Best Ultrasonic Cleaner For Guns 2019 [Buyer Guide]

Best Ultrasonic Cleaner For Guns
Best Ultrasonic Cleaner For Guns

Ultrasonic Cleaner is a device which uses ultrasonic waves usually from 20kHz – 400kHz and cleaning solution along with tap water to clean items. Here we are discussing some Best Ultrasonic Cleaner for Guns. As a gun lover, I understand the fact that gun cleaning is an essential part of life for a gun lover. Cleaning gun is one of the irritating things every gun lover has to go through. With proper cleaning and oiling, guns last for generations. An ultrasonic cleaner is a best and effective option for cleaning your firearms and brass cases.

Why You Need An Ultrasonic Cleaner?

Each time you fire your gun a small amount of carbon, copper, and lead is left in barrel and chamber. This fouling builds up over the use. Once it’s mixed up with moisture from weather creates a huge impact on the longevity of your gun. Fouling is a generic process which if neglected can cause serious damage. There is no fixed rule on how often your firearm should be cleaned. Some gun lovers clean their guns after every session. Some clean it once or twice in a month while some never clean it at all.

A dirty gun creates multiple issues like delayed discharge or failure to feed or eject. In notorious Vietnam War, Colt distributed M16A1 assault rifles with marketing literature which claimed that it is self-cleaning. Many misunderstood it and didn’t care much about the firearm being maintained. The result was repeated failure in combat leading to countless casualties in US forces. It’s true your life depends on the firearm you carry. They should be taken care of in the same manner.

Fouling and dirt have a serious impact on firearm accuracy. Lubricating firearm prevents it from rust and is considered best practice in the community. But at the same time lubricates attracts dirt. Imagine a gun packed with powder fouling, dirt mixed up with lubricants. It is going to affect your accuracy and safety altogether. Hence cleaning your gun from time to time when needed keeps you safe and sound while your happy shooting hours.

Best Ultrasonic Cleaner For Guns Comparison

ProductProduct NameProduct DimensionsCapacityWeightPrice
iSonic P4820-WSB9.6" x 5.9" x 3.0"2.5 L6.0 pounds Check Price
Hornady 043320 Lock-N-Load8.2" x 10.8" x 8.5"2 L6.7 pounds Check Price
Hornady 043310 Lock-N-Load Hot Tub32" x 13" x 13"9 L31 pounds Check Price
Lyman Turbo Sonic Case Cleaner13.5" x 10" x 9.1"2.5 L6.6 pounds Check Price
Branson B2006" x 5" x 8.7"0.44 L2.87 pounds Check Price
iSonic P4831(II)8.1" x 10.1" x 17.5"3 L10.1 pounds Check Price
Lyman Turbo Sonic 600020.5" x 14" x 12.6"5.96 L15.35 pounds Check Price
Kendal HB-36MHT11.8" x 6.1" x 6.0"6 L16.76 pounds Check Price
Homgrace Ultrasonic Cleaner11.8" x 5.9" x 5.9"6 L - 30 L14.11 pounds Check Price
RCBS Ultrasonic Case Cleaner22.5" x 14.2" x 12.5"3 L20.3 pounds Check Price

How Ultrasonic Cleaner Works?

Ultrasonic Cleaner uses high-frequency sound waves above 20 kHz for cleaning. When an object is submerged in an ultrasonic tank with proper liquid, its hit by ultrasonic sound waves. That process compresses and stretches the liquid structure and creates microscopic bubbles. These bubbles are empty spaces without any support to keep them in their current form. Without any support, these bubbles implode at the same speed they are created. This whole process is called cavitation.

The burst of millions of microscopic bubbles per second creates a gap between the submerged object and cleaning solution in the tank. As soon as the gap is created the cleaning solution rushes into the gap. This creates a very gentle yet powerful scrubbing effect on the submerged object removing all contaminants and dirt from all surfaces as well as deep pores.

