Best Digital Piano for Classical Pianists

Best Digital Piano for Classical Pianists 2019

If you are a beginner to the advanced music learner and looking for the best digital piano for classical pianists. You are at the right place we will bring buying guide and review guide on the digital piano for classical music such as Bach, Schubert, Chopin, Mozart, Mendelssohn or Beethoven.

Are You in a Hurry? We Recommend => Yamaha YDP103 Arius Series Digital Piano.

People often believe that digital piano is not their cup of tea. But this is the old day’s thing, as with the passage of time the gap between digital and acoustic pianos is filled up to great extent. Choosing the best digital piano will let your finger produce the great classical music out of the piano.

The classical Pianist needs to play the sensitive classical music which needs pressing of proper sensitive piano keys along with the Middle C and of course, their notes are different from other music genres. Now, this is obvious that classical pianist needs the different digital piano because their music style is different.

The Classical Pianist with the passage of time has the good knowledge of the sensitivity of keys. They press accordingly – soft, medium or hard, As the digital piano works on the principle of recorded HD sounds, their keys need to provide the exact sensitivity to the classical player. You can’t buy any ordinary low-quality piano without the research which cannot fulfill the needs of a classical pianist.

Best Digital Piano for Classical Pianists:

Classical Pianist needs an 88-Key digital piano with a better Key sensitive hammer technology. This is the reason we suggest listed below digital pianos for classical music.

Product NameImageNo. of KeysDimensions (inches)Price
Casio Privia PX-1608860 x 23 x 17 Check Price
Yamaha YDP103 Arius8853.44 x 32.06 x 16.62 Check Price
LAGRIMA White Digital Piano8853 x 33 x 18 Check Price
The ONE Smart Piano8854 x 34 x 18 Check Price
Nord Stage 3 888851 x 13 x 5 Check Price
Yamaha DGX650B8858.94 x 21.46 x 12.8 Check Price
Roland FP-30-WHC8852.8 x 15.4 x 5.4
Check Price
Yamaha P2558859.88 x 18.78 x 10.55 Check Price

Here are 6 Best Digital Piano for Classical Pianists:-

1.Casio Privia PX-160 Digital Piano:

It is the advanced version of its predecessor px-150, which was high selling digital pianos. The new Casio PX 160 has the enhancement in sound quality and features. It includes the Tri-sensor Scaled Hammer Action which your finger loves to play on and multi-dimensional AiR sound source for the dynamic sound.

The 88 keys textured with smooth ebony and ivory to provide the grand feel of the piano.

The weight of the PX-160 is very lightweight it’s only 26 lbs excluding the extra accessories weight. Also if you look into the dimensions of this piano it will give you the sleek and slim look.

Though this piano is made of the Plastic this seems to be made of High-quality material and you will never come to know unless reading here.

The layout is very simple it only has one volume knob and few buttons only. The sound recording is done by the 9-foot grand concert piano of four dynamic levels and it has damn stylish which padded with the furniture-style design to match piano. It has 18 high-quality sounds including 5 pianos.

The Casio Privia PX-160 includes the SP33 pedal system, which has 3 pedals and this is the must thing for the acoustic music creators. It has build in speakers, headphone outputs and 1/4″ left and right outputs.


  • Lightweight
  • Acoustic and intelligent Resonator
  • Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action
  • 18 high-quality sounds including 5 pianos
  • Pedals are not impressive
  • Display is missing

2. Yamaha YDP103 Arius Series:

The Yamaha is a renowned brand who knows what they are making and it is a very famous digital piano sellers because they know what an acoustic user wants. The Yamaha has the great experience and with the passage of time, they have successfully put all the latest technology of the acoustic grand piano in this digital piano thing.

It has the recorded sound of 9 feed CFIIIS concert grand piano. This is the reason you will get the authentic and clear sound will all those low and high volumes which are finger press sensitive.

This is the perfect tool for practice and improving your skills to the next level in acoustic music.

The looks are really classy in looks, it comes in three variants – white, black and rosewood. If you ask me rosewood is my personal favorite. And, also if you listen to Yamaha Arius YDP 163 with the close eye, you would never come to know that this is the digital piano because it sounds almost like the acoustic piano.

