Best Golf travel bags for airlines [2019 Buyers Guide]


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The golf clubs are precious and the fear of lost, broken damage or crummy put us in some serious questions. Like our clothes/ things we need to invest wisely in the best golf travel bags for airlines to keep expensive golf equipment safe. We don’t want to risk to play at different corners of golf courses without our custom favorite shafts, irons etc.

Your flight landed, you take a cab/ car and reached on the most fantastic and touch green golf course. As soon as you take out your clubs for 18 holes round, your mood gets spoil. You found that the shaft of the rider is broken. Seriously this would be a nightmare for every golfer be it a professional or amateur who invested hundreds and thousands on golf clubs.

We have talked to the few golf players, students, golf staff. And guess what we scroll the internet and read so many of the reviews and articles in the search of the perfect golf bag for airlines. There are lots of things like the material, cost, durability and much more to know before buy.

We have tested every product by our self on various hard parameters. Our well-researched guide not only saves your money but also help in choosing the quality products.

Hard Vs Soft – Which one is better?

Soft Case Bag-

This type of bag is made of the polyester, nylon or other soft fabric. The weight of this bag is lightweight. Normally you find it to be less than 8 lbs. These bags have a big room for all the golf clubs and other accessories like- shoes, rain cheater, etc.

Hard Case-

This is like a hard solid shell of a tortoise. You just place any type of clubs- big length, big heads etc. You have peace of mind because there will be no damage to your expensive tools. These bags are made of the ABS plastic which is capable to tolerate all kind of jolts and damages.

Do This – Nothing will happen to your Golf Travel Bags:

1. Non-Stop Flight or Courier Agency-

Try to get the nonstop air flight ticket. This way you will not have to stop at different locations and do check-in and luggage carousel again and again. Basically less the golf bag moves very less/no damage will be there.

If you can’t get an affordable airline ticket, for non-stop route. Make sure that your airline will provide you the refund for the damage, lost or stolen claim if any caused at their end.

It is also advisable that you may opt for the courier services. Trust me, they take care of your golf club bag seriously. But if you have no other option just focus on good bag only.

2. Make use of Technology-

As 9 out of 10 people carry the mobile phones with them all the times. Try to capture the images and if possible have the video proof that you have packed the golf bag very well. This is again the good practice and sometimes a savior for claims.

3. Avoid the breakage-

This is the most crucial part. The most common damage is done between the club head and shaft only. Cover the longest club head with the socks or use the bubble wrap for longest club shaft. Also, keep everything closer, as together all the shafts parts will be stronger and it will hard to break.

You can use some clothes or socks and try to envelope all the longer one’s heads and tie together all the sticks.

Here the use of the Stiff Arm is advisable. This is just a strong aluminum single stick which is just longest than the longer available club rod inside the bag. The top of a stiff arm is like frisbee which acts as a shield to all.

4. Put Headcover-

If you are using the hard case bag, then you can avoid this step. On other hands, if you are choosing the soft bag, make sure all the club heads are fully covered. We recommend the use of socks and then on top of it use windbreakers for extra protection.

The detachable clubs head can be found in the expensive one. Check if you can disassemble the big head and place it separately. Some people try to put the head upside down (head faces bottom part) to prevent damages. But seriously today’s heads are big and advanced, we have to face them outwards only.

5. Extra Clothes are equivalent to extra protection-

You can put extra clothes and accessories inside the bag along with the shafts. The clothes such as sweaters or windbreakers etc. minimize all the shocks your best golf travel bags for airlines faces.

This step is to be followed only if your luggage weight stays less than admissible by your airlines.

6. Avoid Extra things-

Most of the flights provide the service of checked luggage to be less than 50 lbs. Counter check from airline officials or your agent. Stay within your limits of weight. You can remove all the heavy golf balls, shoes etc from the bag to avoid the extra dollars to pay for overweight.

You can put your extra luggage in another carry bag.

7. Handle with care-

Instruct the airlines’ staff to put in the sports-heavy luggage with the fragile tag. This will let them provide with the extra caution. Sometimes the airlines put these bags separately.

Also, place some identification card. You can tag the name and mobile number card to let know others that this golf bag belongs to you.

As soon as your flight landed, reach the luggage carousel on time to collect your precious golf bag.

Things to consider while buying the best golf travel bags for airlines:-

1. Protection and Bag Material-

The hardcover bags does not the extra protection for the golf clubs. You just have to put in all your golf sticks and seal the hard bag. But if you planning to use the soft bag, get ready to follow all the above instructions for the bag safety.

The head cover, bubble cover or stiff arm will be handy.

2. Storage and extra space-

We think bigger the better. No that’s not true in the case of storage for the travel golf bag. It has been big enough so that everything will be a pile up together. And should not be either small that your whole sticks cannot come together in one place.

Extra side pockets are good only if your bag stays within weight limit as per your airline directions.

3. Wheels-

This is another important factor which will decide the maneuverability, that how easily you can move along with the golf travel bag around.

No doubt wheels will make everything easy. It also looks swanky. We recommend choosing the bag while providing the wheels facility and that too sturdy.

4. Value for money-

We respect everyone hard earned money. The cost of the good  Golf travel bags for airlines is a bit costlier. But trust us it is worth. Though we have also covered the reviews of products which are affordable and serve the purpose of our visitors.

This again depends on the cost and quality of the products.

5. Warranty-

Nowdays most the big and trusted brands are giving a nice looking warranty for the travel bags. Do not miss the warranty tag while purchasing.

You can stay relax and not worry about the damage.