Best Ultrasonic Cleaner For Guns – Detailed Analysis

We will look at a detailed analysis of the best ultrasonic cleaner for guns based on many factors which will suit your best need. We will also discuss factors which makes an ultrasonic cleaner fit for different objects like guns, jewelry, machine parts, etc.

iSonic P4820 – Best Small Ultrasonic Cleaner

Getting the best ultrasonic cleaner for guns which is big and powerful enough within 100$ is a tough job. The iSonic p4820-WSB commercial ultrasonic cleaner is your best bet if you are on a tight budget. The dimension of the stainless steel tank is 9.8″ x 5.8″ x 3.1″ which can hold two handguns easily.

iSonic can generate up to 42,000 Hz which can take out all of fouling in your handguns easily. The cleaner is small and saves a lot of space while storing. The cleaner comes with a 100-watt built-in heater. The heater loosens up the dirt by increasing the temperature of the cleaning solution.

The ultrasonic cleaner comes with a basket. Although you are advised to buy an extra basket since the one which comes with iSonic is not big enough. While buying an extra basket you should prefer stainless steel over plastic. Another great feature of the unit is five-timer setting varying from 90 seconds to 480 seconds.

The ultrasonic cleaner is equipped with an overheat protector which prevents the unit from getting too hot. The cleaner is pretty quiet while operating. Operating the iSonic P4820 is pretty easy and requires to press a single button to start and stop.

  • Small in size.
  • Five different setting for temperature control.
  • Quiet while operating.
  • Not able to submerge bigger firearms.


Hornady 043310 – Best Ultrasonic Cleaner For Guns

The Hornady Hot Tub takes sonic cleaner is the best ultrasonic cleaner for guns especially rifles. This is a 9 ltr. capacity ultrasonic cleaner which can easily clean cartridge cases inside out. The main tank dimension is 25.5 x 7.0 x 4 inches which can easily accommodate a 16 inch AR upper.  It has a very creative design which holds an internal divider tank of 6.7 x 4.7 x 3.2 inches.

It comes with multiple baskets. You are able to clean your guns and cartridges at the same time with different cleaning solutions. This saves a lot of time if you are running on a clock. Generally, you can’t clean your cartridges and gun parts in the same cleaning solution since one is especially for brass and other is not.

The device is well designed and comes with multiple handy features. One of them is parts and case dryer which enables you to drain out the water after cleaning. One of the dryers comes out and other can slide with a push to give necessary access to the tank. The device is well designed to properly handle water management. A hose is connected which can be used to drain out water to another bucket with the help of a lever.

  • Can clean almost any firearm.
  • Five different setting for temperature control.
  • Four transducers make it lot powerful than others.
  • Automatic water draining.
  • Bit pricy.


Hornady 043320 – Best Ultrasonic Cleaner For the Money

Hornady 043320 ultrasonic cleaner is best ultrasonic cleaner for the money. It can clean your brass inside and out. The tank dimension is 7.25″ x 6″ x 3″ which make it ideal for cleaning small gun parts.

The ultrasonic cleaner comes with an 80-watt ceramic heater which increases it’s cleaning capacity. The 2-liter stainless steel tank can hold up to three hundred .223 cases or one hundred fifty .308 cases easily. By using a combination of microjet action and one shot cleaning solution the ultrasonic cleaner can remove tarnish, carbon buildup, oxidation and other fouling from internal and external surfaces of cartridge cases, gun parts, frames, and bolts.

The device is compact and portable which makes it convenient to store and carry around for your cleaning sessions. The digital control pad is easy to operate and all settings can be easily adjusted. The timer can be set from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. The basket comes with adjustable handles and is enough big to operate.

The cleaner can handle slides on almost every handgun along with revolvers. Full size can also fit in it but you have to be creative while fitting them in the bowl. You need to lube the guns after cleaning since the cleaner will remove them completely.

  • Small and compact in size.
  • Gives quality results.
  • Quiet while operating.
  • Not able to submerge bigger firearms.


Kendal HB-36MHT – Best ultrasonic cleaner for rifle brass

Kendal ultrasonic cleaner has quite strong transducers to make ultrasonic cleaning more powerful. It has a large tank best for long equipment. A powerful heater of 200 wats helps in reaching the presetting temperature quickly. Digital control over cleaning cycles and temperature make it quite easy to operate.

