What to do with a dog that bites their owner (Pet Owner’s Guide)

what to do with a dog that bites their owner
what to do with a dog that bites their owner

You are the owner of a dog or knows someone who owns one pet and most frustrated anguish things happened is that suddenly your dog whom you love the most having some unusual behavioral change started growling and biting you and if you are looking for the best solutions on what to do with a dog that bites their owner then you are at place.

Let’s first dig into and find some of the Benefits to keep a dog at home.

1. The dog is a best faithful friend and the member who can take care of you and your family.

2. Keep you calm and make your heart healthy.

3. Reduce Stress and help you heal.

4. Keep you fit with the daily walk.

5. Dogs understand your ever emotion.

6. Yes, they are cute and does unusual things to keep you happy.

With our well researched and scientifically proven guide, you can again win the heart of your pet dog and he will again become the most faithful buddy in the entire world.

Most Common Reason why your dog might attack and bite you :

  1. He Feels Insecure: dog is feeling insecure and not friendlyYour pet might have gone through the bad day or seen unusual events like some people or other dominant dogs who might have upset your dog and try to dominate him with that context he feels insecurity from the owner as well and thinks that owner might harm him. In that scenario, the dog might have to bite the owner.
  2. The dog is not feeling well: dog owner not feeling goodThey might be ill or sore due to any physical trauma or could have to go through the illness which upset him. In that case, he tries to stay alone and avoid everyone even the owner. The owner should not try to dominate pet as if pet wants that solo time.
  3. Dog tries to hide something: dog hiding from the ownerFemale dogs become aggressive when she is sitting with the newly born puppies and she feels insecure for her baby puppies. Similarly, Dog tries to hide their toys, food or something which he does not want the owner to reach out to.  An owner should not come closer or try to avoid exploding in front of the pet when eating something.
  4. Socializing: dog owner dog socializingWhen your pet was the puppy you should try to socialize him by introducing it to other pets and humans around him. But if you skip this thing in the past but now he is adult and socializing can be a difficult task. Don’t’ force him to introduce if he is sleepy, tired, try to dominate or do not want to meet others. This can make him angry and he might bite other people or you as owner.
  5. Mouthing or play bitting: dog play bittingAdult dog jaws are strong and most of the owner gets injured by playing. Dog bites out of aggressive frustrating behavior are serious sometimes and it is quicker and painful too.

What to do with a dog that bites their owner:

Dog bite owners are one of the common concern the most of the owners are looking for. From our expert research, we have gathered so much information to keep your dog calm, healthy and build the instant friendly faithful trust of a dog in their owners, so that dog will not bite their owner in future and listen to owner blindly.

Make sure every dog owner is following these things as well as how to keep your dog healthy and happy the natural way and live longer:-

  1. Are you Feeding right Food?
  2. Don’t use toxic products for fleas and tics.
  3. Make sure to use a right comb for the pet.
  4. Keep note of best rated washable dog beds
  5. Perfect Collar and lease when on move.
  6. Beat your dog outdoor sports and indoor games.
  7. Choose wisely the chevy toys.

1. Are you using a comfortable bed for dog:

One of the reason for the dog to be angry with the age is that he not feeling comfortable when sleeping. It is the time for the best rated washable orthopedic dog beds for your growing senior dog.

best rated washable orthopedic dog beds

The premium special designed bed for the dogs will help your dog to release the pain or discomfort when he may feel without or ordinary bed. Relaxed sleep with makes his mood good and with that, he will stay happy and feels safe with you. If you ever think what to do with a dog that bites their owner, the first answer is give him a bed.

2. Make sure to choose nutritious healthy dog food:

We have gone through the list of the safe and healthy human food which your pet dog can consume as well:- Peanut butter, salmon, lean proteins (like chicken, turkey, and beef), yogurt, rice, pasta, apple, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, peans and green beans. These all can be found easily at home and you don’t need any extra effort for it.

safe human dog food chart

Let’s begin with the packed healthy nutritious food. You can make your vegetarian or non-vegetarian that is purely depend on the owner, but we highly recommend the dog to eat both veg and non-veg food.

best dog vegetarian food

Choose the food which will cover all the requirements of your dog but you should know your dog size, age and make sure food covers all the essentials vitamins, proteins, carbs and calcium for the healthy overall nutrients need. What to do with a dog that bites their owner ? Give him proper nutritious food.