It has graded hammer action to give to the perfect touch. The part of the keys is lighter to touch. The special matte black keytops will act as the anti-moisture and your fingers will be non-slippery too.

Since it’s digital you can attach other accessories such as headphone to listen and play by yourself.

Recording can be done with this electronic keyboard piano. To listen again and again for improvement.

There are android and IOS apps which let you control the sounds of the keyboard at this distance with one touch thanks to inbuilt Bluetooth.
Because of the dual technology you can easily combines the two sounds together like piano and strings for rich sound.


  • GHS weighted Keys
  • Dual mode- for mixing to two sounds
  • AWM Stereo Sound
  • Anit slippery and moisture free keys
  • Realistic Pedal
  • Connect through – android and IOS.
  • Half pedling function

3. LAGRIMA White Digital Piano:

You don’t want to spend much but still, acoustic music is your passion. This Lagrima digital piano is the appropriate search for you. This electric piano is very famous in America, Germany, United Kingdom, France, etc.

We have talked to the experienced pianist which suggest us that this piano will suit more to the students who have less than of 5 years of experience. She believes that this is not meant for the fast musicians because hitting the key is really hard to strike.

Let us come to the features of this piano, it has recording playback function which lets to record the music which you play also whenever you feel to listen to the work you can easily playback with a single touch.

The MIDI Terminals are there to attach electronic devices such as computers and Android apps. And with the MIDI output can play your classical music to other smart devices.

When we start playing this piano, we feel that keys can be improved. Although the sound quality is really excellent which is surely one of the main features of this electrical keyboard piano.

Once you are done playing, this piano has a folding flip cover. That way you can protect it from dust, moisture and accidental damages to the 88-keys and other parts of Lagrima digital piano.


  • Affordable Price
  • Good Sound quality
  • Looks is really nice
  • 3 Pedals work perfectly
  • Low-quality material
  • China made
  • Hard-Key Stike
  • Assembling is not easy

4. The ONE Smart Piano:

The one smart piano is really the smart piano because of the smart features it has. You can play lots and lots of piano notes, classic songs with fun thanks to their constant inbuild app. This app keeps on updating whenever The ONE smart Piano release new update. You can attach to both the Android and IOS easily.

The weight of this digital upright piano is a bit heavier in comparison with other pianos in the market. Once you build the finger strength with the keystrokes you will able to control Piano smoothly and easily.

The Hammer Action technology will help you to get deep rumble bass sound. The upper and lower range of the classical music will be vivid and you can hear the last moving string sound on the speakers deeply.

The main feature of this digital piano is the self-learning technology. There are lots of fun learning games, sheets music, crash courses and videos which let you learn piano quickly or to sharpen your skills.

If you correctly configured the app of android or IOS, then you can learn with the LED lights which will beep up along with your for the learning.

Another eye catchy thing we like is that you can change this piano into other electrical instruments with some internal settings.


  • Inbuilt self teaching apps
  • Support IOS/Androids/Windows
  • Hammer Action Keys
  • Made of wood
  • Syncronizing issues with some smart devices

5. Nord Stage 3 88 88-Key Piano:

This is one of the high rated digital pianos in the race of classical music. The Nord Stage 3 is the full working digital equipment which have 3 sound generating sections i.e. Piano, Organ, and Synthesizer. Now you don’t need to buy any extra device because all of these are equipments in a single thing.

The 2 separate slots will let you mix up two things simultaneously as you can attach up to 2 pianos, 2 Organs or 2 synths at the same time. This is really one of the advanced pianos for the Classical Pianist musicians.

It has lots and lots of features which requires a complete article to describe completely. There are Master clock and Extern Section which gives you lots of connectivity for the best music experience.

In nutshell if you require all these advanced features and unbeatanable sound output is your final result. This is for you.


  • Advanced Digital Piano
  • Two OLED Display
  • Expensive

6. Yamaha DGX650B Digital Piano:

This another Yamaha digital piano to review for the classical pianist. There are only a few competitors for the brand like Yamaha. DGX650B is one of the finest digital pianos in the market.

