Best Ski Goggles under 100 $ [Clear Vision – 2019]

Best Ski Goggles under 100

Snow, winters, and mountains all are interconnected we all know how. Skiing and Snowboarding is one of the activity we all love to do and enjoy to capture the lifetime snowy moments alone. I can’t forget my first time when I was in search for best ski and snowboarding goggles. And without having much knowledge I purchased the useless thing which is neither able to provide me with comfort and nor the perfect view while sliding.

We all need the best fancy fashionable winter wardrobe because without them we can not think of skiing and snowboarding. Eyes are the most sensitive and important thing which is a gift from God to all of us.

But there are some bad and harmful things such as UV Rays and snow debris which can be such a harsh on us especially eyes. The intensive UVA, UVB, and UVC can cause sunburn and in severe harmful effects, it may cause snow blindness which is known as photokeratitis.

Ski and snowboarding goggles are most important thing needs to be added in every kit, not only it protect our eyes from harmful UV rays, but also from wind, snow and improves your visibility in mountains.

Best Ski Goggles under 100

Product NameImageOpticsRatingPrice
Zionor X4 SkiSpherical4.5/5 Check Price
Bolle Carve Snow Gogglescylindrical4.1/5 Check Price
Gonex OTG Ski GogglesSpherical4.2/5 Check Price
Smith Optics Scope Gogglescylindrical3.9/5 Check Price
Oakley Canopy Ski GogglesSpherical4.6/5 Check Price
OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles PROSpherical4.2/5 Check Price
Smith Optics I/O GoggleSpherical3.9/5 Check Price
Dragon Alliance NFXS Ski Gogglescylindrical3.8/5 Check Price
Bolle Mojo Snow Gogglescylindrical4.3/5 Check Price
Dragon Alliance NFXS Ski Gogglescylindrical3.6/5 Check Price

Here are Top 5 Ski Goggles under 100 dollars with reviews:

1. Zionor X4 Ski Snowboard Snow Goggles:

The stylish looking which is one of the best ski goggles under 100 and moreover you have options to choose from more than 25 lenses from the zioner. The first thing which you can feel about Zioner X4 is that they are strong and their build is fantastic. The spherical frameless look is considered to be best for snowboarding, snowmobiling and other winter sports.

It has the most advanced features which are literally hard to find in the low price tag. Anti Fogging, Anti Scratch and 100% UV Protection up to 400 are some of the straightforward things which are provided by such shades/tints.  The significance of blocking Up to 400 (nanometer) UV protection means it can block all the harmful effects which are the combination of UVA and UVB.

Are you doing skiing and snowboarding in bright daylight or dull cloudy light and now you have no idea which color glass to wear. No problem this happens to most of the beginners. The solution to this problem has been sorted by an interchangeable lens. The current colored less can be replaced by the flat glass, all you have to do is pull of the current lens which is attached with the help of magnetic technology from the frame of the goggles.

The magnet is so strong and will not be torn off by itself. The magnets which connect the lens to frames will make sure that it won’t fall when you do action on slopes as it is really hard to remove.

It has The ultra-wide 180-degree panoramic view will let you see even the sides things clearly and your eyes can calmly see without tiredness. The Zionor X4 goggles can be worn by all face sizes thanks to Adjustable Elastic Head Strap which is compatible with all types of helmet and face mask easily.

The goggles are very broad which is a plus point and  on wearing these pair of goggles you feel very comfortable. It has three layers of comfortable foam which keeps you safe always. The two way optimized air vents ventilation from sideways and upside down will protect from fogging and sweating.


  • Frameless
  • Magnetic Interchangeable Lens
  • Ultra wide 180 degree Panoramic view
  • 100% UV400 Protection
  • It Get Scratches easily if no proper care taken.
  • The coating will be torn off after a few years

2. Bolle Carve Snow Goggles:


The classic look is liked by most of the users and without compromising the comfort level, it can be worn for long hours without any problem.
It has an anti-fogging layer in both inner and outer lens. The dual lens will protect not only eyes from UV rays, wind and moving snow but also keeps your lens a scratch free.