Kendal ultrasonic cleaner is made of stainless steel. Drain spigot is threaded so you can easily pipe out the fluid to a bucket. You may need a conversion chart since the heat display is in Celsius. You will be needing a proper solution for cleaning based on your item to be cleaned. The quality of the product is of commercial grade which makes it great for professional cleaning.

One more good feature is automatic heat control. If the heater is left working more than 2 hours, it will switch off automatically. The unit has three powerful transducers. A powerful heater and three transducers combination make sure you get ultimate cleaning. Transducers can generate up to 42 kHz power.

The controls are completely digital and easy to operate. You can set the timer from 1 to 99 minutes and walk away. The temperature control allows you to control the temperature ranging from 20 degrees to 80 degrees. Although the unit is a bit noisy still the noise is tolerable and never exceeds the noise of a humidifier.

  • Powerful unit.
  • Gives quality results.
  • Automatic heat control.
  • Noisy.


Lyman Turbo Sonic  – Best ultrasonic cleaner for brass

Lyman ultrasonic cleaner provides quality cleaning which allows you to clean cases inside and out in less than 10 minutes. The Lyman uses five different cleaning cycles to achieve the quality results. It comes with an inbuilt heat protection feature. A separate cooling fan is embedded to prevent circuits from overheating. The heater is quite effective but requires time to heat up. It takes up to 30 minutes to reach a satisfactory temperature. The device delivers great results but you may have to run through two or three cycles to achieve desired results. The unit comes with a 6.3-quart tank which can easily submerge handguns or multiple pistol frames for cleaning.

Usually, you face issues of liquid draining while cleaning your gun. Lyman Turbo Sonic has fixed it with an integrated drain hose. This best ultrasonic cleaner for guns is powered by two industrial-grade ultrasonic transducers which provide you with high-quality cleaning. It also comes with a large plastic basket with handles which gives you an easy and convenient cleaning experience. The unit can easily process 1300 cases of 9mm caliber hardly in 15 minutes. The LED display has two colors and is easy to read while operating. The large surface allows you to spread out items across the bottom resulting in thorough cleaning.


  • Powerful unit.
  • Gives quality results.
  • Automatic heat control.
  • Takes time while heating.


Branson Model B200 – Best portable ultrasonic cleaner

If you are looking for the best ultrasonic cleaner for guns which is small and practical Branson B200 is your best option. It gives you instant access to fast and powerful service. It provides you with quality and value along with portability. The unit operates at 50-60 Hz which makes it easy to use in multiple situations. It comes with a 5-minute timer which allows you to control it capabilities within a time period.

You can use this unit on multiple things apart from guns as well. When it comes to the gun, the unit is best-suited for brass and small gun parts. The small size has some disadvantages as well as advantages. Due to the small tank size, you can’t clean bigger gun parts. On the other hand, the small size makes the unit portable. It allows you to carry it anywhere you want in a small bag.

It takes 110-120 V to operate in a plug and play manner. Another great thing about the unit is that it fulfills all FCC, CE and CSA standards. This makes the product a certified, frustration-free option to fulfill all your needs. You will find it very easy to operate. The simplicity in operation makes it quite reliable. If you are looking for a compact, inexpensive ultrasonic cleaner for your guns and brass, this is the perfect option.


  • It cleans effectively and flawlessly.
  • Significant Features.
  • Portable.
  • Not very durable.


iSonic P4831(II) – Best ultrasonic cleaner for firearms

iSonic p4831 (II) is another best ultrasonic cleaner for guns. It is a commercial grade ultrasonic cleaner with 3.2 Qt / 3L tank capacity. This ultrasonic cleaner is ideal for cleaning big guns and their parts. Apart from cleaning guns, this unit is widely used for dental and veterinary clinics, jewelers, and laboratories. It comes along with three colors LED display. There is also a 1-30 minutes full range timer which gives you complete control over the timing of cleaning.

