Best golf drivers for the money

My new passion to learn this amazing game of golf lures me to learn and write more on this sports. I will not go much into history but yeah there is one interesting fact which you should know. The golf is still one of the oldest sports, maybe 300 years old and it is still famous.

When I started to learn this game there are lots of questions for newbie beginners like me. I came to know that there are lots of Golf clubs which we carry to the golf course with us.

The golf driver is the one with the longest shaft, better grip and with the big head (loft) and maximum forgiveness. It will kickstart your game, usually, your ball travels maximum distance with it.

The usage of every iron club is different, I learn more about them from other players and friends. To save lots of money, we often ask tons of people including Google to help us to choose the best golf drivers for the money. The answer is here:-

If you are learners who just started to get into this game than I recommend TaylorMade Men’s AeroBurner Black Driver. The reason being it will give you better upward arc swing and suits your body shape. This is a golf driver which can let you hit with the controlled power and gets the maximum hit from the loft. As of result, your white ball will cover the maximum distance from tee much closer to the hole.

This golf driver is also not only chosen by me but the majority of players who respect money and want the quality product at an affordable price. Our parameters to test the products are simple & trusted and without wasting the time lets get back to the reviews of golf drivers.

Here are the top 6 Best golf drivers for the money:

1. TaylorMade Men’s AeroBurner Black Driver

The brand known to bring innovation in the golfs equipment that is TaylorMade. Every year they add on new products in the market and as a result, the older ones get the cheaper in price.

If we talk about this AeroBurner driver it has aerodynamic clubhead shape which reduces the backspin also increases the size of a sweet spot because of 460 cc volume big head shape.

The color combination is quite an impressive black and red graphics. It lofts of 12 degrees which make it the best golf drivers for the money suits the beginners, general and newbies.

Depends on the user flex can be chosen from Regular, stiff, X-stiff and seniors. The guide is provided below which helps in choosing the right stiff as per your strength.

You will not miss any shot even the swing is at it’s bad, thanks to better forgiveness.

  • Speed Pocket- Reduce backspin
  • Better stock grip and shaft
  • Good forgivness
  • Advanced 460cc aerodynamic club
  • Experience Golfer find spin hard to control
  • Expensive

2. Callaway Golf 2018 Men’s Rogue Driver

The callaway is H2H competitor of the TaylorMade. They have added lots of fancy things in this driver model. After using this premium product, we are very much satisfied with the features which company has offered.

This golf driver has various loft angles, which suits every kind of level of the golfers. Whether you are a kid or adult professional, there is lots of customization available for this product.

The Jailbreak Technology which provides the extra lightweight rods behind the clubhead and X-Face VFT Technology is providing the maximum forgiveness experience. The Crown is made of the carbon material which is very much durable and stiff enough to provide stability.

Another catchy feature it has is of the boing aerodynamics which frees the movement of the shaft and clubface so that you made add extra distance to the ball in the course.

They provide lots of shafts for these golf drivers. On the Amazon, you will find  40g, 50g, 60g, 70g and 80g weights by Aldila, Synergy, Even Flow, HZRDS Yellow, Project X, UST different premium shafts.

The color combinations just fine. So looks are just average but overall features are excellent in its class.

  • Jailbreak Effect
  • X-Face VFT Technology
  • Boeing Aerodynamic for fast clubhead movement
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • More Carbon Distribution for forgivness
  • Center of Gravity Settings can be improved
  • Expensive

3. PGX Offset Golf Driver

It is another 460 cc offset driver with the square shape thus enhancing the effect of slicing which most of the golfers faces. The Offset anti-slice Technology not only increases the distance traveled by the ball but also straigthen the ball.

It is the most affordable and inexpensive golf driver available in our list. It is a very basic driver which just fulfill all the need which a golfer desire of. The shaft is made of graphite thus keep it a lightweight product.

The square shape of the face not only increases the sweet spot means it is in favor of forgiveness. The club head is also lightweight with equal distribution on the matte black.

The Clubhead cover is provided free, thus protect the most crucial part of the long golf driver.