The Bolle carve snow goggles is well-designed lightweight and compact snow goggles. The brand claims that it blocks the 100% Fog free which we find to be not 100%. The fog and moisture can be seen at very low temperatures such as -20 degrees. The flow vent technology is the smart feature it has which provides the broad and fast ventilation. And also keeps the skier breathable.

These goggles are designed in such a way that it can fit almost all faces from small to medium size, also the adjustable belts is compatable with most of the renowned helmets.


  • Lightweight
  • Support and compatible with vast varities of helmets
  • Inexpensive
  • Flow Vent Technology
  • Not suitable for over the glass wearer.
  • Broad Face might not feel comfortable

3. Oakley Canopy Ski Goggles:

The full frame of the canopy is made of tough but lightweight material. It is OTG compatible means over the glass, you can wear them easily as it has enough space from the inside part of goggles. Many of professionals and athletes prefer to use the Oakley ski goggles only. The frame is equipped with broad and hence you find the field of view to be great.

It uses the much-advanced Prizm lens technology for the tints which are made of different environment and represented by different colors for skiing and snowboarding. You will find the contrasting view which enhances the image quality due to the Prizm lens is used. As the end user, you find it a great pair of goggles.

They have much focus on the safety of the snowboarder, that is the reason it uses the three foam base for the frame. The ventilation is very good and you find the user even breathe easily without taking care of the Fog due to the temperature difference. The air flows from the top, bottom and side, as a result, there is less chance of Fog to be observed.

It has the dual coating on the inside part of the lens, also this absorbs the moisture if any accumulate inside the frame. The anti-fog coating protects eyes from almost all the harmful effects of UV rays such as UVA, UVB, and UVC etc.

More than 15 lens are available in the store to choose from. It all depends on the weather conditions and prizm lens does all the good for you.


  • Reliable
  • Better field of view
  • Suitable for Over the Glass (OTG)
  • Not suitable for small faces

4. Smith Optics I/O Goggle:

This is one the I/O series goggles which is consider to be best for the medium face people. Most of womens and mens can wear this pair of goggles easily. Everyone knows the smith brand produce the high quality of product and are leading the goggles industry. This brand is the most trusted knowned for producing the safety gear things for skiers and snowborders.

The Smith I/O Goggles is the durable thing you can have in your hand. No one can expect the latest technology to be present in Best ski goggles under 100 $, but thanks to the brand like the smith who is putting the best things for the low price tag as well.

The goggles are equipped with the ChromaPop Technology will filter the chromatic colors which confuse your eyes. With chromaPop you will get a clear and crisp image, there will be no color overlapping. These spherically shaped goggles have excellent TLT Optics which are made to overcome all the problems facey the skiers. You don’t have to worry about the harmful UV rays and light intensity.

Another catchy thing is Porex filter which is made for elevation and pressure change. Nowadays all the good goggles are dual lenses filled with air so that they will act as good anti-fogging things, but they forget to develop their goggles to sustain the pressure which rises due to the rise in the height of the mountain. Most commonly the tints/lens will get the pressure and distorts from their original shape. But this is not in the case of the Smith I/O Goggles.

Other things which can not be ignored that it has the ultra-wide view. This is all helmet friendly means you need not be a worry if your helmet is small or big. Also, the straps are made of the silicone from the back. This will keep stuck your goggles with the helmet and it will not dislocate from its position.

I recommend this pair of goggles which is affordable and equipped with all the latest features which we desire to be in goggles and that too within every budget.


  • Interchangeable Optics
  • Perfect for Small and Medium Face
  • Porex Filters
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Silicone Backstrap don’t slide
  • Not suitable for Big face

5. Dragon Alliance NFXS Ski Goggles:

This is of the flat cylindrical shaped goggles which are sleek and comfortable. The lens has the anti-fogging coating which is for sure not let the fog to enter inside the frame and not to disturb your view. This is the beautiful black color strap with the frameless technology and interchangeable lens technology which lets you change the lens depends on the intensity of outside light.

