Best chainsaws on the market (March 2019)

Best chainsaws on the market
Best chainsaws on the market

What is Chainsaw?

Chainsaw is the portable power saw made of the rotating chain to which razor-sharp sturdy blade teeth are attached which moves along the guided bar. It is used for various purposes like tree activities (cutting, removing limbs from a tree, trimming branches and log cutting for useful wood), domestic use, ice sculpture artistic work, sculpture cutting and ice cutting for the swim in winter etc. We will look in details of best chainsaws on the market in this article.

People often think that they will not be injured and nothing would happen to them. They think they are smart enough to use this tool without any prior knowledge, as a result, they try not to waste time in learning on how to properly use chainsaws. Mind you for foolish sawyers that chainsaw is not toys, they are the dangerous thing which can do harm to your flesh.
In the USA alone nearly 40,000 gets injured every year. We have made a quick instruction for you to keep you safe and enjoy the experience of cutting with a chainsaw.

Best Chainsaws on the Market :

Before using and selecting best chainsaws on the market do not ignore these points :
1. Wear Chainsaw safety gear kit which includes – helmet, wrap chap, protective gloves, clear protective glasses etc.
2. Choose to handle proper size chainsaw wisely.
3. Make sure Safety Chain is included in your Chainsaw which can protect you from kickbacks and in emergency situations.
4. Learn about parts of a chainsaw and have good training on how to operate the chainsaw.
5. Follow good practice guidance and maintenance instructions issued by the manufacturer of the chainsaw.
6. Create save the environment – make sure nearby bystanders are at a far distance from cutting activities.

safe chainsaw 2018

Basically, Chainsaws are to two types:-
1. Gas or Gasoline Chainsaw.
2. Electric Chainsaw (corded and cordless)

Best 10 Lab will help you in choosing the perfect best price chainsaw.

latest gas vs electric chainsaw
The feature of Gas or Gasoline Chainsaw :

  1. It is powerful if you compare than that of the electric chainsaw.
  2. Cut the bigger and thicker trees
  3. Weight is heavier so won’t recommend for domestic light work.
  4. You need fuel/ gas/ gasoline for this chainsaw.
  5. If you hate noise then don’t opt there chainsaw else you need good speakers which can block sound.
  6. It is costlier and requires high maintenance.

The feature of Electric Chainsaw :

  1. Less powerful but it is getting power with technology, but still lack if you compare with the gas chainsaw.
  2. Professionals stay away from this.
  3. Lightweight than the gas chainsaw, one can easily be used for household due to its weight.
  4. Only electricity is required. The electric cord is required for corded electric chainsaw and battery is required for cordless.
  5. Silent or creates less noise.
  6. Less expensive and requires low maintenance.

don't ignore these things if you choosing good chainsaw

Wondering who makes the best chainsaw in the world? Just relax, we have in-depth research team who did all the search work for you and presents you review chainsaw based on your pocket and need. We take care of the product quality, and wealth wise if you looking for the best chainsaw under 200 or any other price from cheap to the higher price stay with us.

Best chainsaws on the market

1. BLACK+DECKER LCS1240 40V MAX Lithium-Ion Chainsaw, 12″ :

Lithium Ion Chainsaw, 12"

This cordless chainsaw who has a good battery which 40V maximum for longer hours works. You can take this best chainsaws on the market anywhere as you just need a battery to be charged and you don’t need to take care of chain and bar lubrication all will be done automatically.
Size of the chainsaw for the cutting part is 12 inches, which is a good size if you asked me. It has a tool-free chain which means if you find any problem or you need chain adjustments than you can do it alone without using much of tools.
Kickback and others things can be controlled easily. Yes, it is lightweight.



1. Lightweight – one can use for domestic purpose and small work at the yard.

2. Powerful- you can cut huge amounts of logs.

3. Battery last for long hours.



1. Auto oil features consume a lot of oil in the beginning for few weeks.



2. Greenworks 16-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw, 4.0 AH Battery Included 20312 :

safest chainsaw for new learners 2018

This modern-day ion battery based cordless best chainsaws on the market has good torque effect which makes it quite powerful like that of the gasoline chainsaws as batteries are strong. This product is unbelievably quiet.
you can easily start this chainsaw with electric start which makes it easy to use even for one who uses it for the first time.
Automatic oil features are also there, which will consume oil by itself while using for the ease of cutting.
you have to face low kickback and chain brakes thus make it safer product. Electronic chain brake is there in case you face any accidental kick back.


1. Hassle free – no cord, no gas, no maintenance.

2. Low kickbacks.


1. Chain adjustment is required sometimes.



3. Husqvarna 455 Rancher 20-Inch 55-1/2cc 2-Stroke Gas-Powered Chain Saw :

best chainsaw in market 2018

This gas chainsaw is beast when it comes to the power, it just cut the big trees or logs like the butter with any hassle.
Still, the electric-based chainsaw is behind the gasoline chainsaw, but they are bit heavier than others.
Air cleaning system helps in removing bit larger dust particles itself before reaching the filter.
Professionals love this sort of chainsaw because of less working issues and for long hours it works.
You need to have maintenance for this best chainsaws on the market if you really want to use this for long.


1. Beast when it comes to power.

2.Centrifugal air cleaning system.

3. Easier to start.


1. Heavier – only use by the professionals.

2. Expensive


4. Poulan Pro 967061501 50cc 2 Stroke Gas Powered Chain Saw with Carrying Case, 20″ :

quick chainsaw for cuttingWhile starting this gas based best chainsaws on the market I must say it is easy to start the machine due to choking. Your hand will shake very less due to anti-vibration technology it has. And for the cutting part, it’s sharp blades can cut logs of small to medium based trees very easily.

It has 50 cc which makes it a powerful device, but with such a power downside is that it become heavier, but I must say handling is easy if you can easily carry the weight.

Homeowners will love this gas based chains and save their money by doing the tree cutting work by themselves and not to give huge money to professionals.

You can easily change the air filter and made adjustments. Also, the sound created by this is less than that of the other gas-based chainsaws.


1. Longer bar and powerful engine.

2. Cut quickly and straight.

3. Cheap if you compare to other chainsaws with such features.


1. Choke and stop switch is made of low quality plastic.


5. Makita UC4051A 16″ Electric Chain Saw :

One of the advanced electric best chainsaws on the market with larger soft trigger switch which is seen easily so make it easy to start. It is easy to handle due to rubber technology.

The current limiter is there which means you can easily control the power supply which the chainsaw receives and protect it from overloading. This is the extraordinary features it has and it has larger oil reservoir and one can check that too easily due to transparent view window.

Chain brake is there when doing the long hour work for the good productivity of the chainsaw.

Pros :

1. Automatic chain oiler.

2. Rubberized grip

3. Built-in current limiter.

4. Large oil reservoir

5. One year warranty.



1. not easy to assemble.



CONCLUSION: We have reviewed best of the best chainsaws on the market for both the electric and gas chainsaws. All are durable, sturdy and powerful. As per our professional review, we have recommended our list. But before using any of the chainsaws we being your friend will suggest to learn the usage of chainsaw and also read manual for the chainsaw very carefully.

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