Riding boots for petites – best honest review 2019

Best Riding boots for Petites or Riding boots for Short Legs women. Best 10 Lab is bringing the honest review for the pretty petite cowgirls or wannabe trendy girl of your town this season. We know we are adorably cute, though we always pushed in front for a group picture and yeah we know we are slim, that does not mean we are still in school.

But we know we can wear riding boots for Petites whenever we feel and instantly became the member of society. I have gone on the shopping spree and brings the best riding boots for short legs and make you look taller with my best-reviewed boots.

Do you know riding boots are not only for the horse rider (equestrian ) women’s but it is a fresh trendy long mostly leather stuff high boots which will protect your legs from your feet to knees with those heels which prevent you from any sliding?

This is a new fashion thing in the market and we should know how to choose wisely.

Many petite girls club these boots with skirts, jeans, breeches or any tight pants. These boots are mostly worn in autumn or cold weather atmosphere. We have a dedicated well research and review team to gather riding boots for a petite woman so you can walk with the pride and look fab.

We have brought quick style check for a few of the dresses that a short legs girl can wear comfortably with the riding boots:-

  1.  Casual Office Chic Look – We have gathered the few styles check you can match up with blazers, cardigans, and tops (blouses).
    petite riding boots with blazzers
    petite riding boots with blazzers
    riding boots for petites with blouses tops
    riding boots for petites with blouses tops
    riding boots for petites with cardigans
    riding boots for petites with cardigans
  2. Casual Freestyle Look – If you love you live so casually and I’m sure these fits we are given just for example style check it can be a tunic, vest or lose sweaters
    riding boots for short lady sweaters
    riding boots for short lady sweaters
    riding boots for petite lady vests
    riding boots for petite lady vests
    tunics best riding boots for petite style
    tunics best riding boots for petite style

We have gathered the Best riding boots for petites or you can woman with short legs is listed and reviewed here :

1. Dublin Women’s River Tall Equestrian Boot – 2162-Rivertall


Perfect comfortable under knee riding Dublin boots to be wearable in winter or cold season.
RCS (Rider Comfort System) insole which means sole is very much comfort like a sports or athletic shoe with such a flexible and grip that will not let you slip on slippery roads.

Elastic gusset at an inside of calf is made to fit the legs shape of any petites.
Moreover waterproof leather will keep your feet warm and dry.

You can look stylish with over the top boot as it is hard and sturdy not only while doing horseback riding but also you can wear them casually.


Pros :

1. RCS for the comfortable insole.

2. Waterproof and warm.

3. Easy to maintain the hard and sturdy leather.

4. Highly adjustable.

Cons :

1. No Zipper


2. Timberland Women’s Savin Hill Tall Boot

The Kneehigh narrow feet riding boots from the maker Timberland is available in two colors one is black and other is Wheat woodlands (as seen in the image).

It comes up with adjustable strap at the calf top side and with the availability of the side zipper for easy entry of your feet. The adjustable calf so you can wear as per your legs desired.

Rubber sole will make you feel super comfortable and you can wear these riding boots for many long hours without feet pain or any dis comfortable.



Pros :

1. Comfortable Sole.

2. Wider Sole

3. Can be worn without socks.


1. Wide by default calf.


3. Cobb Hill Women’s Rayna Wide Calf Rain Boot


Comfortable, warm and stylish. These are a true quality of this riding shoes. These boots are a wide calf and everyone is wondering why this is listed on our list of riding boots for petite is because from the toe it is sturdy and not stretchable as other boots are and it gives it long looks for petite girls.

These boots have the top calf adjustable thing and also the side zipper which is helpful in wearing and pulling off these boots easily.

You will feel confident, as these are easy to walk and nonslippery even in the icy or rainy area around you.

Pros :

1. Wide Calf

2. High-Quality leather.

3. The boot has good base grip.

Cons :

1. Semi Stretchable at the toe.


4. Harley-Davidson Women’s Beechwood Work Boot

We all know what the big brand like Harley Davidson is at. From the makers of such brand name, they have created the crafted genuine leather Beechwood riding boot, especially for the riders whether it is a horse, bike or any streetwear casual women.

I highly recommend this riding shoe.

Full-length soft material sock lining is included for extra comfort. The high knee lace-up silhouette and extra inside zipper will provide you extra comfort and fit your legs perfectly whether they are skinny or not.

The outsole rubber will provide you extra security like it will make you anti slippery from oil or any dry/wet surface

Everyone loves the carefree structure logo from Harley Davidson for the tuff petite girls.

