Best Golf drivers for amatuer [Newbie Guide]


Under the Blue Sky, the Golf Course terrain is green and beautiful. I hit the golf ball with my golf club driver it enters the putting green hole, a smile comes to my face. My ears heard lots of joy and applauding from the other spectators and amateur/skillful players. They all admire my skills and patience.

The Best Golf drivers for amatuer is the one which can give your stable, accurate, advanced technology and forgiveness to your golf ball when you hit from the Tee Box aiming for the best par and sometimes the hole in one.

We all have different height, shape, weight, shoulder strength, grip, and sight. As of result when we start learning or grooming our skills, we ended with the golf club (driver, iron etc) which is not suited for us.

I wasted a lot and lots of money and time. But I believe my experience and what I learned from other senior professionals is worth to share with the good-wishers who are beginners or amateur on the golf course.

I have read many of the product reviews and try few as per my height, grip and other comfort zones. So, you won’t repeat the mistakes I and many of the newcomers and amateur went through. And get the high-quality club driver which let you PAR-4 hit or better.

We all know we can’t keep more than 14 clubs in our bag if we do we are inviting the 2 stroke penalty. That is the reason we have to be extra careful while choosing the golf driver. This is the club which will decide where your game will go.

The starting hit from the tee box is extremely important if you ask any golfer for the long and precise reach to the hole. Only drivers will let you travel the maximum distance with accuracy. And for the amateur this is important because they don’t want to give away the game in the pocket of the opponents without the struggle.

Top 5 Best Golf drivers for amatuer:

1. Callaway Golf 2018 Men’s Rogue Driver

This is the brand which has done tremendous research in the field of golf. They are the only players who are providing the Jailbreak Technology and with this model, they added X-Face VFT. The positive effect of this that it will increase MOI (a measure of forgiveness).

You don’t have to care whether your swing impact is high or low, the forgiveness will balance out.

We come to the field and tested that for surely 2-5 mph ball speed increases with this Jailbreak Effect. This is the reason it’s previous models sales bump a lot.

There are lots of XY features, as the company said it is Boeing Aero which we feel that flow of swing is really quick, it just cut the air which it passes through.

If you don’t have a budget issue, and you are amatuer who believe in the quality product. You should look into this product undoubtly.

  • Jailbreak Technology
  • Higher MOI (a measure of forgiveness)
  • Lighter in Weight
  • Aerodynamics are good
  • Available for Both Left and Right Handers
  • Little Expensive

2. TaylorMade Men’s AeroBurner Driver

It is one of the highly rated and highly recommended driver for the beginners. The top grip is good, and shaft size is longer and also made of the graphite.
The Club Head is 460cc which is round in shape. It is really aerodynamic with the good big head and some features are really cool at this price. The height of the shaft is really big which is adding the plus point to it super aerodynamics technology.

We really miss the loft adjustable feature in this. But that can be ignored too since this is one of the perfect golf club drivers for amatuer. The backspin is not good and also we feel trajectory to be on the lower side.

The color of the head is a basic one which is white in color but hitting side is black in color.

It has decent MOI.

  • Aerodynamics are good
  • Head Cover Included
  • Lightweight
  • Not Adjustable Loft
  • Not for Advanced Skilled players

3. PGX Offset Golf Driver


It is one of the budget-friendly and also the long shaft size driver in the market. It is available for the right and left-handers. This is purely for the beginners and amatuer players. The Clubhead size volume is 460cc which is bigger and wider.

The offset anti-slice technology means that the hitting face is made of the square in shape. And the player will get the good amount of hit and we call it the sweet spot.

The shaft size is big and also made of the graphite which is stiff. Due to this, the swinger gets the balance and higher distance with good height.

It is 10.5 degree loft, and we can not adjust this one. The backspin is satisfactory aswell.

  • Headcover included
  • Graphite shaft
  • 460 cc Clubhead
  • Budget Friendly
  • Shallow face for MOI
  • Slice is reduce which affect the distance

4. TaylorMade Men’s R15 460 Black Driver

Another product to review from the TaylorMade. It comes in for both left and right-handers.

The combination of UTX Grip and 57 evolution shaft is giving you both premium and durable feel. The shaft is made of the Graphite. You can choose from 4 different flex- Regular, Senior, Stiff and X-stiff.

Like other club drivers, the head is broad enough to give you the sweet spot. It measures the 460cc, which can be nulled in some of the competitions.

The Low and forward Centre of gravity will decrease the backspin but increases the distance with much higher accuracry.

  • Center of Gravity (CG) is on low and forward.
  • Expensive
  • Not easy to adjust Loft

5. Cobra Men’s King F6 Driver (Adjustable Loft)

It is a combination of speed and forgiveness. It has the most advanced features in the driver market. The forged F9 face is made of Titanium which is thinner and lighter for creating the larger sweet zone across the face.