The straps are dual adjusting made of the silicone which can be adjusted to any kind of the small, medium or large helmet. Also, the straps stick to the one position only. I mean who want to reposition the goggles when doing some action on the snowy mountain.

The ventilation is good from both the top and sideways. It protects you from fog and sweaty conditions. The field of view is good, and you will feel comfortable.



  • Helmet Compatible
  • Triple Foam
  • Good Field of View
  • Perfect for small and medium face
  • Not for big face
  • Poor construction

Things to deal while purchasing the ski Goggles:

1. Know the Shape of Goggles which suits you-

There are only two types of ski and snowboarding shapes available and made so far for the better field of view and flat view while skating on the ice. Don’t forget they make your look stylish too. The lens inside the goggles decides in which category your goggles will fall into:-

Cylindrical Shaped Lens Goggles also known as Flat Lens-

This is the most common and old day’s favorite goggles. Cylindrical ski goggles are showing little curve from your left to right (wrap curve horizontally). But, they are flat from your forehead touching your nose covering your eyes as the cylindrical name signifies. These goggles are cost-effective and suggested for beginners and intermediate ski and snowboarder over the snow.

Though it enhances contrast and improves the beautiful view. The downside is that your side to side and up down (peripheral) view will not be good as compared to its counterpart.

spherical vs cylindrical ski goggles

Spherical Shaped Lens Goggles-

This is the latest advanced version and stylishly shaped goggles. The basic difference is because of the shape, it goes curve across your face both vertically and horizontally. The curvation can be seen physically and while wearing can be observed.

The lens shows the curve side by side and from top to down. This curvation protects your eyes from distortion and glare. It produces the wider field of view and you can see a better view as more light enters through them.

Spherical Shaped goggles are costlier than cylindrically shaped goggles. They are highly recommended for intermediate and professionals.

2. Choose perfect lens color :

Choosing the right lens/tint color depends on the light conditions of the surrounding. People often think that the different color of ski and snowboarding goggles will make you look stylish. But, that is totally untrue different color of a lens has its own significance which makes view comfortable without any eye fatigue.

You can enjoy snow mountains view especially for dusk and dawn time period only if you know which color is for what. Here is ski goggle lens color guide here:

Before you understand which lens tint color will bring you the best wonderful experience of skiing and snowboarding, try to understand the Visible Light Transmission (VLT).

The amount of light which passes and gets filter through the tints (goggles) and ultimately reaches your eyes is known as Visible Light Transmission. VLT is measured in percentage.

Lower VLT (10 – 25 %)- means your lens will allow the less light to enter and this low-value VLT is perfect for bright light conditions and you will find various dark color tints. The most common colors which come under the roof of lower VLT values are basically darker colors such as – black, blue, silver etc. They filter and block the maximum of the sunlight which passes through it so your eyes have a glare-less and soothing view.

Medium VLT (30 – 60%) means the weather is a not steady sometimes more light and sometimes less light. The tints are generally of medium color only. The most common color used are vermilion or yellowish golden. Perfect for the low light condition but not dark.

Higher VLT (65 – 90%) means your lens will allow the maximum of light and also it will amplify the light so the wearer can get brighten view even in the dark flat conditions. The color of tints are generally the light ones such as flat or clear. The lighter color tint/shade lens is perfect to be used on darker, for flat light and dim light environment such as a cloudy day. It let more light through and produces a contrast image.

If you don’t know which lens/tint is perfect for which conditions, then look for interchangeable or photochromatic goggles also. Nowadays, best goggles manufactures are using both the technology.

Thumb rule is to choose a dark color goggle if your environment is giving brighter light. And choose the light color goggles if your environment is giving you dark dull light. Here is Video which helps you in choosing the ski goggle lens color.