Heating is very important in ultrasonic cleaning. It accelerates the process of ultrasonic cleaning. iSonic understands it pretty well and has taken care of it in the unit. The unit has a strong 100W ceramic heater, three temperature settings, and an accurate thermometer. It also has a super-sized industrial grade ultrasonic transducer which gives you 25% more power. There is a solid panel with touch-sensing controls giving you full control over operations.

The panel is well designed to occupy less space and give you water-proof performance. The unit is made up of high-quality industrial-grade plastic and polished stainless steel. This combination makes the unit durable, reliable and resistant to water and harsh chemicals. There is a regular problem of water drainage in ultrasonic cleaners. That problem is also fixed in iSonic p4831(II) with help of drainage valve. There are two cooling fans which help in overheating control.


  • Degas function.
  • A touch sensing control panel.
  • Super sized ultrasonic transducer.
  • None.


Lyman Turbo Sonic 6000 – Best ultrasonic cleaner for handguns

If you are looking for something small Lyman Turbo Sonic 6000 is the best ultrasonic cleaner for guns in small size. When it comes to performance don’t get fooled by its size. With help of its 5 timed cleaning cycles, the unit gives you the ultimate results. The unit is ideal for small firearm owners who require serious cleaning.

With help of its 6.3-quart tank unit is capable of cleaning almost everything from cases to multiple multiple pistol frames. The integrated drain and hose take care of liquid draining. With its two industrial-grade ultrasonic transducers and heating tank it provides you rapid cleaning. You can understand the capability with the fact that it can process up to 1300 cases in 15 minutes. Whether you are a beginner or a professional this cleaner is capable of fulfilling all your need.

When it comes to the quality of performance it is being observed to remove residues from inside of the cases. The 2 colors LED display gives you complete control over the process. The large surface allows items or brass to be spread out evenly across the bottom. This gives ultrasonic waves a wider surface to operate. Although it’s not recommended to layer more than two surfaces of brass for ultimate results.

  • Excellent parts cleaner.
  • LED Display.
  • 6.3-quart tank.
  • Long warm up cycle.


Homgrace Ultrasonic Cleaner – Best ultrasonic cleaner for ammo brass

Homegrace professional ultrasonic cleaner is the best ultrasonic cleaner for guns with an industrial look. The unit is available in multiple sizes ranging from 800 ml to 30 L. This gives you a variety of options to choose from based on your requirements. It comes with a digital timer which gives you control over timing cycles. The unit is able to generate 42 kHz cleaning frequency which allows it to remove all stains from firearms in seconds.

It is designed keeping the deep cleaning method in mind. By using this method of ultrasonic vibration cleaning the unit has strong penetration power. It comprehensively cleans your items including all dead angles. Temperature control is very essential in ultrasonic cleaning. Some items require higher heating while others require low. Many ultrasonic cleaners don’t have the ability to adjust between those different temperatures.

This cleaner has overcome it. It can adjust according to the required temperature. It also gives you the ability to switch between 18 kinds of duration ranging from 0 to 30 minutes. The combination of heat adjustment and multiple duration gives you a deadly capability over stains and rust. This unit is made up of stainless steel which gives it high wear resistance and long service life. The portable design doesn’t require much space while storing.

  • Digital Timer.
  • Temperature adjustment.
  • Auto power-off.
  • Loud while operating.


Kendal 27 Liters – Best ultrasonic cleaner for rifle

If you are looking for something robust and industrial Kendal 1100 Watts is going to your first choice as the best ultrasonic cleaner for guns. Kendal commercial grade ultrasonic cleaner is an industrial quality product. It’s packed with immense power. It has 10 sets of powerful transducers which creates waves up to 42 kHz. This generates an ultrasound power of 600 watts which is strong enough for almost everything.

It has a large tank with a working capacity of 27 liters. It also has a 500 watts of the heater with temperature settings from 20 degrees to 80 degrees Celcius. This gives the unit enough power to generate the heat needed for cleaning hard and old stains. It also gives you the ability to control time settings ranging from 0 to 20 minutes. The whole unit including body, tank, cover, and mesh basket is made of stainless steel.

