Best Golf grips for drivers (Don’t be slippery)

best golf grips for drivers
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Holding my golf driver grip in my hand and thinking to change this old age grip. I was searching the internet and ask my golf friends about the best golf grips for drivers. Seriously, this was not an easy thing as most of them were clueless. The reason being every one overlooks these grips, they think this is not so crucial. Mind you all people who think the same including me because drivers golf grip is solely responsible for mobility and ability of the clubs.

You are here because your driver golf grip has either torn off or you want to improve your golf as sports seriously. Whichever is the reason, we believe one should always change their old grip with a new one before the beginning of the Season.

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With improving technology all the golf equipment have improved tremendously. In such a competitive golf course, we all need to take care of every single aspect which not only provides a consistent impact but also gets us the desired maximum straight flight of the ball. This way we excel in our game for sure.

My research is not as simple as it looks. I have gone through various features such as Golf driver grip size, which hand size you choose, what is your shot pattern, the material is used and level of traction. After going through all these processes I have a hand on like more than 30 different grips. After sorting myself and with the help of golf professionals. We just help you in choosing the perfect golf driver grip so that you may focus more on your golf part and leave rest to us.

Best Golf grips for drivers with Reviews:

1. Winn Dritac Golf Grips Dritac:

This is the highest and most selling golf grip, not only for drivers but also for the irons. When we unwrap this Winn Dri-tac grip, we notice the grip is quite stylish and to be honest wrap design is really eye-catching. The touch feel of this grip is a soft kind of squishy. This non-slippery texture absorbs all the vibration when I play my big shot with the big head of drivers.

Even after a few hours of play, the thought of my older grip (which was on my previous club) did not come to my mind. There was little moisture in the atmosphere, at that point I fully back the point of Winn that this is totally all-weather grip. The moisture quickly gets absorb on the layer of grip and control gets better and better with more shots.

If you really thinking of changing and looking for best golf grips for drivers. I highly recommend this grip. Their are lots of  three color varients and all the six size from standard to oversize were available.

  • All whether grip
  • Anti Slip
  • Squishy fabric
  • Durability
  • Price

2. Lamkin Crossline Golf Grips:

This grip looks like the corded rubber grip but it is not fully. Lamkin grip material is firmer which offers good traction. The look of this grip is just white & black and diameter availability is between 0.580 inches to 0.656. We suggest this grip for the adult and experienced golfer who mainly swings the driver with the speed of more than 85 MPH.

The material is made of rubber which also soothes all the hand types. Your hand grip will not move from its position, but you will surely feel the pressure of the cord-like material on the fingers ends. It is also the all-weather grip, which means summer, winter, sweaty and moisture.

The durability of this product is better and you may play 2 seasons with it. Though we don’t recommend to play more than one season with any grip.

  • Long lasting grip
  • Partially corded
  • All Weather
  • Durability
  • Little hard on hand
  • Weight

3. Golf Pride MCC Plus4 New Decade MultiCompound Golf Grip:


Golf Pride is one of the leading brand, with the vast research on grips especially for drivers. This grip is also suggested by majority of the proffessionals.

There are 5 different types of color combinations for this multilateral grip. With the 4 different grip sizes – standard, Midsize, jumbo and undersize.

The MCC Plus4 grip is longer in length with maximum texture. Your both the upper and bottom hands grip has different textures. The bottom hand grip is 4.6% larger and is made of the soft rubber. The bottom side discourages the tight grips so that your wrist tension decreases and promotes the better swing with stability.

While the upper hand grip is made of the soft compound with the brushed cotton cord. This grip suits for the golf drivers because it covers the maximum textures even your hand girps get loosen.

  • Maximum surface texture
  • All Weather grip
  • Multicompund grip
  • No soft foam througout

4. Jumbomax Super-oversized Golf Grip (Large (+11/32″)):
The USGA most favorite grip which is made of the leather cotton. This provides the soft and durable feel the palm and hands. This grip is surely the oversize by the name but we don’t feel this grip anyhow not suited us. At the normal times, I use the standard size grip but after the use of this Jumbomax grip I feel much more control in my both hands.