Visible Light Transmission (VLT)VLT Percentage (%)Suitable ConditionShades/ Tint Colors
Low10 - 30 %Sunny and Bright WeatherBlack, Mocha, Grey, Pink,Colorful, Red, Blue and Gold
Medium35 - 60 %Medium to Bright LightBronze, Pacific Blue, Orange and Vermilion
High65 - 90 %Low Light or Overcast WeatherAmber and Clear

3. Goggles with proper ventilation –

Nowadays goggles come with vents on the side to side vents, or from top to bottom vents. The wider the ventilation, more it prevents goggles from the effects of fogging. The ventilation flow should be airy and maximum from both upsides down and sideways. The better the gap between the face and lens, better the air flow system work and you never get the fog on your goggles.

Anti-fogging coating inside the lens also helps a lot.

4. Size does matter –

Though goggles are considered to be a unisex thing, we believe all men, women, and kids all have different face shape and sizes, so their requirement is different as well. Best ski goggles for small faces cannot be perfect for the big face for sure. Try to keep an eye on the type of face shape your goggles can easily fit into.

The straps and size of the goggles need to be considered so that I can easily match up with your face type.

Most Common problems faced while skiing and snowboarding:

Whether you love to do steep slopes or heelside sideslipping, the good snowboarders are one who does all the skills without any injury to themselves and others. Afcorse you need to have a stylish and cool look.

The most common injuries you might have are related to the knee injuries are due to the fact that your vision was not clear and wide enough to see others. Never ever go without safety gears such as best ski goggles under 100,  if you love yourself.

1. Peripheral Vision– The lack of peripheral vision keeps the movement of our eyes limited and we can not see a good field of view. As a result, we never know if there are other snowboarders side by side with us. The good goggle is that which provide the wider side by side view, also without compromising the top and bottom view.

You can never achieve the 360-degree view inside the ski and snowboarding goggles but go for the goggles which provide maximum view and let your eyes know what’s going on around you.

2. Fogging– Yet another thing which cannot be compromised if you planning to go out and enjoy your day on mountains. Fogging is something a blurry layer forms over the lens of goggles due to fancy science thing (basically due to temperature difference).


Seriously, no one wants to clean this fogging thing over their lens while skiing or snowboarding. Good news is nowadays most of the goggles come with the antifogging coating which will keep 99% fog away from your vision. Another thing which needs to keep in mind is good ventilation. Better the ventilation better it is for the goggles which will keep away the fog.

3. Glare– This is the bright blind spot which is created due to reflection from the snow, water or sun. A glaring thing can be observed both in day and night while skiing. The glaring thing can be minimized up to 80% with a cylindrically shaped lens, but due to the anti-glaring thing spherical shaped lens are getting popularity.

4. Distortion– The optics work on the principle of refraction and reflection. The flat thing which provides the good surface for the light to bend at certain angles. You might feel headaches and your goggles can produce the distorted images. This is the reason the cylindrically shaped goggles cannot ignore all the distortion. But due to the optics shape of the spherical lens, you might not see any image distortion.

5. Scratch– Have you been in this awkward moment, when your goggles glasses are wet and you try to soak all the moisture with your gloves? Don’t say yes. If you are one of the common snowboarders who did such things, then mind you, you guys are just inviting the scratch to come on the surface for goggles.

The scratchy surface not only destroys the coating of the goggle but also giving you low-quality view. There are lots of anti-scratch goggles for both ski and snowboard lovers, but they also have their limitations. Always use the soft dry cloth to clean your goggles this is a most important tip I can give.

6. Proper Safety Kit– I have many friends who just ignore or sometimes forget to wear safety wears. For example some people things sunglasses can be a perfect replacement for the goggles. Do not try to replace your important safety wears if you want to enjoy this lifelong snowy outdoor activity. Everything has its own significance such as best goggles which can save your vision.


Make sure to look at various products for ski and snowboarding. Don’t ignore the safety gear, all should be of the high quality and you know eyes are very precious part of the human body. We have made a guide and review for all the budget best ski goggles under 100 USD without compromise the quality for the price tag. Don’t ignore anti-fogging and UV protection thing.

Before going out and enjoy the snowy action make sure to read the instruction carefully and also you should know how to protect and keep the goggles safe so you can enjoy them for long years without any problem.

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