Pros :

1. Fit all size with adjustable lacing.

2. Perfect for bike riding women

3. Can be worn for long hours.

Cons :

1. To be frank we can not see anything much bad in this.


5. VOCOSI ZB-030 Women’s Classic Side-Zip High Heels Leather Riding Boots Pointy Toe Knee-High Dress Boot

The Feminist and stylish women who love both pointy heel and riding boots, then I am sure this is a perfect option for you. It will make you look tall due to high heel and slimmer with the knee-high shaft.

The shoe part is made up of leather but shaft material is synthetic inside of which it has the warm and soft lining.

These can be worn daily along with the skirts, pants or jeans for the elegant style.

The side zipper is there so that you can easily tear and wear these comfy riding boots.

Pros :

1. Styrofoam will keep you in shape.

2. Calves are tight so it is perfect for petite.

Cons :

1. Shaft material is made of synthetic.


6. Naturalizer Women’s Dev Riding Boot

The high quality leather full-length side zipper closure which is above the 2-inch heel and whose base sole is made of synthetic with the fresh and unpretentious design is must need for your wardrobe.

The leather is soft which is good but it won’t lose much at around the arch of the foot. You can wear the whole day without feeling tired of this pair of riding shoe.

Side full zipper is there is there for your easy convenience and comfort.

Synthetic sole will grip better than any other shoe in this category.

If you are petite and you choose the normal calf, I am sure you will feel comfortable and easy on with the skin around calf as it will neither be tight nor be loose.

Pros :

1. Look great with leggings.

2. Sole width is perfect for the feminine look.

Cons :

1. Shaft height is below your knee.


7. Vintage Sheepskin + PU Leather Lace Up Stacked Heel Knee High Casual Boots Shoes

Another vintage looking Brown color leather riding boots for petite and short leg women’s. Stacked lace and side zipper will basically an essential part which will help you in adjusting your legs.

The material of leather is soft so it will adjust to your feet size accordingly.

One of the luxurious and comfy fashionable boots you can match up with skirts, leggings along with the loose jacket. And be ready for the comments about the product.

The lining is Cushion warm and soft so that you will feel good from within.

Sole Material is of rubber means it will last for long.

Pros :

1. Low Price and good quality.

2. Stylish look as if you are a rock star.

Cons :

1. The leather material is somehow thin.

2. Can not be worn for long hours.


8. Tuffrider Belmont Field Boots Ladies


These good-looking round shaped toe boots are an example of classic Spanish riding boots which has fixed lace on the shoe.

Boots are back zipper if you are not a fan of the side zipper. And it has the snap closure for extra security so that it may not be torn off easily.

These boots won’t get wrinkle and also calves are best if you have thin skinny legs.

Perfect wear along with riding pants or jeans.


Pros :

1. Soft leather is supple and wrinkles will not come.

2. Calves are perfect for skinny shape.

Cons :

1. No side zipper


9. Syktkmx Womens Boots Knee High Leather Riding Cowboy Low Heel Strap Lace Up Boots


Fashionable soft another round toe, knee-high riding boots which can be worn in spring, fall, winter.
Riding boots have adjustable crisscross buckle strap at back of calf of the boot. It can be worn for whole day and best work with jeggings, leggings, jeans, and skirts.

Pros :

1. Soft Leather material.

2. Low Price product.

3. Cris cross buckle at back of calf will perfect for adjustable leggings.



1. Size is an issue.

2. It gets wrinkles after a few uses.

Are you Confuse what Size fit you?

If you unable to pick the best boot height, bet me you will be struggling to match both stylish dress and amble walk. With our guide, you will manage to have not only perfect boot shaft height for petites. But also you feet and thin legs love to wear these riding boots for a maximum time frame.

Image Source: mtmercy.edu
1. Know the Best Height of Riding boot-

The skinny legs/ narrow feet need to be cover with the perfect height of the boot stuff. We call it to be the shaft height- This is the height which covers your petite legs and it is measured from the inner bottom of the boot to the maximum upward height (at or above knee level).

The Ideal Shaft Height is 14 inches for the petite legs.

2. Circumference according to your feet and legs-

Also, take the circumference measurement of your narrow part of the leg and also around the full part of the leg. For the petites like us these two figures will be much differentiated but still, we need to note down. Now when you look for riding boots, make sure both of the circumferences will comfortably wearable by your legs.

3. Heel Height is extra Petite Thing-

This is top secret to your riding boot. Undoublty the height of the heel will make to look slimmer and taller. A perfect look. We all know how important is to look such elegant. Just like other boots, the heel size should be chosen according.

You have been sure that you won’t go for the smaller heel and also it should not be high enough that your legs cannot tolerate. You should not overdo the heel height. Comfort zone cannot be avoided.

Conclusion: Every effort has been made to make your search simplify for riding boots for petites and if you are curious to know about the pants you can match up for the curvy women figures you can check out our other simplified article on that also.

Here is the Video we have a showcase as fashion tips which will help you to choose better boots :

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