  • Affordable
  • Graphite Shaft
  • Offset Driver with square shape
  • Complimentary Headcover included
  • Limited Options
  • Not recommend for experience golfers

4. MAZEL Titanium Golf Driver for Men,Right Handed,460CC

This very much new product from the brand like Mazel. You will find all the premium features which often available in the expensive driver in this inexpensive product.

The first look for this driver is very ordinary, though there are lots more color available in the market still we believe designing part can be improved. The overall weight is average, this could be due to the graphite shaft and titanium clubhead.

The club head is at its maximum volume of 460 CC with the cub shaped crown. You don’t have to worry about the mishits, because the average rebound of the clubhead is very impressive.

We often prefer the low center of gravity, so like the Mazel comeup with the bydefault CG features. This will give the impressive hit to the white ball.

  • Value for Money
  • Single Weight
  • Lightweight Titanium Clubface
  • Low centre of Gravity
  • Not for Left Handers
  • Limited Service

5. Cobra 2017 Golf Men’s Max Driver

Another high-quality brand is known for innovation. If your driver swing is slower this driver has the feature of the low back center of gravity which just increases the distance as by providing the higher trajectories with less spin.

The face is made of the Titanium E9 with equal distribution from crown to toe. The overall it is another golf driver which delivers the maximum amount of forgiveness.

Do not go into the name of 2017, if you believe that it is out of technology. Mind you it is not, it is still the budget golf driver with all the advanced features which you will find in 2019 onwards drivers. The cobra brand has not come with much more in the coming years. So overall this is good deal.

The shaft is made of the graphite material which make it a lightweight product. The available flex available are regular, senior and stiff only. You can even chose loft from 10 degrees to 12.5 degrees.

  • High Accuracy
  • Forgiveness
  • Value for money
  • Adjustability
  • Offset Head can be improved

6. TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black Driver, Black

The main focus of RBZ is on the speed of the ball. Undoubtedly you will find your ball traveled the maximum distance if you hit the sweet spot. But for the beginners who always depends on the forgiveness features, this might disappoint you.

This is another large 460 CC titanium head with basic adjustability of the loft. This is a lightweight driver because of the graphite premium white tie 55 shafts.

You will see that the launch will be high and backspin is on the low side. Overall the distance travel will be straight and maximum.

  • Available for both Right and Left Handers
  • Adjustable Loft sleeve
  • Poor Quality Headcover
  • Basic Adjustability
  • Moderate Forgiveness

How to choose golf driver – A Simplify Guide:

Choosing the right driver for the amatuer, women, senior players or the professionals expert is very crucial. Picking the wrong driver may sacrifice the performance of every player.

1. Shaft Type – Size and Shape:

It is the longest rod which can weight from the 50 grams to 120 grams. It all depends on the type of material it is made of. The shaft has the top and toe. At the top but it has the grip, the area where the player has to hold the driver. After the grip part, there comes the flex, which we have explained if you keep on reading.

The toe part is usually made of the thin and at this point, the club head is joined. Old days are gone, when we have the shafts which are made of the wood. Now it is the material which decides which type of shaft is best for whom.

There are three types of Shafts based on the Material it is made of:-

A. Iron-

This shafts which are made of Iron are nowadays declining. These types of material are considered to be a bit on weighing side. You may feel the vibration in the hand. Positive points are that they make the driver stiff, and you feel the high accuracy after hitting from the tees box. They are also inexpensive.

We don’t recommend to use these types of shafts.

B. Graphite-

With the passage of time, the graphite type shafts have raised the standards. They are famous among, the newbies, seniors, women and maximum of advanced players.

The popularity is due to the fact that it is of lightweight, thus increases the length of the shaft. Due to this, the player may have maximum full swing of the shaft for kickstart. And you will feel the less vibration in your hands and by the club head.

Although the distance travel by this type of golf driver will be maximum, surely will compromising the accuracy and precision. Also, they are a little expensive as compare to other types of shafts.

We recommend graphite type shafts if your swing speed is less than 95 mph and find hard to find power in the shot. This material is made to increase forgiveness to the shot.

C. Titanium/ Multimaterial-

There is no denying that both the iron and graphite has its own advantages. The graphite is considered to be best at the tip by provided extra torque to the club head. On the other hand, Iron type shafts give you the much better control at the handle and you will have better accuracy to the ball trajectory.