3. Use best air purifier for pet allergies and asthma:

Most of the dogs stay outside but when they come back home it carries a lot of unwanted things which is harmful to your pet dog as well as for your families.

Only the best air purifier can cleanse such dust and danders so you can feel your home as a fresh and breathable place.

First of all, do air purifiers work for pet allergies, my reply is yes it does work if you choose wisely and if so then I am sure you will like to keep an eye on best air purifier for pet allergies and asthma.

It also covers best air purifier for pet odors which will help you to get rid of dog wet/dry unpleasant smell.

4. Make sure flea and ticks stay away from pets :

Simply try to avoid those lotion and chemical shampoos which purport to kill and keep away danders such as flea and ticks are somehow harming your beloved dog or puppy.

The dog might get relief from flea and ticks with these harmful chemicals but it goes harsh on the skin of your pet and your dog might get skin irritation and allergies. flea and tick prevention for dogs are listed below. What to do with a dog that bites their owner? Make sure Flea and ticks stay away from them.

Instead, try the

Natural and home remedies on how to keep fleas off dogs :

  • Use Electric Anti Flea Comb. – It will save time and fleas will get stuck in the wingy comb which is specially designed for this purpose.
  • Natural Pet-friendly Anti Flea Shampoo – Don’t use the toxic chemicals instead choose the natural ingredients Shampoo which includes rosemary, mint and cedar oil to naturally repel fleas and ticks and this goes easy and soothe your pet skin.
  • Natural way – Apple Cider Vinegar – Home remedy like the unfiltered apple cider vinegar solution works like a charm. Add one teaspoon of Apple cider vinegar into the food or water which dog intake but most of the time dog does not like such mixture to drink or in food. Another way is to make a solution of Apple Cider Vinegar with the distilled/purified water. The mixture of vinegar and water should be in equal ratio, for example, 200 ML of apple cider vinegar should be mixed in 200 ML of distilled water. Then, you can apply this mixture on the upper neck or on the paws of the dog with the cotton balls by soaking solution and then just apply. It will help me keep away fleas, treat an eye infection, allergies or bladder infection.
  • Periodic use of Best Vaccum Cleaner for Flea Control – Best environment for fleas is to hide below drapes, under furniture edges and elsewhere your pet sleeps. The vacuum cleaner can suck and remove 60-70% of flea eggs and larvae so it is a must requirement. You can vacuum indoor in your house to remove maximum of danders.
  • Anti Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs – The collars will continuously kill the fleas and ticks when comes in contact with not biting is required for like 6-10 months. It releases the material which then spread from neck to tail of dog through the natural oil skin of the dog and thus repeals both the tick and fleas. It is not recommended for the puppies below the age of 6 months.

5. Make sure kids do not irritate pets:

Keep an eye on the toddlers and younger children not to irritate the pet because kids do not know which body part pulling will make your pet dog angry. we should teach our young ones to respect the pet dogs and do not do much physical play with the dogs. Also, it is advised not to leave your kids alone with the dogs. What to do with a dog that bites their owner? Do not irritate your pet.

6. Spend healthy time with your dog:

Make sure you spend good and healthy time with your buddy So that both dog and you should come to know about you. You can play both indoor and outdoor games. What to do with a dog that bites their owner? Spend healthy time with your dog and make a bond.

Few indoor and outdoor games are listed below to keep your dog busy throughout the day :

1. Search & sniff
2. Kong ball
3. Tug of war
4. Interactive Dog Feeder
5. Hall Ball
6. Teach your dog new tricks like hi5.
7. Chewers for teeth
8. Hide and seek

Here are the Bonus tips on what to do with a dog that bites their owner:

  1. Avoid the attack:- Don’t panic and do not try to run away because the dog can run faster than you. Stand still and sideways, don’t make angry eye contact and distract the dog with another object. Then command the dog to back away or say NO (sound in confidence).
  2. If Dog Still Attacks you:- Hit the dog in the nose, in throat or back of the head. Make sure to protect your face and neck.
  3. After Attack:- See a doctor if your injury is still small.


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