The Center of gravity features is so adjustable that give freedom to the player. You can adjust from Front to back.

The front CG will provide you with more spin but a flat ball flight. On the other hand back, CG provides the larger trajectory with less spin.

It has a speed channel which is not available in other brands. The channel around the perimeter of the face minimizes thickness and increase ball speed for greater distance.

  • Forgiving
  • Loft Adjustable
  • Forged Face
  • Centre of Gravity Settings
  • Stiff Flex
  • Ordinary grip

Don’t ignore these features if you want perfection:

1. Top Grip-

The grip of Driver is very important. If you are planning to buy the new golf drivers than their will not be any problem. But we have notices many amatuers and newbies look for the used one drivers. They face gripping problems a lot. To overcome this you can think to buy the golf gloves also.

2. Shaft Height, Material and Flexibility –

The Golf Driver Shaft Height varies from player to player. There are many factors such as height, balance, swing and skill level. The allowable maximum shaft height is 48 inches according to the Golf Monthly.

In General, it is believed that longer the height of the Shaft, greater the distance will be travel by the ball. We believe this rule is applicable to the newcomers and the amatuers. The accuracy will decrease.

Below is the Golf Driver Shaft Chart: Smaller or Bigger?

LengthSwing Speed of PlayerAccuracyDistance Travel
Smaller (Less than 44.5 inches)HighMaximumLess
Medium (45.5 inches)MediumAverageAverage
Longer (46 to 48 inches)Low to MediumMinimumMaximum

The maximum of the skilled players such as tiger woods uses the smaller shaft up to up to 44.5 inches. Their swing speed is good than the amateurs, teenagers and women players. Though distance travel decreases but in return, the accuracy is on the higher end.

For the Average amateur, we recommend medium to bigger length Shack height.

3. Golf Club Head –

The thumb rule is bigger the better. The maximum Club head driver size allowed is 460 cubic centimeters (cc) according to the USGA. The average is between 440 to 460cc. This is normally the broader is shape and size.

The most of the leading Golf manufactures have improved their technology for the club head and its leading edge. As the result even if you are ameture or beginners on the golf course you will get the excellent results.

You swing the driver and your club head didn’t get the perfect hit to the ball. The closer hits will also let the ball to travel at the greater distance.

Based on the shape of leading edge we have got different shapes of the club head i.e. square, round, pear, and extended.

We recommend the 450 to 460cc volume club head for average amature.

4. Lofts –

It is the angle of the head face with the verticle axis. There are lots of lofts angels available in the market from 6 to 20 degrees. The loft is responsible for the backspin which in return determines the trajectory and distance of the ball.

The strong players who are having the swing speed of the driver more than the 90 mph. They should opt for the fewer loft angels that are 10 degrees or less.

If you are beginner player and swing speed is not matured enough 12 degrees will be good loft for you.

We recommend the loft angle to be 12 to 16 degrees for the average amature.

5. Center of Gravity (CG)-

It is the point in the Club Head where the weight of the driver is concentrated. This is a very important factor for the golf players as per physics dynamics are concerned. With the better Center of Gravity (CG) position the players can have the better backspin and also the ball will travel to the greater distance with better accuracy.

The CG can be found at the lower and back part of the Club Head. The CG can move between Club Head, at any position for the better results.

If you CG stays at the lower and back part, it means you will have a good amount of spin and distance for the ball. And on another hand, if CG comes up and at the front part, the amount of spin will be very less and the ball will not travel a greater distance.

The Obstacles which keep you away from the target hole:-

1. Water Hazards-

In older days, the 18 hole golf games are best to be built around the natural lakes. This obstacle can be artificial and sometimes very close the hole. If your ball enters the water body, get ready for the one-stroke penalty.

2. Bunkers-

These are the real nightmares for the golf players. Not only you will get a penalty on your score but also it is really difficult to get the ball out of the deep sandy dig on the grass/ course. The bunkers which are really close to the target whole are a real headache.

3. Roughs and Terrains-

Every golf course if different from another. No one is same, the main difference is due the terrains and challenges. It is hard to understand the rotation/ movement of the ball while rolling over the rough and terrains. Sometimes extra obstacle is added by inclined the hole right or left.

4. Others –

The ball gets out of the play, in that case, we should not blame our club driver. On bad days, after the hit from the club if we can’t find golf ball within the 5 minutes be ready for the retake and penalty. Also, we can’t reconstruct the course for our own benefits, that is against the rules of Golf.


Every effort has been made to bring you the quality and affordable Best Golf drivers for amatuer in the simple format. The users of the Best 10 Lab are advised to learn all the basics of this old game Golf. To prevent the injuries make sure play this game in the safe environment.



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