Best Ice maker for Home Bar [2019 guide to get cubes in few seconds]

best ice maker for home bar 2018
Best Ice maker for Home Bar 2019

Best ice maker for Home bar is what you desire to have on your shelf or Countertop so you may enjoy your drinks without taking care of slow ice production in your refrigerator. Ice Maker is a small lightweight portable machine you can make instant ice. Deeping on your need you can get many different fresh types of ice – it can cubic, small, medium, larger cylindrical and some other shapes from your Ice Machine.

You will get good quality of ice and are easy to use which will consume less water, electricity and can be installed anywhere due to less space-consuming capabilities. You can get ice at any time 24×7 day or night it does not matter.

Need of Best Ice Maker for Home Bar :

You host the party, on some holiday lots of guests gather in your house, you have a family dinner or any other special event. Anyone can go through such happy gathering at any time, damn you suddenly came to know that your ordinary refrigerator is still under the process of making some ice cubes or you forget to refill the water so, NO ice can be obtained. All your cheers things can go down and your party gets spoil because of this small thing, under that circumstance you will look and rush to other such places to lend/buy ice cubes to enjoy your drinks.

You do not want your drink to be diluted with the ordinary refrigerator ice and taste of the drink, cocktail or juice may become worse if the ordinary ice melts quickly. Also, the false smell came out of the stale ice which you get from ordinary refrigerators. In order to avoid such shameful things, you may need the fresh smell ice from the best ice maker for the home bar.

Buyers Guide to Best Ice Machine for Home Bar :

There are many things which buyers need to keep in mind before buying the best ice machine for home bar or outdoor as we have put our focus on the portable ice machine for home or countertop ice maker. It is the probability that you are already one of the experiences dry ice machine buy it might be a good or bad. Best 10 Lab have a dedicated researcher who uses this product and finds the perfect one so you may not end up in wasting your hard earned money.

Keep an eye on below-listed factors if you are thinking to buy one best ice maker for the home bar:-

1. Type of Ice you need :

How many different types of ice are there?

Know the shape and size of Ice before you came to conclusion on what type of ice do I need?

Choosing the perfect ice for the perfect role plays the important role, so that drinker enjoys his drink and embrace you.



best nugget ice maker onlineNugget Ice :

(also known as Pearl, cubelets, soft ice or sonic ice) – It is crushed small pieces of lump ice which is soft nonsticky and chewy but not crunchy which keep the flavor of as it is. It is ideal for:-

  1. Highball cocktails,
  2. Cold or Carbonated drinks
  3. Salad Bars.
  4. Hospital and other therapeutic effects.


Flake Ice or Shaved Ice: 

They are perfect to keep the things hydrated so it is used for the display purposes or seafood and meats. Everyone has tasted as one of the favorite usages of flake ice is an ice cone.

Its drawback is that it is thin so it does melt easily as compare to the other types and shapes of ice. Flake ice can be molded into any desirable shape easily.


quick full cube ice makerFull cube ice: 

It is the most common and easily used ice cube which can be found everywhere. Full cube ice does not melt easily this is the reason it is the favorite for the food and beverage industry.

It quickly cools the drink and if you talk about the hardening, then I must say if hard to crunch and does not mold easily.

You see the usage of full cube ice in ice relating banquet services bulk cooling and packaging purposes.


Half cube ice: 

It is the subpart of the cull cube ice as the name implies it is almost the half of the full cube ice. Again it is quite hard and melts very late, but stick easily to the other parts.

It almost has the same usage as that of the full ice cube which includes – ice relating ice dispensing, carbonated drinks etc.



Gourmet or Top Hat Ice: 

This is crystal U shaped ice which is colorless, odorless and melts slowly. It will not destroy the flavor of the drink.

It is very much use on the special occasions due to its special features of like low melting speed and less diluted the drink. Attractive looks make the Porsche and elegant which is ideal for parties.



2. Look Does Matter:

Your home bar is fully equipped and all the things are giving the metallic chic look, so why not go for the Metallic look best ice maker for home bar.