Because of these, better research is going on and these types of shafts are still new to the players.

Multimaterial shafts are made from the combination of graphite, steel, and some other metals to increase the durability, power, and forgiveness.

2. Type of Grip:

Your hand is soft, hard or your feet sweat. Though you have to properly wear your golf gloves. But make sure that the golf gloves will suit your favorite grips. Every player has its own type of gripping the stick i.e. overlapping, interlock or 10 fingers. You need to be the control even after the full swing of a driver.

Based on the material there are three types of golf driver grips-

A. Rubber Grip-

This is for the general purpose grip. And also my favorite grip type material. This grip is made of the rubber, silicone, and plastic. Your curl of hands over the shaft top will feel great and it will stick properly. People often ignore the grip type.

B. Leather Grip-

Another famous grip after the rubber type is the leather grip. Some people don’t want the adhesive type hold like in case of rubber. So they prompt for this type of grip. If you are the old who like to wrap your hands and finger tight, this grip is recommended for you.

C. Mesh Grip-

It can be a metallic and wooden combination. Or sometimes also the combination of rubber with other material. Under the mesh, we can see many other grips combination like the corded, lightweight and wrap grip. If you don’t prefer to wear golf gloves, then this grip can be preferred.

3. Type of Flex:

Choosing the right flex can play a very important role. This is responsible for all the major acceleration required for the golf driver shaft. Flex may provide the extra power which depends on the swing speed from a person. So it needs to be chosen wisely, as swing speed varies from person to person.

Flight control also depends on the flex. If there will be extra flexibility in your flex, the ball will travel less distance once it gets hit from the tee. Based on this flex can be categorized into 5 types:

A. Extra Stiff Flex-

If you are the one with good control and swing speed. Generally for the one with speed more than 90 MPH. The ball might travel at an average of 300 yards from the tee box. If you are more advanced for professional you should consider this because there will be a low trajectory.

B. Tour Stiff Flex-

If you mid to low handicappers and want to improve your game. This is definitely for such player. The distance covered can be up to 250 yards.

C. General Stiff Flex-

This is recommended for the mid-high handicappers. The distance covered will be somewhere between 220 to 250 yards.

D. Senior Stiff Flex-

As for the senior’s players, the swing of the shaft might be on the lower side with less power. So they require extra power from the flex, that is the reason senior stiff flex provides the extra acceleration compromising the precision.

E. Ladies Stiff Flex-

This flex is soft with less durability. The distance travel will be like up to 200 yards off the tees. The players like teens and women prefer these flex. It’s all about the preference.

4. Golf Clubhead:

As per the UPGA, the allowable golf clubhead volume is 460 cc. If you go beyond this you might have to face severe plenty. You can seek beyond these parameters only if you are not participating for any tournaments. Thumb rule is bigger the better.

The clubheads can be found in three materials- Iron, Graphite or Titanium. From the 2019 years onwards the clubheads are successfully made of the titanium because of its lightweight, durable and provide the extra power to the ball. You have to make sure that the Centre of gravity is provided by the golf drivers.

The forgiveness of the shot hit depends on the face of the clubhead. Bigger the clubface better it will provide the trajectory and the course travel.

4. Loft – Choose the right angle:

It is the angle between the clubface and vertical line (from the ground). The angle can be between 8 to 15 degree.

The Lower loft angle is used by the experienced player, In this type of loft angles, the trajectory and flight of ball stay on the lower side. Also, you will notice very less spin.

The High loft angle often used by the new or beginners players. There will be high backspin, as a result, the trajectory and flight will stay on the higher side.


Those who things only the high price products are best, mind you they are totally wrong. Even the products at an affordable price can bring you the quality golf drivers. It is absurd to spend money blindly on the well-researched golf driver before buying. We have done immense research and ask many of our friends (golf champions).

Not every golf club is not perfect. Everyone has difference necessary and they need different golf driver. Also, we believe you should know the rules of the game very well before dive into the golf course. Like you can take only 14 golf clubs in your bag as per UPGA.

This article is all about the Best golf drivers for the money, also we have gone tested many bags which a golf traveler need for airlines.

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