The steel structure is anti-acid and Alkaline. Due to its strong steel structure, the unit is rugged and long-lasting. It has a reliable mechanism to control temperature, time and liquid flow control. The flow control valve makes the liquid draining, cleaning and rinsing an easy task. The unit is equipped with auto turn off the feature. This feature turns off the heater once it’s found continuously heating for more than two hours.

  • 10x transducers.
  • Stainless Steel construction.
  • Auto power-off.
  • Not great for heavy cleaning.


Buyer’s Guide

Below is the buyer necessary for every buyer who is planning to buy an ultrasonic cleaner for guns.

How to choose the best ultrasonic cleaner for guns

Ultrasonic cleaning is a broad term and is used in many industries. If you want to use an ultrasonic cleaner for cleaning your firearm the ultrasonic cleaner needs to fulfill some requirements. There are multiple factors which make an ultrasonic cleaner suitable for being used as an ultrasonic gun cleaner.


It’s true that ultrasonic cleaners clean almost everything. but when it comes to guns it’s not only dirt you have to deal with. There are grime, lubricants and carbon residues as well. For these things, only ultrasonic waves are not enough. Here heater comes in the scene. Not all ultrasonic cleaners come with heaters. But an ultrasonic cleaner with the heater will be more effective in cleaning guns and will consume less time. Most ultrasonic cleaner solutions are designed to work better at an elevated temperature.

Even if you are using water it’s more effective at a higher temperature than cold. Desolvation of oils, lubricants are more rapid in hot solutions. Therefore always look for an ultrasonic cleaner with a heater if you are willing to use it for cleaning guns. Quality of heater is also important and it does affect your cleaning time. Some heaters are of low quality, thus take a lot of time in heating. While others are powerful and take very little time. Our advice goes for high-quality heaters. It will save your time and give you quality results.


Generally, most ultrasonic cleaners come with a frequency range of 20 to 950 kHz. The ideal requirement of frequencies for cleaning guns is between 30 kHz to 45 kHz. A higher frequency has mainly two benefits. One is evenly allocation of power. The other is the size of cavitation bubbles. The higher in frequency chart you go, the smaller cavitation bubbles you get.

While cleaning gun parts or cartridges you don’t need too much smaller cavitation bubbles, since gun parts are large and less detailed. Smaller cavitation is mainly required to clean smaller particles. So unless you are planning to use the ultrasonic cleaner for jewelry or similar items, you don’t need to go higher than 45 kHz.

Tank Size

Tank’s size, depth, and construction play an important role in ultrasonic cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaner’s tanks come in different shapes and sizes. Some of them are good for cleaning brasses, some are good for small firearm parts, while some are specifically designed for long barrels, receivers, and frames.

Selection of tank size completely depends on what type of firearm you are planning to clean. There is no point in buying a small sized ultrasonic cleaner if you are planning to clean an AR-15 in it. It’s also not logical to buy an ultrasonic cleaner with big tank size if you only have to clean brass.


A timer is an important factor while choosing your best ultrasonic cleaner for guns. Time and quality of cleaning are one of the reasons why people opt for ultrasonic cleaning. In this fast-moving world, we all multitask. When it comes to multitasking the timer comes into play. In most of the cases, it’s not smart to leave your firearms or brass in the ultrasonic cleaner for overnight.

Ultrasonic cleaning is a fast process. It doesn’t require too much time to finish the job. Apart from that, every gun part has different levels of grime or carbon residues. So they take different time to get cleaned. Here smart manufacturers who build ultrasonic cleaner for guns specifically understand it. They understand that some parts may take more time or cleaning cycles.

In ultrasonic cleaners without the timer, the cycles are fixed. So if one cleaning cycle is of 5 minutes you are forced to restart the process manually. This is frustrating and can be easily overcome with an inbuilt timer. A timer gives you the ability to control the cleaning cycles as per your requirement. So if you are willing to select the best ultrasonic cleaner for guns, you must pay attention to the timer.

Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner Solution

The ultrasonic cleaning process involves two things, first is an ultrasonic cleaner and the second a solvent. Most of the people tend to ignore the solvent part and use water instead. It does the job but the quality differs. To be more precise water works well for brass or gun parts which don’t have much dirt, grease or carbon residues. But if the amount of grime or grease is increased water is not capable of giving you the ultimate results.