Review of 5 Best Golf travel bags for airlines:

1. SKB 2SKB-4814W Deluxe ATA Golf Travel Case:

The stiff golf airlines bag, the babbage handlers sometimes don’t care about the expensive things. You can check this SKB 2SKB travel bag if you are overprotective and not the big fan of the soft fabric. You can put anything inside this 49 x 16 inches bag and it will stay as you put in. Water resistant and dirt free are other features you will find in this.

The bag is made ultra high construction polyethylene, which means it is durable enough and it will not bend, push or break. Despite the hard fabric, the weight remains the light. There are lots of other brands which are offering the same features but at 3 times more price. Thus, we find this another money saver products.

The two in-liners skate wheels ensure the easy pull and push. You can take these wheels to any surface, grass, hard, wood, cemented or broken road.

We highly recommend this bag for hard fabric likers.

  • Hard Durable Material
  • Dirt and water resistant
  • Two in-liners skate wheels
  • No Pocket for accessories
  • Price

2. CaddyDaddy Golf Constrictor 2 Travel Cover

This is a soft material travel bag which is the perfect combination of price and features. The bag is made of various fabric padded to advanced grade nylon. The thickness of the fabric is 3 times any ordinary fabric which makes it a durable quality.

The Bag handle not only gives yo swanky feel but also handling is one of the best features it has. It has In-line skate wheel, this will let you move your CaddyDaddy bag with conveniently and less push is required. Wheels respond very well to the directions of the user.

The interior has many straps at different places. This will assure that your golf clubs and drivers stay at its position and make it 100% unbreakable product. Apart from the interior strapping, you can compress with from outside. Afcorse after the lockable zippers.

The features which attract us the quality of padding. Seriously that know where to provide the padding at which positions. Like they provide the heavy padding on the top to protect the heavy club heads.

The size of this affordable bag is 13 x 50 x 15 inches and weight is moderate to light.

Sides of the bags have enough space to place our accessories such as shoes, keys, and balls etc.

This brand is providing the one-year full replacement warranty. This assures you to roam freely, you will get a brand new bag if it gets damaged within the warranty time period. Apart from this, they will cover up all the damage caused by the airlines if any occurred.

  • Heavily Padded
  • Internal and external straps
  • 1 Year full replacement warranty
  • Inline skate wheels
  • Value for money
  • Skates are not stable

3. AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag

We all know that what Amazon website is for us today. This soft-sided golf bag is from the manufacturers of AmazonBasics which is another Amazon own brand. This bag has so many features at this affordable price. It is made durable nylon fabric which is of high-quality undoubtedly.

It is the lightweight bag which has dimensions of 50 x 13 x 15 inches to hold the all medium golf bag and also all golf shafts and drivers up to the height of 50 inches easily. You can put complete golf club inside.

When we try to open this bag, we find that everyone can easily take in and out all the clubs without anyone helps. This is due to the long full-length zipper system. It also has the side bag which also has good zipping, and you can put anything from shoes, sunglasses, tee to any other things.

Whatever is your purpose to take this golf travel bag, be it for business, physical activity or time with family & friends. You can move this bag from airlines check-in to your car and to hotels. As maneuverability is very easy, there are two ways to move this bag. One is through the easy rolling wheels and other is through the two center loops.

We notice the integrated Identity transparent identity slot. It is always a good idea to write the name and contact information in this ID slot. Who knows when will your bad time start. And I don’t take any risk with such expensive golf clubs.

Many people doubt golf bag for airlines can not tolerate much motions. As of result the shafts or heads will break or distorted. Amazonbasics overcome this issue. They provide the good compression strap to secure each clubs. And extra padding is on the top for club heads.

  • Full length zipper
  • Integrated ID slot
  • Inline rolling wheels and two loop center
  • Affordable Price
  • Waterproof
  • Reinforce Stress points
  • Easily gets dirty
  • Brand is not Big

4. Samsonite Golf Hard Sided Travel Cover Case

Another hard ABS shell, that can withstand all the shocks and hard hits.

It is strong and durable hard sided travel bag for all your golf clubs and bags. You can accommodate any size of club easily even with big heads.

They have focused much in the interior by providing the extra protection for the sensitive parts such as club heads and joints of the shafts. The foam cushioning is a key to protect.
Unlike other golf travel bags, they are providing the multi-directional spinner wheels and 2 in-line skates for easy push and pulled.
We all know how the different clubs with colliding with each other when they are bonded together and we can minimize this movement as this bag is providing the internal compression straps.

The price is on the higher end, but surely you won’t regret as the protection it is providing is solid enough.

  • Multi direction wheel spinner
  • Extra Foam cushining inside
  • Solid ABS Shell shield
  • Too big for small cars
  • Weight is little heavier

5. Sun Mountain ClubGlider Merdian Travel Cover

This is the highest rated and one of the premium golf bag that you can take with you in the airport for the flight.
The quality of the product is a mix of soft and hard material. Though much of the part is durable vinyl-reinforced nylon.

This bag has many advanced features which are not available on the competitor’s manufacturers bags.

One of the attractive features is the leg mechanism, that can be extended and retracted easily in a single motion. Now you don’t have to bend on your knees for loading and unloading of the golf bag.

The full-length zipper will let you take in and out your clubs aswell as other accessories. I personally do not like the narrow space, as our different clubs have different shape and size.

The internal strap clinching keep everything unshakable and at its own place in both standing and lay down direction.

The other advanced features are it’s pivoting caster wheel. You will enjoy smooth moving your bag within the airport without anyone help.

The weight of the bag itself is 13 pounds which are on the lower end itself made it a midweight bag.

If you are looking for the best golf travel bags for airlines and money is not an issue for you. This probably end your search.

  • Retractable stand
  • Two way full zipper
  • Pivoting Caster Wheel
  • Expensive





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