decide your budget for the camera. If you have a good amount of dollars you can check out the high quality and pricey products in our list above. And vice versa for the cheap and best cameras.

CONCLUSION– We have made every possible effort to bring you the best camera for modeling photography, with all the smart and intelligent features one DSLR can have in today world updated technology. Best10lab has gone through all the enthusiasts and techies with their perception on every available camera in the market.

We came to know that buying expensive DSLR is not the only thing you should opt for. Make sure you have good knowledge of the user and maintenance of the camera. There are lots of various purpose camera available on the market. Just invest only if you have good command on the body of the camera with those manual settings.

Read our reviews and on the top of the page, you find the recommended best camera for modeling photography list. Our aim is clear, we want a good stable camera in your hand. You can pick any of the ablove camera, all are of good build, quality and brand.


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