What exactly is the Ultrasonic Gun cleaner solution?

An ultrasonic gun cleaner solution is a mixture of ingredients in such a way that creates the perfect cleaning reaction with ultrasonic waves. Generally, ultrasonic gun cleaner solution has ingredients which lower the surface tension of the liquid. This increases the process and effect of cavitation in the liquid when an ultrasonic wave is passed through it. This whole process multiplies the cleaning effect in a limited time.

Types of ultrasonic gun cleaner solution

There are different uses of an ultrasonic cleaner. Based on their uses and requirements there are different types of ultrasonic cleaner solutions. There are enzyme based solutions for removing heavy grime, while there is also low pH solutions for brass. If you are into precise process always opt for different solutions for your brass and gun parts.

Ultrasonic gun cleaning solutions are easily available in the market. You can order them along with your ultrasonic cleaner. Almost every famous ultrasonic gun cleaner manufacturer has their own ultrasonic gun cleaner solution. We advise to go along with the manufacturer solution. In the case where your chosen ultrasonic cleaner brand doesn’t have their own solution go with the following products.

How to Clean Firearm Manually

Gun cleaning is a necessity when you own a firearm. Every time you fire a bullet there are residues and sediments left inside the barrel. The amount of residues increases especially after target practice due to lots of rounds fired. There are a couple of things which you need to clean your firearm. Most important of them is a basic gun cleaning kit.

A basic gun cleaning kit includes the following things:

  • Cleaning solvent
  • Lubricant or gun oil
  • A bore brush
  • A patch holder and patches
  • Cleaning Rod
  • A Nylon cleaning brush
  • Flashlight
  • Cotton swabs
  • Microfiber Cloths

Once you have the cleaning kit and your firearm in hand you need to follow the following steps.

1. Unload the Gun

This is the most important part. It is mandatory to properly unload the gun. Once it is unloaded you need to double check to make sure there is nothing in the chamber. Sometimes, there may be one round left and ready to fire even after you remove the magazine. This is the part which causes the most unfortunate accidents. The only way to make sure that the barrel is empty is to look through the barrel.

2. Disassemble the firearm

Once you have unloaded the gun you need to disassemble it. For that, you may take the owner’s manual help. Disassembling the firearm based on manual’s instruction will give you complete access to parts which you need to clean. Do not under strip or over strip the firearm. Semi-automatic pistols and rifles are generally stripped into their major components. While revolvers and shotguns are not needed to be stripped to clean. Do not strip more than you can assemble.

3. Cleaning the barrel

To clean the barrel soak right size of the cotton patch and add it to cleaning rod. Now soak inside of the barrel using the soaked cotton patch. You can also use a muzzle guard. The muzzle guard prevents the cleaning rod from banging against the muzzle.

4. Thoroughly Cleaning

Once properly soaked its time to run the bore brush inside the barrel. Running the bore brush inside the barrel multiple times will loosen the debris. Once the debris is loosened use the cotton patch attached to cleaning rod to remove that debris. Repeat the process until the cotton patch comes out clean. After that, you need to run a dry cotton patch to confirm there is no build-up remaining.

5. Lubricating the barrel

Once cleaning is done apply few drops of lubricant to the cotton mop. use the mop to apply a light coating of lubricant inside the barrel.

6. Cleaning and lubricating the action

Once the barrel is lubricated you need to focus on the action. Apply solvent on the gun brush and brush all parts of the action. Clean it with a fresh cloth. Repeat the process until you start getting the wipes clean. Once cleaned apply some lubricant on the action lightly.

7. Final Touch

Once everything is done you need to wipe out your gun with a microfiber cloth. It’s better if the cloth is pre-treated with silicone lubricant. This will remove remaining debris and add shine to your firearm.



Ultrasonic cleaners are quite handy while cleaning your gun parts or cartridges. It not only extends the life of your gun but at the same time prevents guns from accidents. Best10lab will keep providing you quality analysis of products to make sure you have a pleasant journey over the internet. If you are a gun lover you can also check our reviews of Best red dot sight for the money.


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