For some experience people, perfect matching things do matter a lot. And if you are one of these then make sure you choose perfect color and size as per your home bar look.


3. How much Ice you need :

You should be aware of the daily usage of ice and your requirement of ice for the home bar, outdoor, boating, church banquet or any other place you need ice for. People spent the huge money on the ice make refrigerator which produces the less ice when your ice need is huge in this scenario you totally wasted your money, as without research you spent huge money on the product which will not fit your daily need for ice.

It is better to choose the portable ice maker as per the ice requirement. if you requirement is low buy the one which will fulfill your need accordingly.

4. Easy to Use :

Most of the Best ice Machine for Home Bar is just work on the principle of plug and play, But to initiate the process make sure your ice producing machine has the easy to use features like the minimal buttons with the high results of ice is best to be considered first. You have to fill the water tank either manually or automatically it just depends on the machine you choose. Better one is the portable ice machines because of easy to use features it has.

5. Cost and water efficient:

Ice from the ordinary refrigerator will definitely cost you the more than the portable ice machine in the long-term. Choose the one which will save you the money by consuming the less electricity and use the water effectively. Normally the cost of the best ice maker for the home will cost from 100 USD to 400 USD it’s all depends on your needs.

The smart water system will save the water as your smart ice maker should have good capability to reuse the drained/melted ice water again and produce the ice again. And once it reaches the maximum ice bucket limit it should have stopped automatically.

Best Ice maker for home Bar:

1.HomeLabs Portable Ice Maker Machine for Counter Top

This is the best ice maker for Home bar and affordable price ice maker with high-quality is leading on our list because of the features and price tag it carries. It can produce 9 perfect bullet ice cubes in 6 minutes and the first look is really a smart one this silver color countertop ice maker really fits anywhere as it’s size is really small which measures 9.5 x 12.9 x 14 inches, and installation is not even a permanent you may carry HomeLabs Ice Maker anywhere like RV, Camping, outdoors, patio, minivans, party rooms, and boat. All you need to do is just plug and play.

It can produce 26 lbs of bullet ice cubes per day and also can stores up to 1.5 pounds of ice at a time, which means you never are out of the ice cubes if you are hosting some party for the home bar.

Beyond the 1.5 pound, the new ice cubes won’t be made by the machine once it reaches the maximum ice store bucket capacity. Once you pick out few cubes it will start the process of ice making again.

Pros and cons of HomeLabs Ice Maker




  • Affordable Price
  • Auto shut off
  • Small Portable Size
  • Simple fill and drain system


  • Sensors are not perfect


2. NewAir AI-215SS – Portable, Countertop Ice Maker:

The elegant look of this New Air Portable Ice maker will surely catch the eye of everyone who passes by your home bar or kitchen. The thing is it will suit for every furniture look of your home bar, be it a woody, artistic or any other. Size of this ice maker is 14.25L x 16.88W x 16.75H inches which is little wider and taller, you just have to place this ice maker anywhere and give it a power supply, add water, wait for 10-15 minutes and voila ice cubes will never be a problem for you.

It has large ice storage, the 12 crystal fresh ice bullet will be produced of every single cycle and it took 8 minutes to complete the cycle. Once all of the water is consumed in producing the ice, the indicator will remind you to put water in the bucket so that it may continue what it suppose to do for you.

Beautiful Led touch display will help you in choosing the perfect size and shape of an ice cube.

Another feature which attracts is the capability of self-cleaning, all you have to do is touch the Clean button on the display and it will clean itself within few seconds. Due to its features this product landed in list of best ice maker for home bar.



  • Large Ice Storage Bucket
  • Self Cleaning
  • Indicator when ice bucket is full or when it required water
  • Nice LED touch


  • Little Noisy


3. Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S Portable Ice Maker:

Are you worry about your guest ice cubes preference? if so then I am sure this Avalon portable ice maker for the home bar will fulfill your ice preference easily. It has the option to choose out of small or larger ice bullet cubes.

Small ice cubes not melt easily and can be used when the drink is in glass and larger ice cubes will help you in cools your drink faster and you can use them in jugs and big glasses.