If you are among those who do not want to mess with the sizing and believes in a single size grip. This grip is for you only. The finger palm grip technology not only provides the tension-free shot, but you will notice that you can cover an extra 10 yards after using this grip from your tee box.

This grip is not only perfect for big hands but also there is something for everyone be it youngsters, seniors or womens.

  • comfortable grip
  • value for money
  • Improve the shot by 18%
  • All weather grip

5. Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Golf Grip:
No one can beat GolfPride be the innovation, style or comfort. This grip is for those who believe in golf drivers value for money. As expensive grips does not means a good one.  This grip comes in all the sizes you can think of. Make sure you know which grip is perfect for you. Read in buying guide for some helpful tips.

The tackiness really works, but we have complaints that this will become slippery with the passage of time. Although we believe that those golfers have overuse this grip, they really need to change or buy a new one.

This is wrap stlye with the soft leather type material, which is standard for all the basic grips.

  • Value for Money
  • Cheapest grip
  • Wrap Style grip
  • Slippery in wet and old conditions

Things to Know- Don’t be Slippery:

1. Choose perfect Golf Grip Size for the perfect shot –

Aren’t you the one who is picking the wrong driver grip? Because it is found that 70% of the golfer is not aware of the fact they have the wrong sized golf club grip in their hands.

The rough idea of the perfect driver grip is that if your upper hand curl with the fingers than it just barely touches the palm of your hand. That is the kind of grip size which you should look for.

Based on the diameter sizes the Golf Club Grips are of 4 Types:

A. Standard Grip-

The diameter of the Standard Golf Club Grip is between 0.580 to 0.600 inches. The maximum numbers of the golfers prefer to choose the standard grip type. In case you don’t know what is the size of your hand, and which grip will give your firm feel. Definitely, this is the type of grip you should buy from the market.

The standard size grip covers all the average men size hands. All other grips types are measured while taking the standard grip as a point of reference.

B. Undersize or Junior Grip-

The diameter of the undersize grip is 1/64 inches lesser than the standard grip. Most of the youngsters and women prefer this type of gripping. This is mainly cover the small hands.

C. Midsize Grip-

If your hand is bitter smaller (measure from the tip of the middle finger to the palm hand beginning), but it is not small enough to compare with the youngsters. This is the grip which you should opt for.

The Golf Club Midsize grip measures the 1/16 smaller than the standard size grip.

D. Oversize / Jumbo Grip-

Big Hands and you do not have the firm and traction in the standard grip. Then Jumbo Grips are the biggest in diameters. They are 1/18 inches larger than the standard grip.

Apart from all the above size mentioned, if your hand grip still feels uncomfortable. You can check other customized grips which only a few manufacturers will provide.

Golf grip size: Standard vs Midsize-

This is the most common question which the players are looking for. You can barely feel any difference if you check both the standard and midsize grips. This is due to the fact that the standard grip diameter size is 1/16 inches bigger than the midsize grip.

On another hand, the vertical length of the midsize overtakes the length of standard grips. People often get confused that which grip out of two will suit them. We will suggest that its mostly the personal preference and how the wrist of hand feel.

The thinner grip can be achieved in case of midsize, that has its own advantages- golfer will not feel any stiffness in the wrist. They can shot freely with good acceleration for the driver.

Further, if you still feel uncomfortable with the midsize grip, then you can add one tap wrap which will increase the diameter by 1/64 inches surely.

2. Types of Golf grip material – Club won’t slip this way:

The material of the grip plays a very crucial role. There are lots of different material of which your golf grip is made of. We must know the pros and cons of all this material so that we may choose the best Golf grips for drivers wisely.

1. Rubber Golf Grip-

This is the most popular type of grip which can be commonly found in grips. The material of popular velvet to neon is rubber, silicon, plastic, and elastomers. The rubber grip can give you the feel of adhesive and it suits almost all types of hands and grips. They are considered to be the soft type grips. They are inexpensive grip but hard to clean.