We can’t say it has best looks but features are fantastic. Just like the acoustic piano, the keys are little heavier to touch in the low end and lighter in the high. The 128 note polyphony will provide you good horsepower for concert performance.

The sound is engineered by PureCF technology which is recorded by the award-winning Yamaha CFIIIS grand concert. So, there is no other digital piano which is providing such a high-quality sound at this price range.

It has AUX line input which let you connect various digital outputs like- mobile, computer, mixers or even speakers and keyboards.

Overall this is worth the penny product.


  • Portable Piano
  • Sound Sampling Technique
  • Easy to use
  • Menu Interface

Benefits of using digital piano over acoustic piano:

1. Volume Control-

Though Piano works on the feature of sound control, as all the sounds on the digital piano are recorded on the full piano concert and are of high quality even better than the upright pianos. In the ordinary piano, sound control is not in your hand, because it works on the principle of the hard-hit hammer.

Even though the positive point of the digital piano is that you can control the sound volume as per your requirement. The output comes through various sources such as headphone, attached speakers or the computer (for recording purposes).

The benefit of volume control is that whenever you feel like playing the music from the heart (day or night) you just go to your classical digital piano and start flowing your emotions through the marvelous music.

No one will be disturb and if you use things such as headphone, they will not even come to know that anyone is playing the piano.

2. Portable and lightweight –

The acoustic piano is the heavyweight pianos and you can’t move easily. Once it is installed at one place it is literally the hard thing to move over and again. Because of the weight of acoustic piano they are not portable friendly. I am sure the acoustic piano or its parts will be damaged while moving from one place to another. The size of acoustic piano is a way to big and bulky.

On another hand, because the digital piano or keyboard is lightweight, you can carry with you anywhere such as in concerts or for learning lessons. Moving to other place don’t worry, because the digital piano is portable you can move to any place without damaging your digital piano.

3. Additional Connectivity-

In uprights /acoustic pianos another drawback is that the pianist can not attach to other electrical equipment such as USB, computer, mixers, headphones, amplifiers, recorders, and speakers.

Now the electrical pianos (digital) nowadays overcome it’s counterpart acoustic pianos. You can do whatever you want, mixing, amplifying, sound enhancers, Metrotone recording and much more.

Some digital pianos even have the extra sockets such as headphone sockets. Where two people can enjoy and focus on your classical music.

4. Hassle and maintenance free usage-

The acoustic piano needs tunning many times since it works purely on the mechanical hammer hit principle. Sometimes pedals get displace and sometimes the string gets broken, as a result, you might need some professional help for tunning and repairing of the piano.

These things are totally unavailable in case of digital piano for classical music. You don’t have to worry about the expensive maintenance and also you need not any kind of tunning. This electrical piano/ Keyboard is like the plug and plays thing. No maintenance is required for the digital thing.

5. Price Factor-

Despite the fact that the acoustic pianos will cost to more than up to 10,000$. If are learning, practicing, mixing classical music, recording, upgrading or brushing your classical skills.

Then undoubtedly electronic digital pianos is a money saver. You can do the work of acoustic piano at a very less price. It does cost from 100$ to 800$.

Digital pianos are very inexpensive as compared with the acoustic or traditional pianos.

6. Space Saver-

You don’t need a special space to place digital pianos. This saves lots of space so you may use for other purposes.


There are many things which a buyer need to look into while buying the best digital piano for classical pianists. The major factors are weighted keys and hard hit hammers for the crisp and clear sound of the strings in a piano.

There are also majors factors such as the price, durability, availability of pedals (normally 3 pedals), flexible piano sounds and whether the pianist wants full 88 keys piano.

It also depends on the level of the pianists. For basic (newbie) go for the advanced digital piano is not advisable but for the professional and expert pianist, there are major big brands such as – Casio, Yamaha, Roland, Kawai and much more.

Choose which is the combinations of style and Keyboard sensitivity. The preference, budget, and skill level of the pianist is the most important factor which needs to account into considerations.

Best10Lab has done an intensive search to help you in choosing the best digital piano for you.

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