If you think 11 x 14.8 x 14.7 inches size is small for the ice maker, then mind you think again, do not ignore its size it can produce a good amount of ice it can produce 26 pounds of ice in a single day easily. It can produce 9 ice cubes in one go in 6-12 minutes. Also, weight is 20 pounds which is light enough for you to easily transport at your own easily from one place to another in your home alone.

Easy push on buttons has many options to operate for. It has an indicator – Add water, this will light up if your Avalon ice maker is out of the water it helps you in putting the water again. Another indicator of full ice will let you know that your ice bucket is full you can take your cubes bucket out to empty and if you do not empty the bucket it will not produce the new bullet ice cubes. This is one of the best ice maker for home bar.



  • Automatic Overflow Protection
  • Super Quite Maker
  • Low Power consuming


  • Light Plastic material



4. Aicok Portable Ice Maker :

In a day which is really hot and you are chilling alone or with friends for this, you won’t like to go in the market to buy the ice cubes. All you need is Aicok portable ice maker which is going to save your time and produce the quality ice cubes. These cubes will not melt easily and will not dilute your drink and keep the drink taste in original.

Aicok ice maker can make up to 26 lbs in a day which is more than enough. It has high-speed exhaust fan this will produce ice cubes fast. In a batch 9 ice cubes will be produced which is definitely a good go in a cycle. Aicok is one of the best ice maker for home bar.




  • Paroramic Translucent Window
  • Timing function to let machine start/stop ice for few hours
  • 2 Quart Water Tank


  • Cleaning is an issue


5. Upgraded NutriChef Digital Portable Ice Maker Machine:

Sleek and Stylish NutriChef ice maker machine is capable to match up with any design of your home bar or kitchen appliances. Now you don’t have to drink the lukewarm water on this hot day. All you have to do is place your glass of drink on the tap of this machine and chilled crystal ice cubes will be drop into your drink. Now you can enjoy this summers with your cool drinks.

The Nutrichef digital ice maker is 14.6 L x 12.2 B x 13.8 H inches dimensions is making this ice maker a big brother of all the others ice makers in the list. It can make up to 33 lbs and you can choose two ice cubes options- small and large depending on your need.

You have two options to inlet the water into this ice maker machine. one is put water directly by opening the countertop box of this and other is, you can easily connect this ice maker with the water supply line. Both will result in the same. It has1.8 Litres larger capacity of holding the water which is quite big. These features make it best ice maker for Home bar.

Title Here



  • Quiet Machine
  • Large Storage Capacity
  • Digital Display


  • Expensive



Portable Countertop Ice Maker Working Mystery Solved!

You don’t want to buy that expensive commercial ice maker or your refrigerator cannot produce enough fresh ice for you. And you are wondering how does best ice maker for home bar work? Let’s solve this mystery for you.

Working of the best ice maker for Home bar is divided into 6 Parts:-

  1. Water Filled into the Reservoir Unit up to the certain level- water can be distilled, mineral or any other. You just have to put water through jug, faucet or bottle manually.
  2. Water will be pump through the filter pipe. Which is at the bottom of the Reservoir Unit to the Upper Ice Tray.
  3. The ice making process begins by inserting the half inch prongs heat exchangers into the water of Upper Ice Tray. The direct contact of metallic prongs will produce the ice by lowering the temperature of water. Size of Ice depends on the length of Heat Exchanger prongs dip into water, say you have chosen larger size ice then about 1-inch prongs will dip into the water. Depending on the metallic prongs, let say you have 8 prongs then within minutes, 8 pieces of ice will be made.
  4. When the perfect small or larger ice is building on the heat exchanger prongs. Then freeze ice on prongs will move to the ice collecting bucket inside the machine and detach these pieces of ice by raising the temperature of heat exchanger prongs.
  5. Once the stored ice bucket will be filled completely then countertop ice maker will stop making the new pieces of ice.
  6. Take out these stored ice (small or larger pieces) and enjoy the drink.

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