2. Corded Golf Grip-

Another type of grip which is perfect for the moisture like conditions. Be it sweaty hand, perspiration or rainy season. With corded golf grip, nothing can bother your powerful shot. Your hand will stay at its position and you will feel confident which taking the shot. As there is better traction and provide firmness.

In case you are curious to know this cord material – It is the brushed cotton fibers that can easily wick away the moisture if any consumes over its surface. The corded grip might hurt your hand as such grips are very hard to handle.

The Corded Golf Grip is of two types:

A. Full cord grip-

The cords remain uniformly throughout the length of the grip. Your both hands and fingers feel the better gripping.

B. Half cord grip-

The cord does not remain uniformly on the entire length of the grip. Your hands and fingers might not feel the better gripping at few points. This seems to be a disadvantage but this is an advantage for many golfers. The below hand can feel the less stiffness and your shot will not get slice cut at the clubhead, thus makes the short straight and better.

3. Leather Golf Grip-

Some of the golfers still want the vintage feel. The earlier leather grip provides better handling but loses its popularity. At that times the leather was considered to be the hard material, but with the passage of time nowadays soft surface is felt. Gripping might not be excellent as compare to the other types. Also, it adds a bit of weight to the clubs.

4. Hybrid (Multi compounded) Grip-

These grips have gained its popularity because it is easier to add the features of above-mentioned grips easily. Nowadays the lightweight golf grips also created under the hybrid grip label. As the metal woods are lighter in weight than any other grips.

Do You know Firm vs. Soft Gripping?

Firm Gripping-

It is very popular among professionals. Also recommended for the golf drivers. They provide better torsion control, means your hand will moves while hitting the head and thus prevent from slicing. Firm gripping suits the higher swing speed because of wrist mobility. You are one who does not put pressure on a grip, this is for you.

Soft Gripping-

It is very popular among the older and beginners, who holds the grip tighter. One of the advantage it has that it can tolerate vibrations but on other hands might not provide the ability to the square club face.

If your swing speed is less than 80 MPH, you need to choose soft gripping.

3. Hand Size – Know yourself better:

Everyone has different strength and swing. So, In order to know which grip one should buy.  You should know the hand size of yours very well. By the way, hand size is measured from bottom of hand (palm) to the tip of middle (longest) finger in inches. Once you measure please note down the size of your hand.

Below is Men’s hand chart with recommending grip Size Chart:

Men Standard SizeHand Size (in inches)Recommended Grip
Men (XL)Over 9 (1/4)Jumbo Grip, Midsize
Men (L)Between 8 (1/4) to 9 (1/4)Midsize, Standard Size
Men (M)Between 7 to 8 (3/4)Standard Size
Men (S)Less than 7 inchesUnder size

Below is the Women’s Hand Chart with recommending grip size chart:

Women Standard SizeHand Size (in inches)Recommended Grip
Women (XL)Over 7.5Standard, Slighter large size
Women (L)Between 6.5 to 7.5Standard size
Women (M)Below 6.5Under size

4. Durability:

How long the best Golf grips for drivers will last? Many people have two common things in mind. One is how long the golf grip will survive and other is after how much time period we should replace the existing golf grip. Every player should know which bag can protect the golf irons and its accessories.

The answer to first thing is that there are lots of factors such as your practice conditions and your swing type along with grip decided the lasting factor. Most of the grips will not easily be torn off, unless and until you are not maintaining it properly. You need to clean grip material from time to time but make sure you did it correctly.

Secondly, there is no sure shot answer to this. Let say how often you change your shoes? The answer might be it depends on the condition and usability of the shoes. Similarly, the grip needs to change depends on condition and usability.

The recommended change is after 40 rounds but we prefer to change the grip at the beginning of every season starts. So that you enjoy the same grip throughout the season and stay confident.




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